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Jane Rizzoli stuffed her hands into her faded blue jeans for what must've been the tenth time that hour, Normally Jane would have been calm and collected but right now when faced with a severe lecture from Ma Rizzoli when she walked through her front door she was anything but calm.

Jane Rizzoli was late. Really late,Jane had gone to see her best friend Barry Frost earlier that day and had lost track of time, and now she was in a sticky situation. Jane pulled her crappy cheap mobile phone out of her pocket and checked the time, The overly cheery screen mocked her with the time 1:35 AM, She sighed and stuffed her cheap phone back into her jean pocket.

As Jane became focused on the sound her scuffed up Converse made when they hit the hard concrete, There came a high pitched scream from the alley-way beside her, Jane's head snapped up at the noise and she stopped, Frozen. Jane was debating whether to pull out her phone and call the police or go investigate herself, Now being the idiot she was she did the latter.

Stepping onto the road she took small steps over to the alleyway, Inching closer step by step, Finally reaching the opening she scanned the cramped space and saw nothing but bursting trash bags and dumpsters, using her brave voice she yelled out to the noise she had heard, "Hello?, Uh come on if this is some sort of joke it's really not funny, You have to the count of three to come out or I'm calling the cops!"

"I really wouldn't do that, If I were you." Jane spun around and took a few steps back trying to put distance between herself and the voice she'd heard behind her, She tripped over something that was laying smack dab in the middle of the alley-way, She looked down and saw a dead homeless man half way underneath her. The lanky girl scrambled to her feet and ran, Jane ran like she had never ran before, She ran like her ass was on fire, She ran untill her side hurt and she had trouble breathing.

Jane stopped running a few blocks away, Scanning the street to make sure nobody was there she pulled out her phone and dialed the police, Giving them the location of the alleyway before turning and running off towards home.