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Kendappa-ou found Souma sitting on a rail at the edge of the moving castle, looking out at the world below. "There you are, Souma," she said.

Souma glanced up at her. "My lady."

Kendappa came to lean against the rail next to her lover. After this long, she knew what Souma was thinking about Yasha-ou and the Ashura child had come to the castle tonight, and with them her worst nightmare.

"They're going to move against Taishakuten," Souma said quietly.

Kendappa leaned her head against Souma's arm. "You don't have to go with them," she murmured.

Souma's face twisted bitterly. "Yes," she said. "I do." Her tone wasn't quite angry, but it was close.

"Souma, please–"

"You don't understand." Souma cut her off. "He murdered my family. My entire clan. I can't forgive him for that."

"I'm not asking you to," Kendappa said softly, reaching up to the taller woman's face. "I just… i don't want you to destroy yourself going after him. Please stay here, Souma. We could be happy here."

Souma hesitated before she spoke. "I can't, Kendappa. I can't be happy until he's dead. I'm sorry."

Kendappa threw her arms around her. "I know how you feel," she said, her voice muffled, "at least a little. He killed my parents too, Souma. Back when he first rebelled. That's how i know you can't hope to defeat him. My father was very strong, much stronger than Yasha-ou. If he couldn't win against Taishakuten…" Her voice trailed off. "Please don't go, Souma," she begged.

"My lady…" Souma murmured. Kendappa-ou always seemed so in control. She had never seen her like this before. It was wrong, somehow, and Souma wondered if she really did have t fight Taishakuten.

Yes, she did. She hadn't lied when she said she couldn't be happy while the man who had killed her family, her whole clan, ruled Tenkai.

But she hadn't known about Kendappa's parents before. She wondered how her lover could serve Taishakuten, even after that. Surely she must resent him, at the very least.

So why did she peacefully obey him? Kendappa-ou cheerfully went to Zenmi Castle almost every day to play her harp for the man who had killed her family. And she always returned with silly stories for Souma about the people of the castle.

Souma slid down off the rail and held Kendappa close. "I…" she started, then stopped. She couldn't think of anything to say.

Kendappa took a few deep breaths, composing herself, and stepped back. "They aren't leaving for a few more days." She met Souma's eyes and tried to smile. "You have some time. So please… at least think about it?"

Souma nodded. She hesitated, about to speak, but instead pressed her lips together and nodded again.

Kendappa sadly watched Souma depart. She knew that her efforts were useless. She'd never be able to change the other woman's mind.

"I can't stop you from going," she murmured, once Souma was out of earshot. "But i won't let any of them kill you.

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