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Warning: To sum things up, this is like a revamp of Avengers Academy – only it includes the blend of the Skrull invasion, and the Kroloteans. Only with different characters. I'm sorry; I haven't read Avengers Academy, my interest for young heroes falls into Young Avengers, X-men, and Young Justice. How will this work out? Just wait and you'll see… (BTW, this chapter takes place a couple of days after the ending of X-Men Evolution. So the school/public is still very hot on the hate for mutants – heck, they ALWAYS were in the comics and movies. If you watched X-men Evolution, you know what I mean.)


(One week ago)
Nick Fury's P.O.V:

Nick lifted his coffee mug once more to his mouth, when he realized it was empty. He slammed it back onto his desk in anger, as kept his eyes on the clock ahead. "Damn it Stark, where are you?" he muttered angrily.
That's when a thought struck him. "Come to think of it – where are the rest of them?" This usual tardiness was to be expected of Stark - but the rest of the team? Shaking his head, he stood up to grab some more coffee. Yes, Nick Fury had a coffee addiction. And don't even get started on the doughnuts.

As he rushed to get up, his arm swept something – a file – off his desk. Grumbling, he bent down to pick it up. Deep brown eyes stared back at him from the file. The photo was old, about two years to be exact, and the girl was no more than fourteen in the picture, but he could already see the resemblance the girl had with her criminal parent. Not to mention the resemblance the girl shared with her father - when it came to the way she had an aura of confidence, and how she seemed to have a bossy look about her. Quite ironic this blend was, considering how her parents were about as different as night and day… A rapid fire of knocks interrupted his thoughts. Nick turned towards the door, where Maria Hill stood. "Yes?" he said coolly, keeping his surprise hidden."Sir, they're here." she said in a flat tone.

Nick narrowed his eyes. Although her tone seemed to be somewhat calm, her uncomfortable stance stated something was wrong. He dismissed the thought.
It was probably one of Tony's stupid antics. Shaking his head absentmindedly, he motioned to let them in. Tony entered the room with a wild grin on his face. "Hey Nick! How's it going?" Natasha clearly annoyed, slapped the back of Tony's head, but he continued smiling anyways. Steve rolled his eyes, while Hawkeye absentmindedly began fiddling with his bow. Bruce just proceeded to grabbing a chair.

Nick grabbed the handful of files on his desk, and thrust them into Tony's hands.
"We have a problem." he began.

Raven's P.O.V:

Raven grit her teeth, as she tried to run for cover. The threat? Mutant dodge ball. Oh how she hated Wolverine's imagination when it came to training sessions.

Why is a simple game of dodge ball so dangerous? The mutant powers involved. "Move it faster half-pints! I 'aint got all day!" Logan barked.

"I'm trying, I'm trying." Raven muttered as she barely dodged a frozen pair of dodge balls. FROZEN dodge balls? Really? "BOBBY." She spat the name out, venom dripping in her voice. Grabbing a nearby ball off the ground, she scoured the area for Iceman, a.k.a Bobby Drake. She found him "surfing" on thick sheets of ice over the basketball net. Watching him carefully, she ran various scenarios through her head, choosing the perfect moment to strike – and threw the ball, knocking him off the sheet of ice he was on. She smirked at the sound of Bobby's yelp of surprise. "MOVE IT DRAKE!" Logan's deep growl rang through the area.

Bobby scowled, as he made his way towards the "jail"; where Cyclops and Jean acted as the "wardens". He shot a death glare, and stuck his tongue out in Raven's direction as he did so.

Raven bent down to scoop yet another ball off the ground – when she froze. There was the sound of swift foot steps coming towards her. Guessing from the sound of the agile footwork, this person was skilled, and was somewhere above her now – most likely tree hopping. Despite being silent, the each step held great force, as if this person heavily relied on anger to fight. Those were usually the trademarks possessed by Wolverine, but he wasn't in the game. Which meant it could only be one person.
Raven ducked just as a dodge ball came whizzing past her, barely missing her face. Another whizzing sound came after – wait, scratch that. MULTIPLE dodged the next one, crashing into the ground. Slowly getting up, she heard another whizzing sound – a second too late. BAMF, the ball hit her head, knocking her back onto the shakily toppled over in an attempt to stand up, due to how she was dizzy from the throbbing pain.

"LAURA! THAT AIN'T HOW YOU PLAY KID!" Wolverine bellowed the annoyance clear in his voice.

Laura Kinney, or X-23 as she was originally named, leapt off the tree hanging over Raven, who was currently rubbing her bruised forehead, stumbling around as if drunk. "Why do I feel like a hockey puck?" she mumbled. Laura shrugged her shoulders, as if to apologize. "It was just a dodge ball. I never knew something so small could hurt anyone, especially during training – considering how she was most likely alert of the possibility of this happening." there was a hint of a sneer in her voice, like she considered Raven to be stupid for getting hit.

Logan rubbed his eyes at X-23's obliviousness to the situation. "Well the force you threw it with wasn't that SMALL!"
Raven noticed his veins pop out, as her tried to control his temper. No, wait - his eyebrows were scrunched together, like he was exhausted. He was frustrated - frustrated at Laura/X-23's inability to grasp the concept of a (supposedly) non-violent game of dodge ball.

Half-an hour later, Raven was being driven to school in Scott's car. She had somehow managed to hitch a ride, due to her "painful injury" and Scott (being the Mr. Nice Guy he was) had allowed her to come. Her ears were ringing from Night-crawler/Kurt and Shadow-cat/Kitty arguing over which song they wanted to listen to. The fact that her head was still throbbing didn't help either. As they approached the school, she noticed a familiar hooded figure roll by on a she had seen Peter Parker dozens of times at school, she hadn't seen him THIS way before. There was something off about him, like he had changed his personality or something. An aura of confidence encircled him as he rolled up to another familiar figure. Gwen Stacey. Not something you would expect of someone who was Scott's friend. All the friends Shades seemed to make were either bullied or had a loner syndrome.

Peter and Gwen were hanging out together quite a lot now days. Then again, they had both lost their fathers recently. Well, Peter had lost his uncle, but he was his father none of the less. They were most likely offering each other gave Gwen a hug, and the two smiled, and walked off together. Wait – he was limping. He was actually doing a good job at hiding it, but the fact than his left foot lifted off the ground at a lower height then his right foot caught her eye. To anyone else, this would have gone unnoticed, but considering how Raven did have the ability to observe/analyze thing REALLY well (In case anyone has been wondering about her mutation)this wasn't obscured to her eyes. And where did he get that bruise from?

Raven sub-consciously slammed her hand to her right temple and winced. Ow. No analyzing Parker and Stacey, she scolded herself mentally. It was an old habit of hers – observing people. Due to the fact that she was always analyzing, Raven would often be caught staring at people, a trait that had freaked out the mutant-phobic population of the school even more. She was relieved when the car finally came to a stop. Not waiting, she kicked the car door open, and ran off to – well, she just ran off really. She didn't exactly have a destination in mind. Just someplace away from the bickering of the so called "senior" X-Men. Apparently Scott thought that Kurt had purposely been leaving fur all over his car, and now the two had started fighting. Go figure.

She could already hear the snickers, as she tried to hide her face. Whispers of "mutie" and "freak" came from all directions. Raven rolled her eyes, and tried to pull her hood over her head. Then she noticed that she wasn't wearing a sweater that day, and looked plain stupid pulling the back of her shirt up.
Cursing, swearing and screaming on the inside, Raven collected whatever was left of her dignity and honor, and hurried off to class.

There had been rumors of Mr. Blofis, their English teacher, being transferred, but they had been thought of as mere rumors. Well, let the celebrations begin.
A mysterious red-haired woman stood at the front of the classroom, her green eyes gazing into the souls of each of the students present. Today, the rumors were proved to be true. Unless she was a supply-teacher/temporary replacement. She seemed to have an urgent look about her. Like there was something she was here to do.
Probably get the day finished as soon as possible.

"Good morning class." she said, her voice calm and professional. "My name is Miss. Rushman, and I'm here as a replacement for Mr. Blofis, who will be absent today, due to family problems. I do not have all the details, so don't bother asking me. I hate chatterboxes and class clowns, so if one of you manages to tick me off – well, I hope you survive the wrath of your peers because of the extra homework you'll be gifting them." paused and walked over to her desk, and grabbed a stack of papers off her desk. The guys in the classroom took this time to check the new teacher out – as she was wearing a nice skirt today, and her legs were a little, uh, long. Raven rolled her eyes, and concentrated on constructing her plan – how to survive her next session with Wolverine after school. Thanks to the Brotherhood getting back on track, and the exposure of mutants; the Wolverine and EVEN the Professor had decided that the kids needed more training.

"Now," continued, "Who here is excited to get started on your book reports?" the sarcasm was pretty evident in her voice.
Raven slammed her head onto her desk, while everybody groaned - and she could've sworn she saw a couple faint.

As everyone quickly exited the room, Raven felt a hand fall upon her shoulder. She turned to meet 's deep green eyes. "Raven, isn't it? Raven Sinclair?"
Raven nodded slowly at first, and then more confidently. Even now, her fake name seemed alien to her. Sometimes, she even found herself coming close to revealing her actual name."Yes m'aam." She answered.

She nodded, and handed her a sheet of paper – a permission form. "I heard you go the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters." the teacher continued. Unlike the other people who had pointed that out, she wasn't reflecting any signs of mistrust, disgust, or mutant-phobia. In fact, she reflected interest, as if she were studying a complicated blueprint. The caution she took, was as if she (the blueprint) would turn out disastrously if tampered with the wrong way. "You're mutation is somewhere along the lines of being smart – am I correct?" "I, uh, analyze stuff Miss. I'm not exactly smart. Unless you're talking about a machine or something." she left the part about analyzing people's behavior out, to exclude her of being an even bigger freak. The machine part was a total lie, but she had go somewhere along the truth.

She nodded. "This is a permission form for a trip to Stark Tower. There will be a three day workshop to teach you how technology is to be used for a better tomorrow. You will also be taught a couple of simple methods on how to create a finished product – whether it's a building or invention. Only a select few students are going – and I believe YOU, along with a couple of your fellow peers should be representing the mutant population of this school. Well – at least that's what the teachers of this school said when they shoved this form into my hands to give to you." Raven blinked for about half a minute, unsure of what to say. It was at moments like these when her weakness became evident. Sometimes thinking TOO MUCH before one act can waste precious time – or simply spook people out.

"So?" Miss. Rushman asked. "Are you in?"
Raven pondered over her decision a bit longer. Professor Xavier would no doubt see this as a chance to help strengthen the weak trust humans held in mutants – even if it was something so small. But if it was at Stark Tower of all places – and only a select few were going, it was bound to be publicized.

"Yeah," she answered. "I'm in."

The second the bell rang, Raven ran out of the prison cell known as a classroom, and to the closest exit, hoping to get home as soon as possible. It would mean fewer racists to make fun of her – or beat her up like the other Xavier kids. Better safe than sorry.

Jerking her head to the left – she almost screamed. "Holy Futha-mukin crap!"
X-23 was beside her,and was giving her an odd look for her reaction.
"Don't you EVER do that to me again!" Raven was running a hand through her hair.

The clone of Wolverine shrugged. "They insisted that I apologize to you. So there – I have apologized to you." She continued walking as if she had already been forgiven.
The annoyance was obvious – as was the forced apology. The "they"were definitely Wolverine and Professor Xavier, who happened to be the only people in existence X-23 would EVER respect. "Hey, wait a minute. That's not how you apologize child!" Raven angrily fired at her. "I. AM. NOT. A. CHILD!" X-23 hissed angrily, her teeth clenched. Pure rage filling the young clone's eyes; she grabbed Raven's neck, and growled. "Never. Insult. Me. Again." her voice was shaky, as if Raven had just hit a weak spot. Gasping for air, Raven grabbed the arm X-23 was using to choke her, and pressed her thumb down onto the clone's wrist. Immediately X-23 released her grip on Raven's throat, and she fell to the ground, panting.

"Hey!" a familiar voice called angrily.
Even before she turned around, Raven knew who it was.
Rogue, one of the senior (and most terrifying) X-Men, was walking towards the two girls, her hands on her hips. Her eyes blazed with fury, and Raven noticed her hand twitching, as if she was dying to take her gloves off and knock somebody out. Not good.
"What is going on here?" she snapped.
"Nothing." X-23 said calmly "We were simply discussing our schoolwork."
"While you choked her death? Yeah, I don't think so sugar. Come on – spill it NOW."

Before any of the accused had a chance to respond, the sound of jeering and insults diverted the attention of the three mutants.
"Oh crap." Rogue hissed, and ran off to help a younger student who was currently having the shit beaten out of them. "Hey Bobby! BOBBY! WHAT did the Professor say about fighting back?"

It was at this very moment X-23 and Raven silently walked home. Hey, even if she was the victim here, NO ONE interrogates with more intimidation than Rogue. Except for Logan. This was definitely not worth the fear.

"What is this?" the Professor asked, his voice calm as ever , no doubt in an attempt to control his surprise – and anger. In his hands, he held a familiar notebook.

Raven was currently sitting in Professor Xavier's office, not sure of what to do. Her one thought? SHIT. Wolverine was leaning against the wall, his eyes narrowed like he was Batman. Storm was standing behind the Professor as always. Beast was studying her with concern and interest, looking back at her notebook and then her face every often or so. "I-I don't know. It's just a notebook I write in Sir." Raven shifted uncomfortably in her chair. "N-nothing special." she shrugged to emphasize her point.

"If this is some new part of your mutation do not be afraid to tell me. You can always confide in me, and you don't need to tell everyone." The Professor's voice whispered into Raven's mind.
"No, it's not really a part of my mutation. Not quite. I-I see stuff on TV, and I just get ideas. Nothing serious."
"Oh yeah – a bunch of conspiracy theoriesthat have come true. Very minor."The sarcasm was practically dripping in Logan's voice. The Professor seemed to ignore Wolverine's comment, and instead nodded at Raven.

"Very well. I'll be talking to you about this, uh, skill later. Now, I hear you have been invited to Stark Tower for a field trip – am I right?" Raven slowly nodded, wondering how the Professor had managed to get such piece of information. Come to think of it – how did he get her notebook? WHY was he snooping around in it? Despite the huge amount of respect Raven felt for the old man - this was kind of creeping her out. And he was masking his emotions, telepathically fooling her. Or, that was her theory, as the 24/7 headaches she had from her analyzing were suddenly another word, the Professor had signed the permission form Raven had awkwardly handed over to him.

One phrase for her thoughts when Raven sat in the school office, waiting for the bus for the trip to arrive.

Apparently, her so called group of fellow peers included Peter Parker (who was three freaking years older than her and not quite a fellow peer as they have never had a conversation), X-23 (of all people), Danielle Moonstar (one of the new recruits), Forge – and that was basically everyone she recognized. The rest of her group included a bunch of kids she didn't know and quite a lot of them seemed to be mutant haters. They were all glaring daggers at the four mutants in their group.

One word for when they got to Stark Tower.


The thing looked even bigger than it did on TV. Of course, one of the obvious examples was the fact that the only letter left hanging was the gigantic A(due to the so-called alien attack), but besides that it was all. The rest was all just so… "WOAH." Forge said, his eyes practically shining with wonder. Raven face palmed. Great, now he's going to try to replicate whatever he sees at home, and cause a couple more explosions than usual until he gets it right. Their tour guide, who turned out to be a monotone voiced brunette with dark glasses, led them down to the front doors. "You each are to be separated into groups of five," (there were fifteen student on the trip) "and will be led by your respectful guides." Two other people (guides presumably) emerged from the front doors.

Raven felt herself zone out, as the guide began calling people forth to stand near their respective guides. Instead, she began to fiddle around with her notebook, checking around its properties (what it was made of, how large it was, where it was most likely named, etc). It wasn't until X-23 had shoved her foreword that Raven had noticed her name was tour guide gave her a look of disgust. "I have called your name multiple times." she hissed.

Yeesh, somebody's got her panties in a twist.

Her group consisted of the only people she recognized: X-23, Forge, Peter, and Danielle. The reason that all the mutants were in one group was probably to set the nerves of some mutant-phobic parents at ease. Parker's aunt (and deceased uncle) was one of the very few humans who weren't disgusted with the very thought of mutants being near their precious spoiled brats. Okay, so maybe she was acting a bit Magneto-ish; which is to say prejudiced against humans. But, in her defense, the entire mutant-phobia system was what had caused her to have everyday brushes with death while on the run.
She shuddered. No more thinking of her old life. No more thinking about her.

Pushing the uncomfortable thoughts of her old life behind, Raven followed her group down through a complicated series of twists and turns through the hallways of Stark Tower, until they finally reached an elevator. While everyone awkwardly got into the small elevator, Raven noticed the looks people were giving them from outside. They were all dressed professional, business-like, but the looks of caution they were being given were plain sub-consciously shrugged her shoulders. Meh. They were probably staring at them because they were a bunch of casually-dressed teenagers. As the elevator doors closed, and they began to go up, their tour guide nervously fingered her belt, like she had a gun strapped to it. Unless, she really did. Raven shook her head. Nah, she probably stuck her hand in her pocket or something.

As the doors opened, the tour guide led them down another labyrinth of hallways – until they reached a closed door. She pressed her hand onto the pad, and punched a set of numbers onto the keypad. Raven smirked. Oh how she loved her mutation (excluding the twenty-four-hour headaches that came with it). She had caught the all of the movements on the keypad, and now had the security code memorized. the doors immediately slid open, and the tour guide motioned for them to go inside. Raven stopped halfway towards the door, when she noticed their guide wasn't coming. "I'm not permitted to come in these quarters." the guide said.


Turning back around, Raven walked into the room. Before she could comprehend what was going on, the doors slid shut behind her. "Am I the only one who is loving the tech here?" Forge whispered with glee. Raven rolled her eyes. Of course, only Forge could remain calm in his insane little way at a time like this.

In front of them stood a tall man – with a freaking eye patch. His grave expression stated something was wrong, and it wasn't doing much to settle Raven's hyper nerves. Behind him stood Tony Stark. THE Tony Stark. Tony muthafukin' Stark!
Tony smirked, while Mr. Eye-patch stared at Raven, as if he were studying a bomb that might explode any minute.

"You must all be wondering about what is going on here." Mr. Eye-patch said. "Remain calm. All your questions will be answered in a moment. My name is Nick Fury, and I am the director of the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division, otherwise known as S.H.I.E.L.D. We have a proposition for you."