4 Months pass since Reid was taken by Michael and the team have been trying to get him back, through legal means, but Michael had more power than most lawers, in the end Michael said he will met with Hotch and Morgan to come to some agreement. The two FBI agent walked into the vampire's offices and sat the dark hair man standing by his desk looking through papers "Gentalmen please take a seat." he said smiling waving to sofa, they took their seats, Morgan was looking at the vampire hoping his stare would turn the man to dust "Thank you for coming would you like a drink?" Michael offered

"No thank you." Hotch said

"No... Where is Reid?" Morgan growled, Michael smiled

"Stright to the point, Spencer." He called out a few moments laster door next to the desk opens and a figuer walks, Spencer walks out rubbing his eyes and rubbing his small bump of a stomach

"What I was sleeping?" He growled softly and then turned to see two face he knows "Hotch, Derek?"Tthe young man's eyes widen and a smile spread across his face, this did not go unnoticed by Michael

"Spencer are you okay?" Derek said standing up and walking over the young Doctor "Has he hurt you?"

"Derek I'm okay, just achy, can you let me sit?" He smiled Morgan moved and let Reid give Hotch and hug and walked over Michael who touch his bump and smiled at Spencer

"To start Gentleman, I am not doing this for you but rather for mon ange he get really terribly bored and it would be such a waist his beautiful mind, also he misses his friends." Michael said

"So you letting Reid go?" Hotch asked

"No really Special argent Hotchner, as you can see mon ange is expecting our first born." He smiled at the young man again who smiled back.

"WHAT?" Morgan cried out making Reid jumped and looked at Morgan, narrowing his eyes at the man

"I'm pregnant Morgan." Reid said "Only 3 months." He said looking at him

"Spencer why don't you and Morgan talk I will finish this with Hotch." Reid frowned at Michael and then nodded, he walked to the door he come out of and waited for Morgan to walk in side.

Once Spencer closed the door he turned to Morgan who looked like he is about to blow his lid "Spencer…" he said calmly as he grabbed his arms "…Listen to me you got Stockholm syndrome okay everything will be okay."

"Derek I'm pregnant not out of my mind ...yet."

"Spencer you're pregnant with a nut jobs kid and your all smiles and letting him touch you!" he yelled, Reid sighed and pushed Morgan down onto a sofa in the bed room and then sat on his lap "What are doing?"

"Trying to get you to calm down… now listen to me I am stuck with this guy until he dies or me but I think he would rather turn me than let me die... I am rambling, that first night I was undercover he marked me as his Derek I belong to him and he hates sharing, but he also knows how much I love you…" he smiles and kisses his lips "…and if he wants me to be happy he has to be willing to let me go some of the time."

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying I still want you, I still love you, tell me know you don't want me and I will go back out there to Michael and tell his to call it all off." He said, Morgan's eyes widen as he looked at Reid

"How can you be so calm in all this and tall about being with me and him at the same time while you're carrying his child?" Derek asked

"I love you Derek please I need you, I've missed you so much and the team that I've been depressed, he's willing to let me go back to work to see you again." He said

"If he dies what will happen if he dies?"

"I will go free." He said

"Can I kill him?"

"No, he's connected to me at the moment to protect the baby."

"But soon as the baby born right?"

"Yes the bond will be broken."

Reid walked out the room with Morgan following to see Michael and Hotch talking, Reid smiled and kissed Michael on the lips "Everything okay mon ange?"

"Yes so can I go back to work?"

"Yes , but no fielded work?"

"Can I stay in police office?" he asked


"Thank you."