Community: Fandomwords100
Prompt: Gardening
Fandom: Wolverine and the X-Men
Characters: Lorna (Polaris), Magneto
Pairing: N/A
Summary: She knew a lot more than they gave her credit for; the world would never be like Genosha.

Despite having great and terrible power, no one took Lorna seriously. Though she was no longer a child, she was kept like a prisoner in the palace. She never met new people. No one discussed anything important with her. Which was why it surprised her when Magneto took the time to sit with her in the garden.

"You will see the world, Lorna," he promised.

She nodded to him eagerly before continuing with her gardening. He smoothed her hair back from her face and leaned down to kiss her forehead.

"It will not be that different from Genosha."