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"Mrs. Jones," I call out as I enter the apartment. She quickly walks into the great room.

"Mr. Grey," she answers looking past me toward Taylor. It was no secret that they were involved with each other to me, but sometimes they could be very obtuse about the whole ordeal.

"What's for dinner?" I ask removing my suit jacket and laying it across the back of my chair.

"Fettuccini" she answers as she walks toward me to probably pick up my jacket, but I hold my hand up for her to let it be. She stops in mid step.

"Okay, carry on." I say as I unbutton my top bottom of my shirt and walk to my study. Anastasia has been acting strange the last couple of days, and it made me feel uncomfortable. I was on the phone when I heard her voice greet Mrs. Jones. I quickly ended the conversation I was having with Ros and headed toward the kitchen area. Ana was laying out the glasses for wine while Mrs. Jones was putting the plates on the table.

"Great, dinner and a show!" I say entering the room and walking up to Ana placing a soft kiss on her cheek. I can see the blush filling up around her cheeks. "That'll be all Mrs. Jones," I say excusing her. I could tell Ana was very nervous now.

"How was your day, Christian?" Ana asks as she sits down in her spot sipping on her wine. She was also pushing her food around on her plate.

"It was long! I settled a couple of accounts, you know just the usual mergers and all," I say as if nothing was wrong with what I did.

"Just another day at the office than!" she says quietly. I have finally had it, her uneasiness was bothering me.

"What's the matter Ana?" I question. She has tears forming in her eyes. Oh no, this must be bad, hundreds of things flash through my mind.

"I'm pregnant," she whispers and I almost don't catch it. No I missed what she just said, but angry Christian didn't miss it.

"What did you just say?" I say angry as hell as I let my fork clatter down to my plate. I was beyond livid and she has the nerves to cry. What the hell was she thinking? Scratch that she wasn't thinking at all.

"I'm pregnant," she barely whispers as if she is trying to decide if it was the right thing to do by telling me. I was livid mad as hell. All I wanted to do right now was to take her to the playroom and beat the shit out of her.

"How could you be so stupid, get rid of it," I roar as I grab my wine glass and chug all of the sweet wine down, trying to quench the fire building up in my heart. I think time froze as we sat there.

"What are you saying, Christian?" Ana asks hoarsely visibly shaken by my words.

"I don't want it!" I say as I slam the wine glass in my hand back down to the table, very surprised that it didn't shatter upon impact. Without really thinking I am jumping to my feet roughly allowing the chair to fall backwards on the floor landing with a thud. I am right next her pulling on her arm to get her to her feet. I needed her out of the house before I really hurt her, so I am pushing her toward the door, but feel her pushing back at me to stop me from moving her.

"Get out! Get the hell out of my house!" I scream at her. I am stunned that this is me. This is the real Christian Grey, the cold hearted monster. I was allowing my anger to push me to fuel my hatred for the woman crying hysterical in front of me.

"Are you serious?" I hear her ask barely speaking the words, without answering her I just stare at her.

"Taylor!" I yell. Taylor appears coming out of his office.

"Mr. Grey," he asks carefully keeping eye contact with me.

"Take, Mrs. Grey to her apartment," I say coldly maybe even a little icy. Yes the monster that has been hidden from view is happy, he is rejoicing with the current situation unfolding.

"What? Christian I'm your wife. You're not serious are you?" she asks, slowly sinking to her knees. It takes all of my will power not to bend down and strike her for being so weak. Yes she needed to leave before something happened to her.

"Taylor, now!" I order. Taylor comes over to her and she begins to squirm and fit with him. She is no match to him as he quickly and carefully picks her up and carries her out of the apartment. I sink to the ground collapsing in a heap as I know Ana will never forgive me for doing this to her, but at least I knew she was safe from me. I would die a thousand times if I hurt her, but wasn't I hurting her right now. Angry Christian pushes that thought from my mind as I wallow in my anger.

**********************Fifty Shades Shattered**********************