Spencer was made to go undercover at a night club and he hated it, there have been 5 death and all the people come from this night club hours before they died and they all looked different all were different sex and ages but the only thing they can find in common with them is how they died and where they all were before they died, and poor Spencer was made to go undercover, Garcia helped him get into the part dark jeans that was so tight that Reid thought he would need a pair of scissors to cut them off and a tight shirt, his hair was messed up to making it look like he had just got out of bed which wasn't hard to do because he looked like that quiet lot of the time, he hated how he looked but it got him looked at JJ, Emily and Garcia were drooling while the men had to hide their little problem, Spencer comment "I look like a girl." And it was somewhat true he did.

He walked up to the bouncer who eyed him with a grin and stamped his hand, he looked down at the stamp and frown it was like the others but his was whole heat not a broken on "Why is it whole while there's is broken?" he asked the bouncer, leaning down the man built like a shit brick house smiled and said

"It's because your pure, sweet cheeks." He said as he grabbed his arms "And you're free gain." Spencer bit his lip to stop him from whimpering, he walked in as his phone rang

"Hello?" He could hear Morgan shout at Rossi about that man touching Spencer like that

"You okay we saw what the bouncer said and did."

"Shock is all, is that Morgan?"

"Yeah he wants to pull you out."

"Tell him I'm alright I will say the word if I'm not." The turn the phone off and put it way and walked in deeper into the place, the place was dark apart from the a few light the colours were purples and blacks with sliver many people were dancing on the dance floor others were sitting at tables and on sofas and there was a bar, he moved over to the bar and ordered a drink.

A well built man leaned in his against the wall his pitch black hair hung around his face in softy waves that looked like silk his green eyes amused with the people who entered his night club, looked out at the people in the room he smiled as the live band walked passed him and onto the stage, he then saw a tall thin man standing at the bar looking a bit flustered by people coming over to him, he licked his lips and moved to one of his employees and whispered into him ear the man nodded and then the left to the his offices. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door "Come in." he called out the door open and in walked his muscle bound employee with the thin man behind him

"Michael here is the young man you asked for."

"Thank you Jason you may go now." He said the man gave a short nod and lifted closing the door, looking up from his laptop

"Please sit down I only want to talk to you, would like something to drink I do have soft drinks."

"You got coffee?" he asked

"Yes of course I do." He smiled as he waved his hand to the black sofa seats, Spencer took a seat and felt the screech of this ear pieces screech in his ear,

"Arrh!" he hisses and pulled out his ear pieces

"Ah yes spy wear is not allowed in my privet rooms Doctor Spencer Reid."

"You know who I am?" he said looking at him as he took the coffee cup

"Of course I do, I've read some of your papers." He said to him as he sat across from him and lounge his arm laid across the back of the sofa as he crossed his leg over the other, swallowing a lump in his throat Spencer tried to calm himself as he thought how gorgeous the man looks,

"You read my work?"

"Yes what you think I own this place that I am what an idiot?" he said smirked at the fluster looked Spencer gave him

"N…No not what I meant I…I…" Michel broke out into a bake of laughter as he smiled at the man

"I know what you meant Doctor; you are here because of the murders. Yes?"

Reid felt to relax as he sat in the room with the man he felt himself become happily sedated as they talked "Do you know that those people who died met with me?" he said, the young doctor's eyes widen

"They did?" He asked

"Oh yes and they died here in this offices." He smiled


"Come here Spencer." Michel purred, standing up Spencer fold himself moving towards Michel and unable to stop himself, he stood in front of him fear running thought him and he was unable to call for help, "Do you have any idea what it's like to sit across from a beauty such like you can do to a man." He smiled as he sat forward and rubbed the front of the young Doctor's groin

"W…hat are you doing?" he gasped as he felt himself grow hard

"What does it look like Doctor I am getting you hard we're going to have fun before your friend's barge in?" He smiled

"What di…d you p…put into the coffee?" he asked as Michel unbuckled Spencer's belt and pulled the on the zipper and button opening it up and then he pulled the fabric down over Spencer's arse freeing his member

"I up nothing into the coffee, can't you see what I am Spencer look at the facts." He purred as he ran his finger tips along the half hard cock

"W…What fa…cts." He said finding hard to think

"Ummm is the lust clouding your brilliant mine." He laughed again watching the flushed cheeks as he let whimpers out long with moans "I am a vampire." He smiled as he took Spencer into his mouth and rolled his tongue over the head of Spencer's cock

"Oh god." Spencer legs buckled under him.

Michel help Reid get his jeans and shoes off and then pulled him onto his lap and then pulled his pulled off clean off his body leaving him naked leaning back and he smiled "So beautiful has anyone ever told you that Spencer Reid, ummm yes you will leave here tonight alive." He purred again and he rubbed his thumbs along the angler of his hips,

"I…I my head…" he whimpered as he felt Michel's hand move up and down his torso

"Shhh relax let me take care of you tonight Spencer." Reid moaned as he felt his hips get lifted up and then he arched his back and threw his head back and let out a scream feeling the vampire's cock slide into him, Reid's hands gripped the Michel's shoulders digging his nails into the skin,

"T…To big, it hu…rts."

"No pain no pleasure." He purred as he started to sucking Reid's Adam's apple and then moving up to his jaw and then to his lips, he started moving his hips sliding him up on Michel's cock his hands dug into the pale hips as Spencer rested his forehead on the his forehead as he moved skin now slick with sweat

"M…Michel." He moaned as felt the vampire thrust up into him hitting the nerves in him dead on getting him to scream,

"What do you want?"

"I…I want to cum." He whimpered as he kept moving feeling the knot inside him growing his cock painfully hard and leaking cum to Michel's black shirt

"Do you? You want to cum…he smiled as he pulls Spencer closer to him by his hair…Then cum." He hissed as he bites down on Reid's neck.

"OH GOD!" he screamed as he coming on their stomachs (well the vamps shirt) his muscles clamped around Michel's cock as he thrusts for another 3 minutes before filling Spencer up.

"Spencer, Spencer, Reid come on wake up." Morgan called out as he tried to wake his unconscious friend, he was dressed back the clothes he came in with, he was laying in Michel's office on the sofa under a blanket

"M…Morgan." Spencer whimpered "I'm sorry." He said

"For what man, come on let's get you out of here." He said as he lifted him up in his arms and carried him out of the room

"Bye Spencer hopes to see you again soon." Michel smiled as Morgan walked passed him with the half wake Doctor,

"Hotch I swear that guy did something to Reid he is so pale and we all know Reid don't just fall asleep." He said

"Get him to the hospital and see what they say." Hotch said to him and he looked over his shoulder at the night club owner who was now wearing a white shirt, Michel stair at them with a small smile painted on his face.

It wasn't until the next day that Spencer could leave the hospital after he had to have a blood transfusion, it seem he lot quite a bit of blood but no one could understand from where, he had bruises on his body in places and to wounds on his neck, Morgan had hovered around him for most of the night at the hospital and even at his apartment, which the young Doctor didn't mine a he was to tried to give a damn. When Derek finely went home he gave Reid a kiss on the lips and told him he will get another tomorrow, a goofy smiled spread across Spencer's lips as he watched the older man leave, he closed the apartment door and went into the kitchen to get cup of coffee and a iron tablet when the door bell rang sighing me moved back to the door and open it to find a small box on the floor, he looked left to right down the hall way to see who left it there seeing no one he picked it up he walked back inside kicking the door closed, he sat in his living room with his cup of super sugary coffee he downed his tablet and open the box he pulled the brown paper off, underneath it was a blue jewellery box, Spencer scratched his head and open it pulling the little note with name on into his hand as he saw necklace a platinum chain with a ring looped on, putting the necklace down he looked at the note and frowned before his eye widen

'I give gifts to those I wish to keep