"ichigo"came a voice that belonged to doctor aizen sokestue. ichigo and the rest of his family had all been talked to seperatly about his mother. ichigo

loved the woman. to ichigo she was the god he beleived in. "im sorry to say this ichigo but... your mother is dead."aizen said with a small hint of

saddness."w-wha thats impossible" ichigo whispered to mainly him self.'this can be this just cant be' ichigo kept thinking to himself since his father came

to bring him to the car.' ichigo hadnt smiled ever since. that was four years ago. now ichigo was fifteen going on sixteen. ichigo had moved to a new town

after his mothers death but now that they finished unpacking in the house that used to be litten up by his mothers smile that never faltered. now it all

seemed like a distant memmorie.

"ichigo its time for school"Karin ichigo's younger black haired sister said to him as he watched yuzu drag their father away to the car. "kay" was all ichigo

ever replyed to any yes or no awnswers. as they pulled up to kurahha high school ichigo noticed that most had the same colored hair. usualy black and

brown hair. as ichigo stepped out of the car and walked in to the building he looked around himself and noticed all the students wore uniforms. they all

had white blouse like shirts and the boys wore grey pants and the girls wore grey skirts. once ichigo reached the office he passed a tall boy with dark

brown hair light brown eyes and had very dark skin. is shoulders were broad and he was very mucilar. "hello you must be the new boy." the kid said to

ichigo in a very quiet voice. " i guess so" ichigo said in a small reply. "im chad, sado chad."said chad who held out his hand sheepishly. "im ichigo" ichigo

replyed and took chads hand and shook it. "im supposed to show you around the school"chad said and handed ichigo a piece of paper with his name on

it."its your schedule"chad said. "we have only one class apart" chad added "well at least i now kinda know some one." ichigo said in a small tone." yeah but by

the end of the day you'll know alot more" chad said with a hint of relief. " i'm not so sure about that" ichigo whispered with a hint of dispare in his voice.

as chad walked ichigo to his first class:after ichigo changed in to his uniform in the boys bathroom stall:when chad opened the door and walked in ichigo

hesitated a bit.' i cant do this again' he thought to was soon pulling ichigo through the door as the teacher announced his arrival."everyone this is Mr.

ichigo kurosaki his last school was serenity high." the teacher announced as more that half the room gasped. serenity was a school for crazy people or

psycho's. it also contained people with special ability's. "any one want to ask ichigo a question?" the teacher asked the class. at that everyone raised

their hand. "pick one ichigo" the teacher spoke to ichigo now and ichigo just nodded. "hmm you" he pointed to a boy with medium length hair that was

brown "ok i'm kegio and i wanted to know why you were there?"asked kegio. "well i was sent there five times what time do you want to know bout?"

ichigo asked him. he answered with" how bout all of them." ."well the first was because my father thought i was kinda went insane after my mother died .

cuz i would never smile i didn't talk much and because i just didn't like him. the second reason was because i started to have symptoms of a person

developing multiple personality's the third was when i started getting violent. the fourth time was after my brother died and i just didn't do anything." he

he pointed to a girl with long Orangish brown hair to ask her question."well i'm inoue and i wanted to know what is it like there?' at that alot of hands

dropped. " its very different from a psychiatric unit we are all put in different rooms and we can leave unless we can over come our reason for being

there." he replyed i'm a tone that said not to press that subject. then he pointed to a petite girl with black hair. "i'm rukia and you only gave four

reasons"she pointed out. "the fifth reason would not be believable to you all." ichigo replyed in a tone that hid everything. then he pointed to the last

hand raised. it belonged to a man with bright blue hair and eyes to match"i'm grimmjow and i wanted ta know if your signal and if so would ya like to go

on a date some time" grimmjow said bluntly. " yes i'm signal, and no i will not go on a date with you... anyone else want to ask any thing?' ichigo kept his

face straight and showed no emotion to the boys question." i'm nel and i wanted to know what your term scores?" asked a girl with long sea foam green

hair and a large chest. " my term score for math is 560 for English it was 497 for science it was 632 and for extracurricular activity's it was 1028."ichigo

said nostalgically. when ichigo met chad for lunch he was introduced to a group of people that ichigo could get used to. He never would forget them eather.