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Rating: K

Setting: Post 'Reichenbach'

Summary: John receives a phone call.

A/N: Basically I can't get over Martin Freeman's heartbreaking acting during 'Reichenbach' and couldn't leave poor John to his grief. I know Sherlock prefers texting, but I do think this is the one conversation he had to have on the phone if not in person. Enjoy!

A four-minute connection

Ring, ring… Ring, ring…



"Hello, who's there?"


"Not funny, mate."






"Yes, it's me."


"Listen. I can't speak to you for a very long time. As a matter of fact, doing this in the first place violates every rule of this game, but you've left me with no other option."


"You're grieving. That's not an acceptable situation."


"Needless to say at this point, I am alive and well. Please don't try to find me; I will reveal myself in my own time. It is essential that you don't inform anyone of this conversation, including Mrs Hudson and Lestrade. I trust you can keep quiet."

"You utter bastard."

"I am sorry I couldn't tell you of my plan beforehand. Your reaction had to be believable and at the time, it was necessary for you to accept what I told you as true."

"Well, I never bloody did!"

"I know. It's one of the reasons I'm calling. You never did give my message to the public. They assumed what needed to be assumed on their own, but my plan would benefit greatly from your assistance in this matter."

"What the hell is your plan?"

"I can't tell you, not yet."

"Can you at least tell me when are you planning on coming back?"

"It might be a while."

"What's a while?"

"A few years, John."

"A few-… Jesus, Sherlock!"

"I realize that you're angry and understand that you have every right to, but would it be at all possible to give my violin to Molly?"

"Don't tell me you told Molly and not me."

"I required her assistance. She doesn't know more than she had to in order to help me."

"I really hate you right now."

"That's acceptable."

"And I'm keeping your violin."

"That's not acceptable."

"I'm keeping it."



"John. I will come back. You don't need insurance that I do."

"I'm keeping it."



"I should go."



"The next time I see you, I will punch you."

"I expect nothing less."