I am so sorry for the lack of updates for both this story and Natashen'ka. The past two weeks have been extremely stressful for me, but finally it seems like things are starting to get better. I hope you enjoy this little chapter, even though its quite short. :)

'Daddy, I don't feel well'

And with those words, Clint Barton started to panic



Where was Natasha when he needed her?

His red haired partner was currently on a training mission with her protégé, Irina. The Russian girl had arrived back in the USA just under two months ago and after several meetings at S.H.I.E.L.D, it was decided that Natasha would take the eighteen year old under her wing and complete her training.

'Come here Sweetie' he said gesturing for Lena to come closer. The pyjama clad seven year old stumbled towards him, almost tripping over the hem of her extra fluffy pink dressing gown. 'Oh you're burning up' he murmured, placing his hand onto the small girl's forehead. He picked Lena up, and after making sure that his younger daughter, Sofia, was still sound asleep, he carried Lena down the stairs down the stairs to the kitchen area, where he knew a certain Dr Banner would be.

Dr Bruce Banner looked up from his (extremely) early morning cereal, to see a frantic looking Agent Barton running into the room, carrying Lena.

'It's Lena, she said she wasn't feeling well and it feels like she's burning up' Clint explained to the doctor.

'Clint, try and be clam' was the first thing the doctor told the stressed parent before turning to examine Lena.

'I think she's picked up the cold that's going around schools at the moment' Bruce remarked after he had finished looking at Lena. It's nothing life threatening and should hopefully pass in 24 hours'

'She's going to be fine?'

'Of course, she just needs to rest and drink lots of fluids'

'No medication?'

'Well I can give her something to keep her temperature down, but there is no point giving her any antibiotics, since this looks like it's just a virus'

'Well then Elena, I think this means a day off school' Clint announced as he scooped Lena back up into his arms and carried her back upstairs.

'Daddy I'm bored' Lena moaned as she sat in bed trying to read her book. She had just got it and really wanted to read it but she could not focus on the words on the page in front of her, they seemed to be going all blurry and dancing in front of her eyes. All of this was not helping her feel any better. She knew she was ill, but lying in bed and staring at the boring white ceiling was really boring'

'Are you alright Miss Elena' came the voice of a man, who definitely was not her father, popping his head around the door.

'Hey Cap' she replied, giving the blond haired superhero a half hearted smile.

'What's wrong?' he asked kindly, entering the room. 'You're dad's just trying to stop Sofia from throwing her food at Tony'

'I'm just bored, I hate being ill' Lena exclaimed

'So do I' he replied comfortingly

Lena looked at the man from the 1940s. He looked so tall and muscular, the epitome of health and she could not imagine him ever being ill.

'I was ill a lot when I was younger' he said, as if reading the young girl's thoughts 'and it wasn't always a simple cold like you've got. I was in bed for weeks with Pneumonia and whooping cough, whilst everyone else played outside or went to school. Look I know what will make you feel better' he announced suddenly and he disappeared out of the bedroom, only to return a couple of minutes later with a glass of milk and some biscuits.

'Thanks' Lena muttered, wondering how this was meant to make her feel better

'JARVIS' Steve called out to the resident A.I. After spending nearly two years in Stark tower he had finally become accustomed to modern technology, but he hoped that the A.I would have the certain old film he wanted in his vast video collection

'Yes Captain Rogers?'

'Are you able to stream the Wizard of Oz into this room?' he asked

'Yes of course, the movie is loading now sir' JARVIS replied

'We're watching a film? Lena asked

'The best way to take your mind off being ill is not to think about it' he explained. 'By the looks of it, you haven't had much luck reading a book, but this might help. I remember when this film came out' he said almost wistfully, remembering how he had tagged along as the third wheel on one of his friend, Bucky's, dates, to see it in the cinema.

'It's an old film?' Lena stated dubiously

'Yes, but it's still really good, I think nowadays people call it a classic'

'Can you watch it with me?' Lena asked suddenly as the title music started. 'It's no fun watching a movie by yourself'

'Well if you're sure Miss Lena'

'Look, I'll budge up a bit, there is plenty of space and you can tell me what the story's about'

Clint popped his head around his daughter's bedroom door. He hadn't heard from her in a while, which was quite worrying since she had spent the first half of the day being extremely vocal about her displeasure of being unwell. What he saw was one of the last things he expected. His daughter was sat happily in bed, watching what looked like the Wizard of Oz, whilst sharing cookies with Captain America. The captain himself looked completely at ease and was just as engrossed in the film as the seven year old snuggled up next to him. That in itself was unexpected, since the Captain had been the most wary of his and Natasha's children, not really knowing how to act around them.

Knowing that Lena was in good hands, Clint silently closed the door, leaving the two to enjoy the movie.