I am in awe of the woman before me. I take a moment to just look at her; she is beautiful in every way. She has a few scars that line her stomach and upper thighs, but beautiful none the less. I can see a small bump, but my eyes linger on her breasts. They are so pert and lush, that I could just eat them up.

"Like what you see," she asks as I flick one with my finger getting a gasp from her.

"Yes, very much," I groan into her mouth as I go back to kissing her lips. I pick her up and carry her to our bed. Yes, the bed in which she had been sleeping in alone for quite some time was our bed. I don't think I could ever find a woman like her to share my bed. I gently lie her down on the bed and watch as her breathing starts to hitch.

"Christian," she gasps as I remove my shirt. Her eyes linger on my chest. I am self conscious and cover up my body to hind the scars that have haunted me for so long. I feel her soft skin rub up against mine as she snakes her arms around my waist and hug me to her. Her head is resting on my stomach. Her fingers are quick at removing my belt and working their way to removing my pants. I reach down to stop her.

"Please," I whisper pulling her hands in mine. She looks up into my eyes.

"I need you, Christian I need my husband," she says as she goes back to my pants. I feel them go down my thighs and then gather around my feet. She stands up and grabs my hand in her. I am now sitting on the bed in my boxers and she is standing between my legs with her hands on either side of my thighs. She looks nervous for a moment before she pulls the waistband of my boxers down and releases my manhood. I watch her eyes light up brightly.

Her eyes move from mine to my manhood and then she startles me as she wraps her warm hands around my shaft and begins pumping up and down. It's hard to keep quiet and I let out a couple moans as I arch my back and almost fall backwards, but I wanted to watch her. As I feel the slick moisture escaping her mouth is on the tip lapping up the moisture as she takes the fullness in her mouth in and out. I almost lose it right there, but want to embed this memory in my head. The sight of this beauty giving me a blow job is just so arousing and so intoxicating.

"I'm going to come," I grit through my teeth and she bites down slightly and it sends me over and I let it all loose in her mouth. I am flying high as she licks the last of the cum off. Then moves closer to me, and places her hand over my heart. I let it rest there trying real hard not to flinch at her gentle touch, but the feeling seems so foreign to me. I think she senses the hesitation in me and moves to straddle me moving her hands to grip my shoulder a safe zone.

"Is this alright," she asks looking into my eyes. I find it hard not to be memorized by her greenish eyes that seem to sparkle and glisten with unshed tears.

"Yes, it's more than alright," I say capturing her bottom lip as she begins to bite on it. I flip us over and hover just above her.

"Why are you smirking," she asks a little bothered.

"I can see just how hot you look from this view point," I say catching her hand as she tries to swat at me. I bring it and the other over her head and pin them down. "No touching tonight," I say as I tease her a little bit receiving a moan and her arching her hips to gain me. I laugh because she is a sight to behold.

"Christian, this isn't fair. I need you," she moans as I move one hand to her breast and squeeze it. She moans and arches again. I take it she likes it so as I enter her I take turns nipping and biting on her already pert and pink nipples. She is trying to meet me thrust for thrust, but I want to relish the sensation of being inside her. I can feel how perfect we fit together.

"Let it go, "I say as I feel her clinching and trying to hold herself off from coming.

"Let's do it together," she moans as I see how hard she is fighting to keep it off. I give several quick and fast thrusts as I feel myself let loose; I feel her slip off the edge of reason. I hold her to me as she comes down from her total high.

"Wow," I say as I kiss her forehead.

"Christian, I missed you," she says as I see the unshed tears slipping from her eyes. She squeezes them shut to try to stop them, but I just kiss her each time one falls.

"I missed you too," I say honestly as we slip into a nice sleep. I wake up looking at the clock and see that its 6 am. I marveled at the thought that I slept the whole night without a nightmare. Oh my god! I think as I fall off the bed brining Ana with me. I reach for my head as it starts to hurt worse than anything I have ever felt before.

**************Fifty Shades Shattered*******************


Oh my god! Christian and I made love last night. I am totally high as a kite as I feel him beginning to move. I don't know what went on or happened, but now I am lying over him on the floor watching as he is clutching his head.

"Christian," I whisper. He puts one hand over my mouth and tries to open his eyes, but removes his hand quickly and tries to wrap a pillow around his head. It must be sound or something troubling with his head.

I stand up quickly and grab a robe from the chair and head to the kitchen in search of Taylor or Sawyer. I see Taylor talking to Sophie at the counter.

"Taylor, call an ambulance or Grace," I shout as I run toward my daughter. She was just about to slip on the floor.

"Ana, what's wrong," he questions in full on bodyguard mode.

"Christian is hurt. It's….. I don't know," I mutter. I am so lost that I don't know what is going on. I watch as everyone around me springs into action. Taylor runs off to check on Christian, Sawyer comes in talking on the phone and Gail is taking me back to my room. I am still in a daze as my mother-in-law comes into the room to check Christian over. I have gotten dressed somehow and sitting in the oversized arm chair by the window.

"Ana," she says as she comes over to me. I don't even look toward her.

"Dr. Grey," Taylor says as he moves beside her.

"I don't know what to say, they both seem to have shut down. Christian probably from a headache from what you described to me as I came into her and Ana due to shock," she says flashing a light into my eyes.

"So should either of them be taken into the hospital," he asks as he turns off the bedside light.

"No, I think it's best if they just rest right now. I'll stay here to help with the kids and I can check in with them often," she says as she tucks a loose hair behind my ear.

"I will move Mrs. Grey to the bed," Taylor says as I feel him putting his arm under my legs and then lift me up from the chair. Before I know it I am lying beside Christian under the covers and I move myself closer to him.

"I guess she knows where she wants to be," Taylor says probably smirking.

"Right where she belongs," Grace says as they leave the room. I let my mind wonder over the events of the night and this morning. I just can't lose Christian. I don't know how long I was in the bed, but when I open my eyes I feel someone staring at me. I look up to see the intense grey eyes of my husband.

"Christian," I say before he engulfs my lips with his. There is so much passion and lust pouring into the kiss.

"Ana, darling, I have missed you so much," Christian says as he pulls me closer to him.

"You're scaring me," I say moving my hands up and down his chest. I notice at once that he isn't flinching away from my touch.

*************Fifty Shades Shattered***************