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Warning: To sum things up, this is like a revamp of Avengers Academy – only it includes the blend of the Skrull invasion, and the Kroloteans. Only with different characters. I'm sorry; I haven't read Avengers Academy, my interest for young heroes falls into Young Avengers, X-men, and Young Justice. How will this work out? Just wait and you'll see… (BTW, this chapter takes place a couple of days after the ending of X-Men Evolution. So the school/public is still very hot on the hate for mutants – heck, they ALWAYS were in the comics and movies. If you watched X-men Evolution, you know what I mean.)


"You have an eye patch." Forge pointed out awkwardly, amidst the silence.
Everyone in the room turned to stare at him.

"We never noticed." X-23 sarcastically said. Raven smirked at her. For once, she had to side with the clone. "Always had to be the one with the big mouth X." Fury smirked at her as he said this. "Good to see you're on the right side now."
X-23 popped her claws out and smirked back. "I do miss the killing however."
Well that was suspicious. Laura knows Eye Patch. Note to Self: ask her about that later.

"Sir, what exactly are you asking us to do? Some science workshop, or …" Peter trailed off, as if unsure of what to say next.
"This is no field trip Mr. Parker; I am here strictly on business – which is to say, to get you to work with us. S.H.I.E.L.D is what has been keeping this world safe and –"
"So what, you're like secret agents?" Danielle cut in. Fury sent her a glare.

"More or less." Tony answered for her. Beside her, Raven noticed Peter nervously stiffen at the answer. Fury seemed to notice this. "What – you think the authorities never knew about your adventures web-slinger?"
Peter's jaw dropped. "How did …that's … I don't know what you're talking about." "Sure you don't" Fury said sarcastically. He pointed his finger towards him. "This a'int my first rodeo kid. Spiderman a'int the first hero we've ever dealt with .It's our job to know about these things."

"Wow. Peter Parker is THE Amazing Spiderman. Who would've guessed? Sure explains a lot though." Raven blurted out. All heads turned towards her. She face-palmed, and inwardly cursed her big mouth.
"What's that supposed to mean?" Peter asked, his eyes narrowed, as if he were Batman. "I've noticed your behavior these days. You hardly came over to hang out with Scott, your usually have a new bruise or bullet wound –"
"How do know it's a bullet wound?" Fury asked. His voice was filled with suspicion, yes his face remained calm as ever, like he was used to these occurrences. Raven felt her face grow hot. Lie, she thought, divert his attention. Do NOT let him suspect you. The fact that she knew what a bullet wound looked like wasn't supposed to be common knowledge.
"I just do. I mean, take the way her walks now a days as an example. I've noticed his left foot rise off the ground at a lower height then his right foot. It's as if he is in pain. And, come to think of it – his new strength and endurance during gym. He may pretend to be weak, but it's increased by a lot. Not to mention how he seems to have the same height as Spidey. And –"

"Would you kids mind if we try to stay on track?" Fury said. "It seems to me that each of your little questions seem to stray us off topic." he walked up to what seemed like a laptop, and punched into the keys. Immediately, an image appeared on the window behind him. That's when Raven realized – it wasn't a window. Turns out it was PART of the computer. A screen or projector. On the screen, appeared what seemed to be masked vigilantes. It was the Justice League. "For about a decade, the League has been operating globally, and has been putting the bad guys into jail. Unfortunately, this has been done on their terms, rather than by the law's. We already have the Avengers to deal with so-called Justice League, should these so-called heroes go bezerk like last time," another picture popped up on screen. It included Tony Stark in the Iron man armor, Captain America (who was for some reason looking very much alive as opposed to the history books), the Hulk, a blond man in battle armor wielding a hammer, an archer, and what appeared to be MISS RUSHMAN with a gun.
Huh, turns out somebody had gone undercover.

"You said you have these dudes to deal with the League." Forge said. His eyes looked calculating, as if he were working on another complicated machine. One that needed to be solved.
"This implies the fact that there's some more business you want taken care of." Raven finished.
"Presumably by us." Peter added.
"So what, is there like another group of heroes that need to be taken care of or something?" Danielle asked curiously.
"And what makes you think we are capable of dealing with these heroes?" X-23 asked.
Fury only smiled, his eyes stony, like he was calculating their every move. "Good to know you guys are smarter than we thought. A BIG improvement from Tony."
"You are going to be like our Avengers Initiative, for these vigilantes." Fury continued, ignoring Tony's death glare. On the screen, popped up another image of a group of young heroes. The sidekicks (well, most of them were at least) of the Justice League. YOUNG Justice. "So, you expect us to be the sidekicks of your Avengers in order to rival this team?" Raven asked. Sure, she was probably going to be like a side dish in all the action, - but hey being able to call herself a hero would be action worthy enough.

"Not sidekicks," Fury said, with a hint of humor in his eyes "more of a special team. A task force, if you will. You will be investigating any unnatural occurrence that we are unfit for. Since you're a bunch of teenagers, you will be dismissed as unimportant – something which can come in handy while undercover."

Fury paused, as if he were waiting for an answer. "What, no questions? You seemed so hell-bent on driving us off course earlier."
Raven couldn't help but smirk at the guy's attitude. "Actually, yeah. I've got a question. Aren't we supposed to like train or something? And, uh, what about our families? I mean, won't everyone back at the Institute be wondering about our whereabouts?"
"Yeah, my aunt's going to kill me if I come home with any more injuries." Peter added.
Oh, right. He was going to have the most trouble. Everyone back at the Xavier Institute would understand somehow, heck they'd even go with the truth. But Peter's aunt wasn't really the type to go with all this.
"Charles already knows, as do Logan and Ororo. As for your aunt Spidey," Fury pulled out a form from his pocket. "You just got accepted to one of the TOP academies in the country. You've been given a scholarship, and will be moving in this week."
"What do you mean by moving in Sir?" Peter asked.
"What I mean is S.H.I.E.L.D will be training you –"
"We got THAT part buddy." Forge cut in.
Fury sent him a glare. "At headquarters. You will be kept AT headquarters to make training and your missions more efficient and your arrival will be on time."
"So, what? We're going to LIVE with a bunch of secret agents?" Danielle exclaimed.
"Yup." Tony answered, popping the p.

"So," Peter said nervously, speaking the question that was on everyone's minds "When do we start?"

(Young Justice Headquarters, Mount Justice.)

Dick Grayson, a.k.a Nightwing, was worried. No, that was an understatement. He was worried as FUCK, and was definitely NOT feeling the aster. It had been a week since Artemis's "death", and there had been no word from her or Kaldur. Maybe they were just busy, or on a mission or something. Yeah, nothing was wrong. So, he was calming himself down through the most relaxing activity there can be for a member of the Bat-family. Hacking.
Besides, he had to scavenge whatever information he could get about this new team. Why were they being assembled? There had to be a bigger issue here, something big. Otherwise, why would baldie choose a bunch of misfit rookies? Something want right, like there was a huge gap here. Something missing…

"Nightwing?" he turned to see the team – HIS team – walk up to him. Wonder-girl was waving her hand in from of his face, as she hovered in from of him. "You okay? Because you kind of look like a zombie right now."
"I'm fine Cassie." he said, trying to hide his yawn. "Really. You guys can take a break or something."
"Don't think I didn't notice that yawn." Superboy said. Curse that stupid super-hearing.
"And the others have definitely noticed those bloodshot eyes." Batgirl said, glaring at him.
"We're worried about you. You should get some sleep." Miss. Martian added. Sweet Miss. M. Always has to be the motherly one.
"Seriously, I AM FINE." Nightwing protested.
"Come on; give it a rest, you're turning into Batman dude." Robin (Tim Drake) said. He earned a glare from Nightwing for that.
"No, more creepy." Beastboy/Garfield Logan piped up. He appeared out of nowhere hanging upside-down from his tail on the railing above Nightwing's head. "Kind of like that new Red Hood."
That was like a slap to the face. Make that a BITCH-SLAP to the face. Being reminded of Jason – heck being COMPARED to his so-called brother – was just wrong. Not that he hated him; he was just a guy with different philosophies. He was a guy that obeyed the non-killingrule. And with the family problems they were having (the family problems which Jason was the root of) he was feeling uncomfortable now.

Robin seemed to notice Nightwing's uncomfortable silence. "Hey guys. I totally forgot to, uh, show you!"
"Show us what?' Beastboy asked, already excited.
"This, uh…this THING!" Robin continued.
"What thing?" Superboy asked.
"OH you mean THAT THING!" Batgirl exclaimed. She gave a quick wink to Robin. "WHAT THING are you talking about?" Bumblebee snapped. "I'll show you the thing!" Batgirl said, grabbing her arm. The team, all holding looks of pure awkward, followed Batgirl and Robin, so they could see whatever this thing was. Nightwing mouthed a quick thank-you to Batgirl and Robin before he went back to hacking in peace.

He suddenly smirked, though his eyes were cold. "Don't think I didn't notice you there." A figure wearing a red helmet leapt off his hiding place above Nightwing. "What can I say? We've been trained by the best." The Red Hood/Jason Todd did a quick bow as he landed upon saying this, a hint of pride in his voice. "What do you want Jason?" Nightwing hissed. "Me?" The Red Hood replied, the sound of fake innocence in his voice. "Nothing really. I just came here to check if the brat had died yet or if he's gotten an IQ increase and decided to quit today."

"Admit it," Nightwing teased "You do care."
"Fuck you Grayson." "Love ya too bro."

"What ya hacking into tonight?" Jason suddenly said (obviously desperate to change the subject of him caring) looking over Nightwing's shoulder to get a view of the computer. He let out a loud whistle. "Is that S.H.I.E.L.D? Those bastards are even worse than Cadmus. You know what you're dealing with Dickie-bird?"
Nightwing sent his younger brother a death glare. "Stay AWAY from them."
"Who? Your little Junior Justice League? What the hell would I want from them?"

"I'm not stupid Jay."
"You sure about that Grayson?"
As if on cue, Nightwing made an attempt at delivering a Bat-Glare. Jason only rolled his eyes at this.
"You know what I mean. I SAW you scanning that little file just now. Stay away from those kids. Whenever you're desperate for S.H.I.E.L.D info don't try asking them."
"Ah, only you can remain so attentive while hacking and STILL manage to have a conversation with a psycho at the same time."
"Like you can't."
"Nah, I'm usually hacking while I kill people. The attentiveness is already there of course. Otherwise I'd be dead"
"Yeah well you better not KILL them next time you're interested in S.H.I.E.L.D's dirty secrets."
"What – you think I'm going to kill them? I'm NOT evil, you know that. I don't shed innocent blood." Nightwing raised an eyebrow at this. "You kill practically anyone who gets in your way."
"That's justified, they deserved it."
Nightwing slammed his fist onto the desk. "Damn it! We've had this conversation before! You can't just kill anyone who gets in your way!"
The Red Hood let out a sharp whistle. "Never heard you say a bad word before Grayson. What, you feel like a big boy now?"
Cue the awkward silence and the look of pure murder and frustration on Nightwing's face.
"Right," The Red Hood said awkwardly. "I'll be leaving now."
"Yeah, you better leave."

Turning back to his work, the hero couldn't help but worry about this new team, and what this information could mean for HIS team. S.H.I.E.L.D seemed hell-bent on saving the world faster than the League, like the JLU were a bunch of villains rather than heroes. They'd be desperate to find a way to shut them down. His team was definitely going to be in for more training. And a spy would be much appreciated. After a moment of thinking, he smiled. He knew exactlywho to put on the job


Four days later, everyone was sitting in the S.H.I.E.L.D helicarrier in awkward silence. "So," Forge said "Anyone have a watch?"
Danielle glanced at the watch on her wrist. "It's three a.m." Everyone groaned.
Raven banged her head as she leaned against the wall. "WHY? Why must they torture us with sleep deprivation?" Apparently Nick Fury found midnight the ideal time to pick up his so called team. Although he DID have a point, when he gave them all a lecture about being secret and all that.
X-23 merely shrugged. "I don't really see the point in moaning. I've been through worse, and waking up this late is nothing compared to my training in the past."

Everyone stared at her.

"You call this LATE?" Peter asked, setting his head down on the table in front of him. "I've never woken up this early for training – and I have a paranoid aunt to worry about!"
"Who said we were training?" Raven cut in.
Forge glared at her. "Whose side are you on?"
Raven merely shrugged her shoulders.
"Who said you kids couldn't sleep?" A (now familiar) annoying voice said.

They all turned to see Tony Stark walk in, a large bottle in his hand. Peter immediately made a big show of clearing his throat. "Uh Sir?"
Tony stared at him expectantly, obviously waiting for his answer. "Yeah?"
"Uh, shouldn't you be resisting the temptation to drink alcohol in front of minors? You know, since you're an adult and supposed to be responsible, and be an example for us?"
Tony stared at him, a blank look on his face. "Nope, not really."
Forge, who appeared to be dying of boredom, was twitching as his fiddled around with his hands. Tony raised an eyebrow, silently asking, What the fuck is up with him?
Raven quickly mouthed, ADHD, to the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.
"Hey Danielle,"
Danielle nodded towards Forge. "Yeah?"
"Can I have your watch for moment?"
Nodding slowly, the psychic slid off her watch, and passed it to the paranoid super-human-teenaged-genius. Raven felt like face palming right there. Giving ANY machine (big or small) to Forge clearly spelled disaster. True to his personality, Forge immediately pulled out a screwdriver, and began taking the small watch apart. Danielle's eye's widened in realization. But of course, she was too late. "HEY!"

The sound of a door being opened (or violently opened so slammed into the wall) echoed throughout the room. Nick Fury calmly walked into the room, holding a doughnut in his hand. For a moment, everyone simply stared at him in silence. Swallowing the entire doughnut whole. Fury pulled out a couple of files out from his pocket, and passed one out to the teenagers. 'These," he said, "are like your orientation packages. In them, you will find the direction the each of the rooms you are permitted in, your training schedule, your school schedule, limited information on your teachers as well as the training rooms they will be found in, and the names of which of your teachers are to be your mentors."
"We have mentors?" X-23 hissed.

Oh joy. Judging from the look on her face, Raven guessed that the mutant was ticked off at how he had given them mentors. Probably found it insulting, the way a teenager would hate being babysat. "Breakfast is in four hours. I suggest you go throughout you packages so you don't make idiots out of yourselves when it comes to finding your classes and mentors." After that happy speech, Fury left the room, leaving the least responsible adult, (well, as far as she could guess) a.k.a Tony Stark in charge as their temporary chaperone. Well, she could just do what she was told and flip through the package in her lap. Heck, it would spare her from humiliation. On her first day at the X-Mansion Raven had accidentally ended up in the Danger Room for her class with Jean and Scott. And the Danger Room was set on the highest level possible. Enough said.

"Okay," Peter held up his package "let's see who our mentors are."Everyone stared at him. "Okay," he said slowly "I guess I go first."He held up the first page, which held a photo of the muthafukin' Captain America. "WOAH." he blurted out loud. "Don't get your panties in a twist kid. You'll be wishing he was dead when you begin training." Tony said, taking another swig from his bottle. He rubbed a bruise o his neck for emphasis. "Warning: if he ever insists you try boxing – say NO." Peter nodded slowly, backing away from Tony, holding an awkward look on his face. He turned towards Forge. "So – who did you get?"

Forge shrugged, and opened his package. His jaw dropped, and he began shaking like popcorn kernel. "THIS IS SO COOL!" Forge's eyes widened, as he ran up to Tony, jumping up and down. Tony gave the hyper mutant a forced smile. He looked like her was about to call the authorities for protection any moment. "YOU'RE MY MENTOR! DOES THIS MEAN I GET TO TRY ON THE IRON MAN ARMOR? DO I GET TO USE IT? OOOOH, DO I GET TO MAKE MY OWN ARMOR? DO YOU LIKE CHEESE? CHEESE IS GOOD FOR THE UNIVERSE! CHEESE IS THE BASIS OF THE UNIVERSE! DOES THE ARMOR I GET HAVE ALL THE FUNCTIONS OF YOUR ARMOR? –"
"Uh, no. No armor for you." Tony cut in. He appeared to be on the verge of smashing his bottle into Forge's skull.
Forge immediately slumped down into his seat, resembling a deflated balloon. "This mentor thing stinks."

Raven, rolling her eyes at Forge's fan-boy outburst, decided to open her package. She was bored to death anyways, and was getting sick of analyzing kitchen appliances. Her mentor was…

The Hulk.

Now it was her turn to have her jaw drop. Why the Hulk? Couldn't it be someone a bit less violent? Someone she wouldn't have to be afraid of? Someone who wouldn't come close to taking her life? Looking up, Raven realized the silence that had hit the room. "Wasn't expecting that huh?" Tony asked a thin smirk on his lips. His eyes were cold, expressing disgust at her reaction of – well, disgust. "WHO did you get?" Danielle asked. "You seem pretty shocked at who your mentor is."
Her face feeling redder than the Dorito Hulk (The Red Hulk), Raven slowly held up her package. "I got the Green Guy." she said, trying to act casual about it. Boy did she fail. She could tell everyone was now feeling sympathy for her. And if there was one thing Raven truly loathed, it was sympathy. Whether it was fake sympathy from the people in her neighborhood that had looked down on her mother and herself, or the real sympathy people would give her for being a freak. So of course, she wanted to wipe the looks of sympathy off everybody's faces. No, she wanted to BLEACH them.

"Who is this?" X-23 held up her package, and turns out she'd gotten the redhead. Funny, she actually appeared to be helping Raven, by diverting all the attention towards her. As if on purpose… "That would be Natasha. Since you both are ultra violent crazy psychopaths, and experts at killing, this was an easy pick." Tony said all this bluntly, somehow managing to have a straight look on his face. Although she seemed unsure whether or not Tony had been joking, X-23 simply shrugged. "Works for me."

"Hey, how come I don't have a mentor?" Danielle seemed to be on the verge of anger. Which was bad, considering how she was usually a peacemaker (although she DID have jealousy issues, hint hint, cough cough.). And when she lost control, her powers would go out of control. Seeing your greatest fears comet to life and terriorize you is not a fun pastime.
"Uh, we didn't really have anyone mystical - " Tony began.
"It's the same thing, get over it. Thor's the closest thing to mystical we've got, and he's not into mind-control - "
"Since when do psychics CONTOL PEOPLE? We read minds, or in my case FEARS. Only the nutjobs are into mind-control. And yeah, maybe I can make them terrorize people - BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT HERE. The point is, you have insulted psychics worldwide and - "
"Hey kid, calm down. And you HAVE a mentor."
"Really then? WHO?" Danielle's sarcasm was obvious, as she was holding up her blank cover (which had the mentors on it). Her eyes narrowed, and for a moment, the sweet hippie-type girl appeared to be murderous.
"Well, sort of." Tony threw his hands up in the air, and Raven could see his frustration over the subject. And perhaps a hint of fear. That's when she wondered - what did Tony Stark fear?
The psychic raised an eyebrow at his response.
"You'll have to be working on your own though, but we MIGHT be able to call someone in."
"Who? And what's the catch here?''
Tony gave a thin smile, a signal that the matter was classified. There was a twinkle in his eyes , which made Raven curious about the possibleteacher's identity.

A loud sound, resembling a gunshot, diverted all the attention in the room towards Forge. His face was covered in ash, and he had a wild grin on his face. "Watches plus micro-ovens equal explosions." He said bluntly. Tony's jaw dropped, and Raven could see him trying not to laugh. "Kid," he said, you are so dead. Fury's gonna be pissed."
Another stream of conversations began, and Raven, uninterested, zoned out. She wasn't really interested in listening to tales of gruesomely detailed horror - Fury's rage. Slamming her head on the table, she closed her eyes for a minute. She was instantly caught off guard, and fell asleep.

Yawning loudly, Raven snapped her eyes open, and sat up. Looking around, it took her a moment to realize everyone else had fallen asleep with her. Peter was in his chair drooling over the table, while Forge lay passed out ON the table (which had a strange variety of tools and kitchen appliances which were taken apart). Danielle was in her chair, leaning against the wall. And for some reason, Tony was hugging a gigantic bottle, sprawled across the floor. "Glad to see someone's awake." Raven jumped, surprised. Fury was standing in the doorway, a coffee mug in his hand. Once again, he was going all Bat-Glare on her with his piercing one eye. It was creepy how it seemed to gaze deep within her soul...

"It's eleven thirty. You're late."
It took a horrified glance at the clock to realize he wasn't bluffing. The mutant sheepishly ran a hand through her hair. "Sorry Boss." she shrugged her shoulders. "I've never woken up so late before."
Fury walked over to Tony's limp body, and gave it a kick. "Stark, you better get your ass up and running before I have to - "
The genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist gave a loud snort, and gave a wild yell. Hie eyes opened, and he groggily propped himself up with his elbow. "Here, take this." he muttered sleepily, and held his bottle out towards Fury who in turn glared at him. "Fine," Tony snapped "be that way. Here," he threw the bottle in Raven's direction. She caught it, and noticed it was filled with what appeared to be a strange assortment of coffee and alcohol.

Fury,shaking his head, walked towards Raven and handed her a card. Her face was on it, along with a bar code. Why did it have to be her school photo? The one where she had gotten all muddy, thanks to her class with Logan? "And this is?" Raven asked, a hint of rage at the choice of the photo. "Your ID card," Fury explained. "Flash it before any door here, and you'll be able to enter - should that room be within limits," Fury smiled at her as he said this " Which means you won't be able to sneak out after hours, or have any snooping around in any rooms you might get your friend," he nodded in Forge's direction "to try and hack into. You will also be using this to communicate with base, and with the rest of your team-mates when off field. Com-links will be given before each investigation - and taken back after. This will also be a badge of sorts. You WILL be investigating for us undercover. Should you get caught by someone in authority, you are to show them your card in order to get home free."

Raven fingered the glossy card, and tried to ignore the intense increase in her ongoing headache as she sub-consciously analyzed it. "Sweet."
"As you are the second one to have woken up," he glared at her team-mates "and didn't get hungover ," he glared at Tony, "you will be explaining this to your team-mates once they wake up.X-23 is already in her first mentoring session." It was then, that Raven noticed the clone wasn't around. Wow, she was usually so ninja-like she hardly remembered she was there. She had assumed she was lurking around somewhere in ninja-mode, as there were dozens of areas for her to sneak off to.

Raven nodded. "Right now, however," Fury said, glancing at his watch (which was absolutely pointless, as there were about three clocks in the room; he could have easily turned his head at several acute angles too see them). "It's time for your first mentoring session with Dr. Banner."
Her heart dropped into a fiery pit of doom as she heard those words. As prejudiced as it seemed, she was terrified of the Hulk - from what she had heard on the news. And from what she had seen. he had seemed so angry, so full of rage. Loose, without control. the worst part was, she had noticed how he seemed to have a small bit of staggering control over himself. She could see there was even more of the monster slipping out of the man's grasp, just trying to break out...

"Miss. Sinclair, did you hear what I said?" Fury barked, shattering her train of thought.
Raven jumped. "Yeah." she said quickly, and instantly grabbed her package off the table. She would need it for directions. "Yeah, I'll be on my way now." She walked towards the door, terror consuming her. The feeling of terror consumed her, as she felt Fury's eye shooting lazers into her head, as if reading her thoughts.

It took her forever to finally find 's lab. She had wound up in the communications room twice, and had bombarded the cafeteria (full of agents), and had left in eerie silence. She even came close to getting herself locked in storage. Man she hated how this thing was huge. Her destination was found near the janitor's "closet" (or gigantic room for all the janitors). About to knock, Raven remembered she was supposed to flash her card somewhere on the door. Holding up the card, she searched the door's area for somewhere to flash it under. Technically, near the handle would be an ideal place, but there was no slot , keypad or anything. She tried knocking the door. After a moment of waiting, there was still no response. So, she kicked the door. Which was sheer stupidity, as it didn't budge, and all she had accomplished was a throbbing heel.

"Here, let me help you." a voice said. Raven turned around to see a man with glasses walk up towards her. As unkind as it would sound - he looked like a crazy scientist with his dark circles. Not evil, just crazy. He held out his hand, and Raven stared at him for a minute. Okay, so he seemed a bit untrustworthy, but it was because there was a look of an insane genius about him. The fact that his polite personality seemed to co-exist with this wild desire for knowledge she could see, a wild desire to discover, was a bit unsettling.
Not knowing what possessed her, Raven gave him her card anyways.

"You're supposed to flash it under the door knob - er, handle. I know it's stupid, but you'll have to control your rage." he shook his head as he said this. He seemed to crack a smile at the last part, about controlling rage, as if there was some hidden joke associated with it. "You'd think they'd change that, and add something which lacked the stupidity of this idea." he muttered, as if to himself, as he handed Raven her card back.

She paused before walking inside. "Listen," she said. The guy nodded, silently asking her to go on. Raven nearly thought about forgetting to ask, afraid of his reaction, but decided to ask due to his somewhat calm/Nice-Guy appearance. "Is-is HE a nice guy? He isn't scary, or creepy or anything? Right?"
The guy let out a soft chuckle. "I'd say I'm a pretty nice guy." he said, as if he found her fear normal, and yet amusing. Raven's jaw dropped in realization. "Oh, OH!Uh, sorry, I was just afraid you'd be strict, or - " "It's alright kid. You're not the first person to be afraid of me." He let out a sad smile, as if the thought of her fearing him was depressing.

Great, now she felt like a first-class jerk. motioned for her to go inside.

The lab was about the size of a two or three school classrooms, and papers lay scattered everywhere. Chemistry supplies lay on the desks, tables and floor, on top of various files and papers. There were even potato chips bags, bottles of pop, and various mugs of coffee lying around. "Uh, Sir?" "It's a bit messy, I know. I'll just ah," Dr. Banner hastily threw a pile off papers of his desk, and into his drawer. He gestured to a stool which sat across from the chair behind his desk. "Have a seat."

They sat in silence for about ten minutes or so.
"You're my mentor."
"Uh, yeah."
'What exactly are you supposed to teach me?" "You're pretty smart, judging from your grades and this." Dr. Banner held up Raven's notebook.

Raven felt her heart stop beating. Was there anyone who didn't know about her conspiracy theories? They were made out of sheer curiosity, and for fun. How was she supposed to know most of them were true? "You've got a lot of knowledge in there Raven," he said, tapping his head for effect. "I'm going to teach you how to use that knowledge. Me, not Him, are we clear on that?"
Raven nodded. She could already see his rocky relationship with the neighbor in his body.

"Good," he continued" These ideas - how do they come to you?" Raven shrugged. "They just do. I mean, I start wondering, and I begin connecting the dots. I begin to make assumptions, use facts, little details. For example, I first guessed that there was such thing as the Avengers, when the rumors of Captain America's ghost started. What if someone new had taken the mantle? And if they had - why? And people had talked of lighting around him - couldn't that be a mutant working with him? And Iron Man? All these new heroes, with no connection to the Justice League - why was the solo act working for them? Perhaps, they had help? If not the League, maybe their own team?" Dr. Banner nodded again, and opened his drawer. Pulling out a gigantic book, he slammed it onto the table.
"What's this?"
"Homework." he smiled, a hint of evil on his face as he pulled two larger books out. "Your analyzing allows you to grasp concepts with more ease than average people. If you want to be a good investigator, you need to learn how to read people better. Fine, you can read their expressions - but can you match that with the facts, and create profiles, motives, intentions, etc? Read these," her dumped the books into Raven's arms "And try and use this information ."
"These are textbooks on psychology, criminal theory, and pressure points? HOW it this supposed to help me?"
The doctor smirked. "You tell me. You should already be putting to pieces together."

Raven scowled, swearing loudly, and covered her mouth.


Dr. Banner only raised an eyebrow at this. "I swear your temper is just like his." he muttered, chuckled softly to himself.
"Who's?' Raven asked. 's eyes widened, as if he had spoken of a taboo. "N-nothing. Ah," he glanced at his watch "I believe this session is over. It was originally set for an hour, but was cut down to fifteen minutes due to you being late. By the way, you're next class is with your team-mates. With Natasha." She nodded and got up, unable, to shake the thoughts on who the guy ( she was being compared to) was.
"I'll pray for you." Dr. Banner added, as she left the room.

Wait - WHAT?