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Chapter 5: Teenage Dating rains on my parade.

Jane POV:

Two weeks had passed since the night I had tripped over a lifeless corpse, two weeks had passed since I had a meltdown in the pouring rain and had to be escorted home, two weeks had also passed since I discovered my feelings for my best friend, Barry Frost.

God, you would think me of all people could've seen this coming. To be honest Barry was my first real crush. I had taken interest in other boys, when we we're in the 1st Grade and the boys were more interested in trading me for my yogurt cup than kissing me.

But that was 1st grade and this was Junior year. Boys no longer wanted my yogurt cup. Plus Frost was a good guy. He treated me with respect and he didn't kick me out of his house when I barged in crying my eyes out. Instead he allowed me to sleep with him...I mean on him.

Blonde hair. That's what had been interrupting my thoughts of Frost all morning. The blonde lady from two weeks ago. She was in every corner of my mind. I couldn't stop thinking about her no matter how hard I tried. The way her hair fell perfectly around her beautifully shaped face, How the rain looked like it stayed out of her path, and how her teeth were so white and straight. That last one was a little strange but hey, they were really white.

The bell that dismissed us from school rang and snapped me out of my thoughts. Sighing I stood and began stretching like I did every-day. Math had always given me cramps. Mental and physical.

"Jane, walking home with me today?" Frost snuck up on me and wrapped his arms around my waist, picking me up, and swinging me about like I was a rag-doll. This is how he had begun greeting me since Freshman year, when one of the football players had started making jokes about how anyone could pick me up because I was so skinny.

"Sure, Frost. Wanna put me down so I can do the walking part?" He laughed and obliged me. Back on my feet I felt much better. Grabbing my backpack off the wooden table we made our way out into the hallway of East Boston High. The hall was packed students. Our school sure did support diversity which was one of the reasons I loved it.

We made our way through the other kids, down the steps, and out the door to freedom. Frost grabbed my hand as we began crossing the street. Looking up I caught a flash of same blonde hair that had been flashing through my mind all day. It's that woman. The woman from the rain. Shaking Frost I pointed to the blond woman who had helped me. "Frost, look. There!" but when I turned back around she was gone.

I ran across the street managing to somehow dodge traffic. I could hear Frost yelling for me to stop but I was determined to speak to this woman once again. Reaching the spot where the blonde had been standing there was nothing physical just a trace of that scent. I had smelled this somewhere...It was so delicious and familiar. This scent made me think of safety and love.

Just then Barry's arms came crashing down around me as he swooped me up."Never do that again, Rizzoli!"

He looked into my eyes and he connected our lips. For the first time in my life I Jane Rizzoli didn't know what the hell I was doing.