As Jennifer walked into the room her nose was greeted by the sweet aroma of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, and fresh daises. She looked over at her daughter's glistening eyes and greeted her. Jennifer's daughter, Jade Rayne, came out from the kitchen smiling as usual.

"Hey mom, happy Mother's Day!" Jade said with handing her the fresh baked cookies to her.

"Thanks." Jennifer said taking one of the cookies.

The mother and daughter sat down on the couch and shared some small conversation. In just a few weeks her daughter would be off to college at Harvard, for a degree in Medicine. Jennifer, set her glaze from her daughter to a picture hanging on the wall, near the door she walked in. Set in the picture frame was a picture of herself and Jade as a baby, that was seventeen years ago.

Jennifer smiled at the fact she had grown old, and had a daughter—who was going off to college! When their conversation had died, Jade went off to the bathroom for a shower. Jennifer sat on the couch, and smiled.

A thunderstorm had rolled in, and caught Jennifer by surprise when the small dark room was illuminated by the outside storm. She laughed to herself, and picked herself off the couch, she noticed the front door open. She peered her head outside, she did not see anything to alert her of danger and then she closed the doors. When she turned her back around the water from the bathroom was on, she walked over and knocked on the door— no answer— she opened it. She found the shower to be running but Jade was not in sight.

"Jade!" Jennifer quietly spoke down the hallway.

Jennifer was pushed to the ground from something behind her. Jennifer let out a scream, and scrambled for her bedroom door. It was slightly open so she made one leap and shut the door behind. Jennifer held the door shut with her hands, and suddenly a giant pair of scissors came through the door piercing her hands. Jennifer fell to the floor behind her…

"Mom, are you okay?" Jade asked as she opened the door to her mother's room.

Jennifer lay confused and frightened, with her hands bloody, Jade came to her aide. She rocked her back and forth, until she was calm.

"I promise I'll get you help!" Jade said holding her mom close.

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