Feet smacked the ground at a pace that would only come from running. A thud that resounded throughout the corridor was a symbol. A symbolic sign of nervousness and fear.

"Babs, open up!" A male voice rang out, banging on a door. Said male was looking behind him, the whites of his seemed to much more prominent against his bluer than blue eyes. The door cracked open slightly showing a less than pleased red head on the other side. Her blue eyes, it seemed to be a common theme of vigilantes to have blue eyes, seemed to show out her anger while her body motvements were calm and fluid.

"What do you want Dick?" The red head said with an exasperated tone lacing her voice. Her normally hued lips were pulled into a taunt line that hid all existence of lips. Dick just shivered in response.

"I need you to hide me, please. Please, please, please, pl—"


"-ease, please, please, please—"

"Richard John Grayson-Wayne I said, no!" She snapped out, folding her arms and tapping her foot. Dick just looked at her, his eyes shook lightly as he tried desperately to use a charmingly adorable face to have her keep him away from the unknown threat.


"Did I stutter? I said no." The red head rolled her eyes at her best friend. He was seriously not staying in her house to hide. Especially not when she knew what was going on, "You're going to do the big brother thing here—"

"You've never driven with the kid, hell; Bruce wouldn't let him drive either! And probably with good reasoning to not let him drive as well." Dick whimpered out. Barbara had to hand it to him; Dick knew how to attempt to get his way. Attempt being the key word. Then again, he usually got his way with anyone, even if Bruce tended to not believe he was wrapped around the gypsy's finger her statement was still proven true time and time again.

Barbara sighed, shaking her head lightly, "Hey, Dad, mind if Dick hangs out for a little while?" Dick beamed and Barbara just scowled, "You owe me; you're taking me to prom in a limo, paying for my dress, hair, and make-up, Boy Wonder." She hissed out, trying her damnest not to smile and beam right back at her. Damn him and his damn adorableness.


"Sure, Dick can hang out. But remember—"

"No guys in the bedroom, I know Dad" She mumbled out, Dick just snickered as he pulled himself together and strolled into the room. Barbara wordlessly shut the door behind her as she gazed at the two most important men in her life. Gosh, what would they do without her?

"Don't worry, Mister Gordon, I would never—"

"Choose your words carefully."

"Never intend on doing anything with your daughter besides being the very best possible friend that a Grayson-Wayne could be without being over that because I have too much respect for your daughter to ever try to do anything—"

"Dick, shut up." Barbara said with a huff, folding her arms tighter under her chest as she looked blankly at the black haired teen.

"Yes, ma'am." Dick comically locked his mouth shut as he blushed lightly. Great thing about Dick? He was whipped. Sometimes Barbara Gordon really enjoyed being the more dominate part of their friendship. It came in handy during situations like these.

"Good to hear, now then what did I hear about prom?" Jim slid into the room; his light brown, almost reddish tinted hair was a bit messier than Dick remembered. The younger man cleared his throat, looking at Babs to silently ask if it was okay to speak. She nodded and the Police Commissioner of Gotham just chuckled.

"I, uh, wanted to ask if I could, uh, take Barbara to prom?" Dick bit his cheek after speaking, prayer to whatever deity existed that he would live until prom, Jason might kill him first.

"Aha, I'm so glad you thought that over and I'll accept the fact you're going to ask my daughter. Does Mister Wayne know of your ideas? Or do you need to confirm it with him." Barbara's father seemed a bit pleased with himself; everything he wanted for his daughter was falling into place.

"I, uh, should call him. Right." Dick said, stumbling over his words. Jim had known him for years, he shouldn't have been this hung up. His phone gave a buzz as he dug in his pocket, he expected Bruce would have known – Dick's eyebrows furrowed as he looked at his phone. It was a text from Jason, of course. Against his better judgment he opened it.

Hey, you can't lose me that easily.

Another text sent his phone vibrating again.

I'll be at Barbara's place in five.

Dick paled. Barbara just raised a red eyebrow at her best friend while he quickly typed on the screen.

Working on prom things, busy. I don't suggest you come over.

Dick almost sighed out in relief; flashing the two Gordon's a smile.

"Youngest got a permit and wants to drive." The Gordon patriarch just gave the ex-Circus artist a look of understanding while Barbara shot her father an amused look. The phone vibrated again, distracting him once more.

Does Bette have a date yet?

Jason was a weird one, but Dick looked at Barbara, "Does Bette have a prom date yet?" The red head looked just about as confused as he felt.

"Uhm…" Barbara began, Jim just waved the questions away, "Look, I got to get to work. Just nothing you're regret later on in life, I trust ya kid… but I'm still not afraid to hunt you down if ya hurt my daughter." The older man fixed his hair before rummaging in a drawer to grab his keys. He received a silent salute from Dick, both sighed out in relief when the Police Commissioner left. Barbara had her phone out within second, texting Bette. A few moments later she received a reply.

No, why?

"She doesn't have one." Babs offered her best friend who was quickly typing on his phone to his brother in all things but blood.

No, she doesn't.

They waited, together, moving to sit on the couch. Dick leaned into the sofa as Barbara lay on top of him, taking Dick's phone and playing with an app. This usually happened when Dick left his iPhone laying within her reach. Both had expected a speedy reply but frowned, mutually, when it didn't come within five minutes.

"I wonder what's—" Barbara spoke while Dick was busy running his fingers through her hair. He really did enjoy how smooth it was sometimes. Barbara just giggled at the text preview, opening it.

Do you think she'd mind if I asked her?

"Jason wants to ask Bette to prom? What?" Barbara sat up, jarring Dick from his dull task of fixing the slightly messy red hair. The acrobat's eyes widened when she spoke.

"Seriously? But –" Barbara was up in a flash, walking around the room and texting his younger "brother" back. The male teen just looked at the female teen with a confused look. Jason definitely didn't have a thing for blonds; he had a thing for black/dark hair people. Almost like his weakness for all gingers and red heads. Something was up. His future prom date squealed as she threw his otter boxc covered iPhone back to him.

"Gave Jason Bette's number, we're double dating at prom." All Dick could do was nod and pale ever so slightly.

Double dating with Jason.

What had he done wrong in his past life to deserve this?


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