Takes place at the ending of Dragon Rider. SorrelxTwigleg, Burr-Burr-ChanxSorrel, FiredrakexMaia

I do not own Dragon Rider, Cornelia Funke does.

Two months can be a long time. A very long time.

"Come on," said Guinevere, leaning against him on the window seat. "Let's go out and look for fairy tracks, okay?"

Ben tore himself away from the sight of the empty sky and nodded. "I saw some down by the pond yesterday," he said.

"Good." Guinevere led the way to the garden gate. "We'll try there first, then."

"Dress warm," Vita Greenbloom called after them. "There's a smell of autumn in the air this morning."

"Wait a minute, I'm coming, too!" cried Twigleg, scrambling hastily down the table leg.

"But this time, you must translate everything they say to us," said Guinevere, putting his knitted jacket on him. "Promise?"

"Even if those fairies just talk more nonsense?" snapped Twigleg.

"Yes, even then," replied Guinevere. 'I want to hear their nonsense, too."

Ben grinned. Then he picked up Twigleg and followed her outside. Yes, two months could be a long time. But not with a sister like Guinevere.

So outside to the pond they went. Both humans knelt down to see small, barely noticeable imprints in the mud.

"I knew you'd be right," Guinevere told ben, which was holding Twigleg on his shoulder. "You always are."

The trio silently followed the trail of footsteps to long grass by the pond and pushed aside each blade to continue on their path. They eventually came to a large, leafless tree.

At the base of the tree were two small female fairies, dancing and playing with each other. Ben accidentally made a crunch noise on the ground and the two fairies looked towards them in surprise, and then zipped into a hole in the trunk of the tree.

"Oh, darn. That was the first good look of them we've seen in a while!" Ben whined as he plopped onto his bottom on the ground. Twigleg hopped off his shoulder and ran over to the tree. He scurried up the trunk and was about to jump into the small hole when Guinevere spoke.

"What are you doing, Twigleg?" she asked with surprise.

"Just trust me," he told them as he peeked into the hole again. "I'll be fine."

So in jumped little Twigleg, and the step-siblings both looked through the hole with one eye shut. Inside was a small group of fairies, a little more than half a dozen. Most of them gasped at his sight and a couple of the males began racing towards him. They grabbed Twigleg by the arms and brought him in the middle of the hallowed out area. They began to speak what sounded like gibberish to the humans at a fast rate. Ben was about to reach in and snatch Twigleg from them, but Guinevere stopped him and told him it might make matters worse.

When the fairies finished discussing with each other they pushed Twigleg to his knees and all of the pixie creatures began to shoot a glimmering substance at him. It soon began to become very bright in the tree, and suddenly, a flash of light burst from the hole and spooked the humans so that they fell backwards. When they recovered, every inhabitant of the trunk was missing, including Twigleg.