Lesson Learned: Meeting the Parents

Santana was almost 100% certain she was having a panic attack.

"Please calm down," Rachel said gently.

"We're having dinner with your dads after I sexted one of them. That's not a calm down moment—that's a 'head to another state' moment."

Rachel smiled. "Mighty Mouse?"

Santana sighed. She hated that nickname. It invariably signaled the loss of an argument or discussion. "Yeah, short stack?"

"Am I worth it?"

Mother fucker! She was pouting and…just fuck! "Yes. You are absolutely, 100% worth the embarrassment that's about to take place."

The two of them hopped out of Santana's Hummer and walked toward Breadstix's main entrance. They spotted Leroy and Hiram through the window.

"Listen," Santana said, pulling them to a stop. "All joking aside—if they kill me? Quinn's next on the waiting list to date you."


Santana grinned and led Rachel into the restaurant. Her smug smiled dropped into a pleasant one when the Fathers Berry saw them approaching.

"So...Santana," Hiram said, standing to shake her hand. "We meet at last..."

This was going to be a long night.