It's cold.

S-S-S-So cold. I-I can't find my tongue. Oh, so freezing. I can feel the draft through the w-walls, slipping their way through the bricks and touching me like a dead lover. This air… it is musty, and yet whenever I breathe, I feel so desperately alone. Alone. Oh God, I am not alone. Solitude would be a blessing here.

Beware the darkness. Beware its sound and its scent. The darkness will kill me here, for I do not know what lurks within its monstrous shadows. I can hear the scratching of rabid mice and the moans of souls who haven't found the light. Light! I need light. The darkness will kill me here. It will kill me. I will die.

Fire! A fire. Thank you, God, for this fire. I have never been so grateful to you for an element before. The glow—it eradicates the darkness. Light is life. Flame is vitality. Just a little more time… it saves me. I cannot get anywhere without this fire. Without it, I would burn. I would burn into ashes to be swept away by this wind, the breeze that sneaks its way through doors and rusting windows and caresses me like a dead lover.

Light is life. But it is also death. That's what I was told by him—and why did he have to be right? Who is he? I don't remember. I can't remember anything. All I can recall is that light will rescue me, but it will make it easier for the darkness to see me. I can't have that. It can't see me. If it does… oh, the consequences! Why are there so many? I tried… I was only trying to… paint him. Paint the man, cut the lines. Paint the man, cut the lines.

I am Daniel. Yes, that is my name. Daniel. That is a very nice name. It reminds me of something delicious, like water. No, not water. Water is danger. Water also means death. It is as much of my enemy as the darkness. It is invisible, patiently awaiting my guard to drop even momentarily, and then the water shall strike. No water. I will perish of thirst, but I would rather dehydrate than… murder. Blood, murder. Who… who am I again? Am I Alexander?

No, I am Daniel. I am from London. What an ugly town that was. City? Where am I now? There are so many corridors and trap doors and… and windows. But these windows do not allow in the sun. Moonlight leaks in, and it commands the darkness. What is following me? Something is. Something. Something wants me dead. The darkness? Yes. Yes, the darkness.

What was that? Did it hear me? I can hear it—it's so very noisy. Walking with an iron leg and a jaw… distended jaw. Eyes—eyes? It has eyes so it may see. Is it human? No, it does not move with the mannerism of a human. Perhaps it once was human. Perhaps it was someone I knew. Knew? I used to know people? I can't remember. I must remember.

I must hide. Hide before… darkness and light. No! Must extinguish the light. But then I will suffocate in the black. Its inkiness shall consume me and leave nothing behind. Yet bathing in darkness will be my savior, for then it cannot see me. What is it? It is not human. None of them are human. There are so many of them! Hide! I need to hide!

Did it see me? No, I don't think so. It is groaning. Moaning. Crying out for my body, for my demise is its nourishment. It can't see me here. There is darkness surrounding me. I hate this. I can't see a thing. I don't care anymore. I do not care who I am or what my mission is—I want to die. I need to… breathe. This ancient air in this broken castle. Nothing soothes me. Nothing comforts. Thank God for light. But thank God for darkness.

Daniel must… no, not Daniel. I am Daniel. Alexander. He needs to die. He will die.

I must run.

Run, and never look back.