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I walked towards the couch in just a pair of pants with a plain navy shirt and socks. I've avoided Katniss for the past three day and tomorrow we'll be working on interviews. But today is the day the tributes will know what score they got. I worry about Katniss and I hate it. I tried to get her out of my head, I tried telling myself that she unless, she's a rat but I end up telling myself that I'm stupid that Katniss is everything I've never had. I have to refrain myself from spearing Cato in the neck when I even see him undressing Katniss with his eyes. And with Lover boy…I just want the fucker dead. He could never love Katniss the way I could.

"Marvel it's starting." Glimmer told me like we was already talking to me, I just rolled my eyes. God why does Cato have to let Glimmer join the pack, he wants to screw Katniss anyways so why is he still fucking Glimmer?! That's the only reason she's in anyways, Clove doesn't even want her in the pack just as much as I do, Cato tells me he can't stand Glimmer either. I don't get the asshole…he has a thing for Katniss then why is he screwing Glimmer…maybe he's pretending that Glimmer's Katniss while he's doing it. That sounds close…yeah, because when he's not showing off he's looking at Katniss. And if he thinks the looks aren't noticed by anyone…HA my ass, Clove looks at him like he's an idiot, all the tributes know, while besides Glimmer but that's not the case! I cannot wait until the games and the careers break up.

"Marvel Hinder scored a 9." Caesar said as my pictured showed up on the screen and the number 9. That's an okay score, I could get a good number of sponsors but it could've been better, then Glimmer started laughing at me. "You scored a 9" she told me and then her score turned out to be a 6, causing me to turn my head and smile sweetly at her.

"You're the one to talk Shimmer, a 6? HA, my grandmother could've done better then that." I told her causing her to glare at me and cross her arms. "The truth hurts doesn't sweetie." I told her before Cato's score came up, a 10... Of course and the same with Clove. Maybe Glimmer will be kicked off of the career pack because of that 6. The tributes went by fast until district 11 when the little girl got an 8 I busted out laughing making Glimmer hit me on the head but that didn't stop me. "A 12 year old girl from 11 got a higher score than you did, that's hysterical." I told her before 12 came up. I managed to clam down after Lover Boy's score. I focused my eyes on Katniss' picture, my mouth dropped when an 11 showed up…an 11...SHE SCORED AN 11 IN TRAINING! I wasn't mad, just shocked, maybe we should just screw what District she's from and have her a part of the career pack. Wouldn't Cato just love that.

"A RAT FROM 12 SCORED HIGHER THEN ME!" Glimmer shirked causing me to hold me ears in pain. I then heard screaming and crashes on the second floor. Wow, Thing 1 and 2 from 2 must be furious that a girl from 12 out did them. Hearing the noises from Cato and Clove and Glimmer's bitching my head started to hurt. I closed my eyes and rubbed my temples not working.

"WILL YOU STOP YOUR BITCHING!" I yelled at Glimmer causing her to shut up. "You're net even that great with weapons anyways so I wouldn't be surprised if you get kicked out of the pack from that shitty score you got. And you went to a training center." I said to her before I rolled my head. "You know what…I'm done with your bullshit, if anyone cares I'll be in my damn room and away from you. I'll just have dinner in my room, I'll see you guys tomorrow morning." I told them as I got up and walked into the hallway and opened the door to my room. When I closed it I walked to my bed and let myself fall onto it enjoying the soft mattress. I closed my eyes and just like my thoughts drift, every time they would go to Katniss I would change it to something else. But the more I would do it the more and more it went back to Katniss.

"I'm wrong about dropping it about her, it's more than a crush…it turned into a like, what's next…obsession. Will I be like Cato?" I asked myself as I looked up to the ceiling. I just took a deep breathe before I just tried to go to sleep, I'll just get double the portions in the morning, tomorrow's going to be a long day anyways so might as well start sleeping now.