One shot. Slightly AU because I needed the sun and moon to be normal, not the creepy ones they have in Soul Eater XD Enjoy!

I got this idea from another fanfic I read that was saying blackstar was the sun and tsubaki was the moon. :3

Note: Slightly OOC for BlackStar.

BlackStar and Tsubaki walked through the streets of Death City, silent for once. They were half-illuminated by the moon, nothing more. Tsubaki looked over at her meister, who was unusually quiet, staring into the sky with an intensity he usually saved for battle. Her brow furrowed; confused. What was bothering him?

He suddenly tugged them to a stop, his head swivelling to look at hers. The blue haired boy's face was pulled into a deep frown.

"Hey Tsubaki, look at the sky." She complied, craning her neck back to look at the night sky. Everything looked normal to her.

"What is it BlackStar? Is something wrong?" BlackStar shook his head and pointed to the moon.

"That's me, I'm a God so I'm the biggest and awesomest." Tsubaki heard the meister's familiar cockiness leaking into his voice and she pressed her fingers to her lips in an attempt to hold down the smile that flitted onto her face. "And all those stars are other people at the DWMA. Some are brighter than others."

"Okay, and where am I?" She asked, biting her lip. BlackStar turned to her, his eyes shining earnestly.

"You're the sun, the biggest star of them all!"

The raven haired girl's eyes widened in surprise at his statement. BlackStar, calling someone else a big star? She said this to him, and his answer was not the one she was expecting.

"The moon reflects the sun's light. The only reason it shines at all is because the sun is so bright. Without it, the moon would be nothing." He shrugged, slightly embarassed, and Tsubaki's eyes pricked with tears at her meister's unexpected heartfelt words.

"Hey, don't cry!" He cried, his tanned hands grabbed her shoulders worriedly and green eyes looked into violet ones. "I'm sorry if I said something wrong, I didn't mean it that way..."

The weapon laughed shakily and wiped her eyes. "No, it's not that. I'm just happy." A deep blush dusted her cheeks a rosy pink as she tried to pull out of BlackStar's grip, but he wouldn't let her go.

BlackStar looked at her thoughtfully, his warm, calloused fingers stroking the pale skin of her bare shoulders absentmindedly and causing something deep within her to clench almost-painfully. Suddenly, the blunette leant forward and placed a chaste kiss on Tsubaki's surprised lips, before he leapt away and shouted in triumph.


As BlackStar ran off, energy renewed, Tsubaki stayed under the light of the moon and hesitantly touched her mouth. It tingled with the energy of the simple kiss. Suddenly, a hand grabbed hers.

"C'mon, c'mon, let's go!" She laughed and allowed herself to be lead away by her meister into the night.

His hand never left hers.

very short and (hopefully) very sweet :3 thanks for reading, and have a lovely day C: i do requests! please r&r if you liked it :))