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Turning Point


Finally that stupid Blossom is gone. Thinks she's all perfect, thinks she's all that. Her world is going to fall apart soon.

" You have a visitor. 3 minutes, " the Officer says.

That's all I need. I walk to the visitor area.

" Why you call us here?" They question. " Is it about the girls?"

" It's time to stop playing games," Mojo says from the jail. " We can't let things continue like they have. Their full abilities will kick in soon and when they do we'll have no way to stop them,"

" So what do you want us to do?"

" Kill the powerpuff girls...at all cost- the wager...30 million dollars,"

" But they're guarded by those boys, they're special too, what if they get in the way,"

" I wouldn't worry about the boys, they'll learn to stand for the right side," Mojo grin


I let out a scream! So loud I'm pretty sure it might've been half of what I heard yesterday. I push him off me and scrambled away. My eyeballs narrowing like darts at his direction. My hands automatically clenching. Only one thought registered in my head. Butch lips had been on my own. His lips…his lips. Next thing I know my fist is already flying across his face. He blocks it.

" How dare you!"

" That was an accident," Butch blocks my next moved.

" But it's like you kissed me!" I protest.

" What?" all of a sudden he starts to laugh.

" Trust me if I had wanted to kiss you, or if that was even a kiss you would know it. That wasn't a kiss,"

Maybe the fact that it really wasn't a kissed should've made me feel better. But it didn't. I was getting angrier.

" It was still lip to lip contact!" I yell back.

" With no affection to it. Take it as a friendly gesture," he yells back.

A moment passes and I continue glaring at him. Why was I so angry that he didn't consider that a kiss? I should be disgusted that his lips had touched mine. Yet that's not the reason why I'm angry. I glance down. It couldn't be because I enjoyed it.

" Wait…are you angry because that I didn't really kiss you?" the corner of his lips twitch into a smirk." You wanted to be kissed."

" As if!" I grumble, yanking both my hands away. I walk away, not bothering turning back at all. I push my way pass the crowd who gathered to watch our little episode. Footsteps echoing behind me.

" Admit it, you wanted to be kissed Buttercup," Butch walks next to me.

" Why would I want that?!" I yell back, but didn't turn around.

My face felt hot for no reason.

" Beats me. Maybe you couldn't resist. I'm after all very attractive," he smirks. " It's not the first time a girl has gone crazy over me."


" Butch! Shut up! Before I swear I will break that oh-so-pretty face of yours!"

" One last question-have you ever been kissed before Buttercup?"

He was still enjoying this.

" Of course I have!-," I abruptly stop, remembering the last boy I ever cared for…-I don't say anything anymore even though I know Butch is looking at me.

My anger is being replaced with hurt.

" Buttercup?"

Quickly I snap out of it. I don't want to let Butch see me break.

" I'm going for a run! Don't follow me!" I warn before bolting into sprint. Thank God he really doesn't follow me. Once I'm in a reasonable distance, I slow down. I remember my first boyfriend oh too well. That bastard broke my heart. I can't trust a boy anymore because of him. A tear escapes me. I wipe it away, furiously. Nobody else will hurt me like that ever again. Falling in love is for children anyway. I try to calm down my thoughts, but they return to this morning. It was already awkward enough that I had been curled up next to him, but even worse that his lips had definitely been on mine for a moment. I wonder slightly what would've happen if he had kissed me…how would that feel like? Ugh like I care! It's a good thing he didn't kiss me, even if I sort of tinsy bit felt something when his lips connected with my own-what is wrong with me! UGH!.


After what happened yesterday thing haven't exactly been the same. I wonder even if I had dreamt it all. Never in my life had I seen such a thing. What was it…

" Yo Boomer! Have you seen Butch?" Brick comes in the room.

" Nope, not since yesterday morning," I answer.

Brick frowns. " I heard some weird stuff happening yesterday. Hope Butch didn't get in trouble," Brick sighs.

" Knowing him, he probably did,"…."What kind of weird stuff?"

" I mean the whole loud shriek sound wave and-at night while I was still out with Blossom at the jail a whole bunch of people were going to an alley because apparently there was a huge street fight."

So he did hear the sound wave. I just shrug. A sudden knock came to the door. I went to open it. The moment I do Blossom burst in.

" Where's my sister?"

" Bubbles? Isn't she here?" I frown. Had something happened to Bubbles?

" No, Buttercup," Blossom turns to Brick accusingly.

" Why are you asking us Bloss?" he calmly replies.

" I told you not to-never mind just tell me where my sister is. She's been gone since yesterday morning and I've noticed Butch has also been gone," Blossom explains, her hands crossing in front of her.

" Did you ask Bubbles?" I ask her.

" Bubbles has been pretty edgy since yesterday, when I went to ask her, she sort of covered her mouth and walked away," now Blossom eyes are narrowing at me. As if I had something to do with that.

" Um. I think I'll go look for her," I step out, leaving Brick to handle Blossom.

By now I had a fairly good idea where she could be. I step in the place where she had all her pets. I hear talking…

" So..I sort of spilled out the scream. It wasn't supposed to happen. I wasn't sure- Oh I did a big mistake Mr. Ken,"

Mr. Ken? Isn't that the name of one of her hamsters? I peak in, my mouth flying open as I realize the hamster started squeaking back at her. She nods at him as if she understood. I saw the hamster turn to me, it started squeaking faster.

" Huh? Someone is here…," Bubbles turns around to find me watching.

She gasp. " Oh please! Please! Please don't tell anyone about this-or what happened yesterday!" Bubbles in that instant truly look panicked.

I still couldn't process it. Was she honestly having a conversation with that hamster? I stumble back.

" Did you just-," I stagger back.

She reaches for me. " Boomer are you okay?"

" I'm not sure..-,"

" I know what you're thinking. Just calm down. Mr. Ken watch him for me while I go get water-,"

The hamster squeak a reply.

The next thing I know I pass out.


" I don't know where your sister is okay! To tell you the truth I was going to go look for my brother before you came," I answer her honestly.

Blossom believes Butch did something to her. I doubt Butch would do anything to Buttercup, from what I've heard that girl is as tough as nails.

Blossom frowns. " I'm going to go look for them, are you coming?"

I'm really surprise by her asking, that I almost let out a gasp myself.

" You want me to come with you?"

" Don't flatter yourself I only ask because you're looking for your brother too-," Blossom quickly corrects.

I sigh.

" Here I was thinking you're starting to enjoy my company," I mumble with a slight smile.

" Are you coming with me or not?" Blossom ignores my tease.

I wish she would lighten up, instead of giving me a hard time all the time. " Hold up. I'm going to get my things," I reply wondering slightly where I put my cap. I finally do see it, over by where Blossom is sitting waiting for me.

" Pass me that," I tell her.

She does, but not before staring at me curiously.

" What?" I'm now wondering if I had something in my face. Had I forgot to wipe some milk from my mouth?

" Why exactly do you wear a cap all the time? Your hair color is not so different from my own. It might look better if you took your cap off from time to time," she says, her eyes locking on my own.

I take my cap from her hands.

" Or maybe the real reason you wear this is to hide yourself from the rest of the world,"

" How would you know?" I didn't mean for the words to come out harsher than I meant them too, but they did.

Blossom is taken aback. A mistake. I shouldn't have acted so defensive before. That will only rise suspicions.

" Are we leaving or what?" I tuck the cap over my head.

"You know how yesterday Mojo told us something about how I should watch out, I'm starting to think he didn't mean it for me. He was telling you to watch out. What relationship do you have with Mojo?"


" Hello Mojo," Blossom was a pro at this, she calmly sat down across him.

I just stood behind her. Mojo eyes went to me.

" Still laying the protective getup I see," he told me, ignoring Blossom.

" Excuse me Mojo Jojo, but I would love to talk to you," Blossom intervened.

Mojo sighs.

" Of course you do-," he mumbles. " What do you want?"

" I want to know exactly what happened back at the house! What were you looking for?" Blossom cuts straight to the chase.

Mojo laughs shortly. " You girls really should find out what your dad's business. Or perhaps-maybe the Professor," he teases.

My attention now drew completely on him.

" Leave the professor out of this," Blossom instantly protected him. I frown, thinking about the conversation I had with the professor. It obvious there's a secret he won't tell his precious little girls.

" Leaving the professor out of this is like leaving a puzzle unfinished. Not that I'm on Steve's side either, but the professor side isn't mine any longer," he mumbles angrily now.

Huh? Had Mojo and the Professor been partners before.

" What were you looking for Mojo!"

" You very existence to eliminate. I know a shot would only harm you, not kill you-but ah..it was worth the shot," Mojo shrugs.

Okay self check. Mojo hates the girls. Apparently he likes me, hates professor, unsure about Steve.

" I think we are done for today," Blossom stood up and was just about to leave when Mojo mumbled.

" You better watch out, it won't be all about you anymore."

We stepped out but his eyes had remained on me as we walk away I can tell Blossom was calculating, trying to make sense of it all when a loud sound wave escaped.

" Um. We're cool with each other I guess," I answer Blossom previous question.

Blossom nods. " I don't like it, something about Mojo makes me wonder why he hates me so much. I thought maybe the reason was my dad, but now I'm not so sure."


I grab a glass of water and napkin. Just as I was about to come outside, I see Butch show up. Judging by his face he was in a good mood, but he was covered in bruises. Butch isn't that big, but he still kind of scares me…

" Um…Butch," I decide to talk to him. After all if BC can handle him why should I be so afraid of him. He stops.

" Yeah,"

" Wasn't Buttercup with you? Blossom and Brick went looking for you two just now," I say.

" She was. She'll be here any minute….what about my lil bro? Where's he at?"

"Oh! Um..he's with me…-well not technically with me at this moment- I mean he's helping me take care of my animals," I stammer.

Butch nods before leaving to the house. Phew… What I didn't tell him was that Boomer was passed out. I let out a sigh. I can't believe he heard me talking to Mr. Ken. I was so sure no one would be around to hear me. On the other hand maybe he can think it was all some illusion. My other secret has been exposed, but maybe I can still fix this one. I place the water down and hurry to Boomer. He was still out of it.

" All right let's see how heavy you are Boomer," I attempt to lift him up. I fail on the first try. I try again I finally having the success of slinging him up. He was much heavier than I thought. I start to make my way towards the house quickly. I dodge servants and my step-mom. Finally I come to my room. Almost there..ugh…heavy! I then just dropped both of us on my bed, exhausted. That exactly when BC comes in.

" I need to borrow your make up kit," she stops when she sees me.

Boomer's arm still not tangled with me. Oops. Crudcakes!-

" Bubbles!" Buttercup yells.

I instantly stood up.

" This is not what it looks like-he-I-where were you?"

" Then what does it look like? What is he doing in your bed?"

" Taking a little siesta," I innocently reply while she glares at me. " What happened to you! Your all covered in bruises!"

She decides not to answer.

" I just need your make up kit. Don't tell Blossom any of this, all right Bubbles,"

I nod. " As long as you keep my secret," I point to Boomer.

Buttercup arches an eyebrow.

" I don't want to know," she mumbles before retreating to get my make up kit.

What the hey does Buttercup think I'm doing? I glance back at Boomer. Hmm…now that I look at him more closely he sure has long eyelashes. I giggle. He is pretty cute...a moment later he wakes up, sits up unexpectedly, wondering what he was doing in my room.

" Good you're up!" I grin, startling him.

" What- What am I doing here? What happen?"

" You…," I don't like to lie, but telling him the truth won't help me.. " You fell. Passed out, bonk your head. But it's all better now just relax," I say patting him lightly on the back.

"All I remember was-," he glances at me suspiciously.

" What?" I ask with an innocent smile.

" Nothing," He replies touching his forehead.


I wince as I clean the last of my cuts. Thinking about this morning made me smirk. I admit teasing Buttercup about the kiss was just too much fun. Too bad Boomer and Brick are gone, they'd have a kick of it. I came out my room. I haven't seen Boomer around so I guess he's still with Bubbles.

" Hey! You!"

The weird step-mother calls.

I turn and force myself to say. " Yes Ma'am,"

She raises an eyebrow when she sees me. A slight smile plays across her lips.

" Buttercup is giving you such a challenge huh?"

I don't say anything.

" I just want to tell you that your brothers and you can take the day off,"

That took me by surprise . I thought bodyguard duty is 24/7. " Sure," I answer, the lingering feeling of something not right.

" Excellent-," another sheer looking smile appear, before she turns around and leaves. Crazy lady, I think as I wait until she disappears completely. So I guess no bodyguard duty today. Sweet. I can catch up in some Modern Warfare 3.

Buttercup passes quickly through the kitchen. She stops abruptly when she sees me. She shot me a glare and walk away. I can't help it, a laugh manages to escape. I can hear Buttercup grumbling from a distance.

Apparently having the day off is nothing but BORING! I kept waiting for Brick to return and I had no freaking idea where Boomer is. I kept walking around the house. Maybe I can find more information about Steve…-constantly I kept crossing paths with Buttercup. Every time I see her, a smirk would come across my face. It would only anger her more, but she kept her distance from me as much as possible. So I thought-Ah what the hell, why not mess with Buttercup. There's nothing else to do anyways.- I purposely follow her as she slumps into the living room couch.

" Don't you have something better to do than bother me?" Buttercup grumbles, her arms crossing.

" Nope. You're my source of entertainment today," I reply grinning.

" Get the hell out!" Buttercup snaps.

I stay.

" Are you still ticked about the non kiss?" I say leaning back on the opposite couch.

Buttercup tense. " Butch-," she warn me to not get into that subject again.

I don't stop.

" Come on, admit it. Deep down you wanted a kiss,'' I sneer. Her hands clench. She doesn't speak. I should stop now, but I don't. " You're disappointed because it wasn't a kiss."

She is giving me a dead glare. My mouth opens for another tease, but before I can, she stood up abruptly. I stood up just as quickly out of impulse, ready to block her move. Buttercup narrows her eyes at me. A sensation runs though my back. In merely seconds she steps forward with such force that I'm taken by surprise. My hands go up defensively, ready for the punch-she leans in and her lips smash into mine.

What the…..?

Her hands wrap behind me in a sudden passionate kiss. Did I mention that I act on impulse? I start kissing her back, my hands unlocking as they slide to her shoulder. I wasn't sure if it was because she was angry that made the kiss so forceful. I try to meet her lips with the same force. A phone starts ringing. I was mildly considering if I should answer , but the thought fades away. Someone pick up the phone…

Buttercup pulls apart and slowly grins while she wipes her lips.

" Now, you can shut up about it-,"she says stepping back.

" Nice one," I reply with a grin.

At that moment is when Bubbles and Boomer came down.

" Buttercup! It's Blossom! She's in trouble!,"

" What?" Both our attention was directed on them.


(12 minutes before the call)

" Any other idea where your brother might be?" I sigh, exhausted.

We have gone all over Townsville and I still can't find either.

" I don't know, Butch could literally be anywhere," Brick replies, apparently used to the idea of his brother being lost.

" So you think Buttercup is with Butch?" I question.

" Probably…," he replies, staring at the distance where a girl had somehow found him attractive.

I roll my eyes and focus on his cap again. I wonder who gave him that cap. Is it symbolic? Why does he like the color red? I shake my head. Now isn't the time to worry about him. I need to focus on finding Buttercup. Brick tenses suddenly. My attention goes to him. Something's wrong.

" What is it?" I ask.

" See those guys over there? They've been following us for a straight hour," he whispers quickly.

I turn slightly. I see them. 3 guys. One tall, one short, one fat.

" I don't like it. I have no idea why they are following us..,"

I instantly remember Mojo's warning.

" Let's try losing them," I suggest.

Brick nods, but looks wary.

" We can split up-,"

" No that would make it worse…- they'll target only one of us…-," Brick frown. " Start walking fast," he suggests.

I did. I glance back. They were definitely following us. They began running, so we began running. I began running faster than Brick.

" Listen Blossom. I think we better-aghh!"

I let out a gasp. Instantly I spring forward. Brick groans as his leg starts staining with blood.

" Forget it. Let's get the hell out of here!" Brick bit down another groan.

I frown. Will he be able to run with that wound? I don't think too much about it. I grab Brick and tried supporting him as we ran. Shots echoing behind us.

" We can lead them to the police station," I suggest.

" It's…too far," he grimaces. " This isn't good."

" What?" I glance back and realize they were way closer than before, carrying guns on the side. People had scatter when the gun shots were heard. I can't believe people are trying to kill me. I had to think of something, they were after us. I darted to the side, bringing Brick with me. I knew better than to ask how his leg was.

" They're closing in Blossom, they're going to catch up," Brick says I stumble upon a dead end.


I let go of Brick and reach my phone. I only have time for one call…hmm. Someone answer, someone…

" Hello? This is the powerpuff residence, how may I help you?" Bubbles voice resonates through the phone.

" Bubbles I-I need your help! Brick injure his leg. Some guys are chasing us and we are in the major problems. Call the mayor for me! I don't have the mayor's number in my cell it's in the hou-," I don't finish because that's when the 3 guys show up.

" It doesn't look like it's going to be pretty," Brick huffs

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