Ana has just come into my office in only a way that she can. I know something was on her mind, but for some reason she collapses in one of the chairs in front of me after looking over my desk. She looks like she just saw something horrible. I don't know what to do, but get up and walk around to her.

"Ana, are you alright? You look like you have seen a ghost!" I say trying to gage her reaction.

"Really, you are so observant Mr. Grey," she snaps at me pushing me away from her.

"Ana," I gasp as she shoves me out of her way and tries to make it to the door. I reach around her and pull her back to me.

"Let me go, you bastard," she yells and snatches her arm away from me causing her to lose her balance and begin to fall. I quickly move around to catch her.

"What the hell is your problem?" I snap at her as she sits crying on the ground with me seated right next to her.

"You are my problem. I have done everything in my power to be what you wanted and yet it isn't enough for you. Why haven't you had the balls to tell me yourself instead of letting me see the papers on your desk?" she yells at me hitting me in the chest. I just bring her closer to me until she calms down a little bit. What was I doing before she walked in? Shit, divorce papers!

"Oh, Ana," I say softly bringing her out arms length. She whimpers a little at the lost of contact and tries to move back into my chest.

"No, I can't do this right now," she sobs. I keep my arms tight around her.

"There not ours," I say bringing her head back to look me in the eyes.

"What?" she gasps.

"The divorce papers aren't ours. Ana I may not remember everything, but deep down I know you are the only one for me. The papers were Linc's and Elena's. I am trying to help build a case to sue him for hurting me. I am going over all the information of his and Elena's since they filed for divorce to see if they were working together or he was acting on his own," I say bring my lips crashing down into hers. Her lips were so soft and plump from her crying. Oh I just loved her lips so much. I could just imagine it being like heaven when I am buried deep within her body. Shit! I am getting aroused just by thinking of her like that. I mean it isn't I crime we are married.

It's the first time I have allowed myself to touch her in any romantic way since I was shot. I mean we haven't even slept with each other since then. I do have needs, but I wanted to make sure that there was some normality with us before I jumped right back into bed with her. I wasn't expecting to force my hand this soon, but I couldn't let her think I didn't want her.

"Christian, please," she moans against my lips. I push my hand up to rub her cheek and shake my head.

"I want to Ana, but I am just not ready yet," I say softly kissing her forehead.

"I understand," she mumbles. I laugh knowing full well she isn't too happy about this at all.

"Boy, I created a sex monster in you didn't I," I murmur into her hair. I receive a small giggle from her.

"You have taught me several enjoyable sex activities," she says with a smile.

"I will have to have you show me them sometime," I say beginning to stand up and reach for her hand. She sits back at the desk and spends the rest of the afternoon looking through the paperwork that's scattered all over my desk. At 5:30 I call down for Taylor to get the car ready to head home, while Ana puts the papers in a pile for me and place them in a file.

The drive home was done in silence, but Ana was sitting beside me with her hands in mine. I knew there was still some tension, but everything seemed fine. When we walked into the house we were greeted by two very questionable faces. The look on the kids' faces as we walked in was priceless. I guess they hadn't seen us this way in a while, so surprise was an understatement.

"Daddy, you know what we did in school today," Grace asks at the dinner table.

"No, sweetie what did you do today in school." I ask.

"We learned how to add numbers," she says very proudly. Ana laughs at the statement and then turns to me with a look of hope in her eyes. Yes, things were getting back to normal for us. We might not be the same couple that got married five years ago, but we survived a life of hell to come out to where we are today.

************************Fifty Shades Shattered******************


Things have been so good tonight, but I needed to tell him about our intruder. I wonder how I should tell him because I don't know how he will take the new information. He was so excited about it when I first told him, but then again this Christian is sometimes hard to face. I decide to go to his study and knock on the door.

"Come in," he snaps seeming a little agitated. I clumsily walk through the door stumbling over my own feet just like I did the first time I meet him when I interviewed him for Kate.

"Now that seems familiar you tripping over your feet as you enter my office, that's how we first met. You interviewed me for your friend. She was sick, I think," he says a little amused. All I can do is look down at me feet and blush.

"You are correct as always Mr. Grey," I say smiling. I walk toward him holding the sonogram photo in my hand.

"Ana, I know something is on your mind, just spill it," he says softly.

"How would you feel with expanding our family?" I question measuring him up.

"I would like to, but Ana right now isn't the right time with all that is going on. I mean I would love to in the future, but it's just going to be very busy with Linc's trial and then I am still working with Flynn to remember as much as I can. I don't want to bring an innocent child into the mix right now," he says cutting me straight to the heart. I guess I am going to be hurt no matter what. So I stand up and toss the photo on top of his desk.

"Well it's too bad Grey, I am due in 4 months. I wish that you had come outside that day instead of entering the damn house. This would never have happened. You wouldn't have lost our life together and our family wouldn't be suffering this crap right now," I yell lashing out at him again as I leave his office.

I head upstairs to the master bedroom and sit down on the bed twisting my hands in my lap. Shit! He doesn't want another child well that is just too bad. I hadn't told anyone that I was pregnant and luckily when I was sedated in the hospital Dr. Greene made sure to keep the information out of Grace's hands or she would have made sure I was taking better care of myself. I decide a hot shower is what I needed more than anything. I head into the bathroom and strip out of my clothes turning on the water I step in the shower and let it cascade down all over me.

The shower felt empty without Christian in it with me. I got caught up in a day dream of him rubbing his hands up and down my body as he washed me. I felt a tight pulling feeling in my stomach, but I just continued to pretend he was pinching and flicking my nipples which were very sore. I moved one hand down my stomach and into my thighs. I rubbed my clitoris pushing my fingers in and out until I felt myself coming. I quickly braced myself against the tile wall to keep myself from falling. I felt naughty playing with myself like that, but my husband won't touch me and I needed some release.

As I turned off the shower water I had a bad feeling that something was wrong, but wasn't expecting the smirk that was waiting for me on the opposite side of the shower door. I felt like I wanted to fall off the bridge into the darkness with the look on Christian's face. He knew exactly what I had just down in the shower. Shit!

"Do you feel much better?" he questions as he passes me a towel. I take it from him and swat it back at him not the least bit amused.

"Is there some reason you are in here," I snap a little bit harsher than I should have.

"I came to apologize to you. I know you probably already told me about the baby and well I didn't react the way I should have, but at least I am not tossing you out this time," he says smiling.

"You remember that," I ask slapping him.

"Yes, as soon as you walked out of the office it came back to me," he says with pain in his voice.

"Christian, I don't like arguing…" but I am cut off by his lips crashing upon mine smoldering me up against the counter. I try to push him away, but he holds me firmly against him.

"I almost lost it when I came in here and heard you moaning in the shower, it took all of my will power to stand by and watch you do that," he says as he takes a breath before attacking my lips once again. I let my towel go and run my hands through his hair. I hear his breath hitch as the towel drops to the floor.

"Oops," I whisper biting my lip.

"Anastasia, you know what that does to me," he hisses as he rubs his groin against my heat. I am so hot right now. He starts to pull away from me and I know if he does I will break down, especially since I am totally naked. I reach around his neck and lock my fingers together behind his head. He gives a slight chuckle.

*************Fifty Shades Shattered***************