Hello all! I am back with the first book in my Game of Blood series.

It is loosely based around Hunger Games as the characters are plunged into the Dark Forest's version of the Hunger Games. Mainly OC's with a couple of original characters. However there is a very strange Clan which will surface in this chapter. But do not fret! Their way of living will be explained throughout the story.

Anyway read and review guys!

The Beginning.

There was once light in this dark landscape. There was once hope among the cats that lived there. Their hope rested on the shoulders of four legendary cats. Their names have been forgotten over time but never their pelts. For some strange reason every elder can describe their pelts perfectly.

One was the colour of a lions pelt. One the colour of the brightest flame. One had the downy pelt of a dove. And the last had the pelt of a jays sweeping feather.

It was foretold that they would slay the demons that awoke from the darkest realms of StarClan. What wasn't foretold was that they might fail.

Once the battle had begun the four soon realised that their powers were failing. They watched as their kin succumbed to the icy claws of death. The warriors of the Dark Forest killed every cat until the battle ground ran crimson with blood.

The four were left till last, trapped by their utter horror and despair. Four mighty warriors of the Dark Forest appeared before them for the battle to end all battles.

But the names of these dark warriors were never lost in time. They remain a stamp on every cats mind. A broken star. A tiger's claw. The frost of a hawk. And the claw made of thistle stood before the cat's prophesised to end them.

In the fleeting moment before cat leapt at cat a single word was passed through their ranks. A word that no longer graces the earth we stand on today.


A single cat uttered it from the shadows that perched behind the awning roots of a willow tree. It was a word that would never be mentioned again for the rest of eternity. That cat watched with a blank face as the final battle took part and darkness beat the light that had shined so bright.

The tiger's claw stamped out the flame. The frost of a hawk chased all life from the dove. The claw made of thistle drove a thorn into the heart of the jays gentle feather. And the broken star claimed the soul of the blazing lion.

The lives of so many were crushed during that battle. And for what? Nothing.

Some were given a chance. A choice. They were told to choose the darkness or death. The cowards chose darkness. But the brightest souls, the ones that glowed brighter than the first star, they chose to die. Chose to leave the mortal world and join the world of the dead.

Even though so many died there were enough warriors, apprentices, queens and kits to create new Clans. And so CedarClan, SnowClan, PheonixClan and WaveClan were born.

But still the forces of darkness that now lead these Clans were not fulfilled. They wanted more power. And this was how RogueClan came into being.

Rogues and loners from afar joined this 'Clan' in the hope of being crowned the leader of it. None of them took warrior names. Not one took the position of medicine cat until a small she-cat stepped forward to take it. Lillith was her name.

The forces of darkness welcome the rogues with open arms. A plan to keep power over the five Clans was dawning on their minds. But even their never ending power could not fore-see the birth of a six Clan.

A warrior fled his Clan after the un-just name he was given. Shrewheart. He had once belonged to WaveClan. But after Scarstar gave him his mocking name he fled with the leader's final mocking words chasing his tail.

He changed his own name to Fallenshadow and set about creating Clan of his own. A loner by the name of Whisper joined him and took the name Risingwhisper. They became mates and a daughter was born and was names Dancingwave after her rippling pelt that looked like dancing waves. She took mate from WaveClan but her father thought he was a rogue. Hiddenshade became his new name and he gave Dancingwave a son and a daughter. Sinkingsun and Shatteredlight.

Over the seasons this makeshift Clan grew and grew until it was large enough to claim territory and a Clan name.

RisingClan was the name of their Clan. Rising like the sun on a clear morning this Clan became a threat to all the Clans as their warriors were trained in dark ways of fighting.

Finally the forces of darkness had enough Clans to begin their murderous reign, even with the surprise birth of RisingClan. They needed something that was big enough to cascade fear over the living cats, forcing them into undying loyalty to the entity's that lived within the Dark Forest.

It was the voice that had uttered the word remorse that created the perfect idea in the eyes of the barbaric cat's eyes.

"A game of hunger. A game of death. A game of blood spilling blood."

And so the Game of Blood was born.

Well thats the start of it guys! I do have all the allegiances for every single Clan on a word document so they will be placed into the story eventually! You have no idea how hard it is coming up with different names and pelt colours for over 60 cats! Especially RisingClan's names.

Not sure when the next update should be but hopefully it won't be too long away!

Hunter Out~