This is another one of my stories which i've decided to write up. We all know about Snow White's evil stepmother wishing to kill her so that she may be the fairest in the land, but what if a man of another kind of evil who lusts for Snow white herself and wishes to take her for his bride and rule the kingdom in darkness and shadow? This is the story of a cunning and powerful young man who had been in early negotiations with the Queen to marry Snow White and has been in on a few occasions been denied the offer.

Prince Richard de Faolan, son of Cathan, Lord of the city of Phelan was his name and he was charming gentleman who was seen as a good general and a prince of valour, but underneath he was an arrogant and smart young warrior with a love for war and dark Magic as well as the black arts of devilry.

In his Castle Richard de Faolan was inside his chambers watching the view of his kingdom whilst he thought of the lady Snow White, only a year and seven months before Snow White's 18th birthday he sent a message to the queen with proposition of marriage to her stepdaughter in exchange for money. But unfortunately almost eight months had passed and no reply from the queen had been brought to him. By carrier pigeon or messenger there was nothing from the Queen. So he went in to his room writing down a direct letter to the Queen herself with a sullen warning that would make her remember him, before he sent it off by a small carrier pigeon. In the letter it Read;

"To her dear majesty, Queen Clementianna.

Since you have decided to deny me your step daughter's hand in marriage, I have now become insulted by your manner and have decided to send this warning that if you wish for war to come to your kingdom I suggest that you reconsider my proposition, as I do not take any refusal what so ever, for any such refusal from you will be made as an act of insurrection to the will of Phelan and you shall likewise be forced into open war, a war in which you cannot win at all and a war I know you would probably wish to avoid. I will take her from your kingdom and you can rule for the rest of your days as a promise and have a quarter of my dowry in exchange for my terms for Snow White's hand in marriage.

Now put out any thought of refusal and think it over carefully, for the pen is truly mightier than the sword.

Sincerely Richard de Faolan.

After it was sent, Richard waited for almost another eight months waiting for a reply as the year past. He trained for weeks, entertaining himself with his new plans and war plans for expanding the borders of his land all across the dark forest, planning on having all trees in the dark forest cut down so he can create new posts and strongholds for some small various legions under his command. It was not long until he received a visit from her faithful servant at a month before Snow White's eighteenth birthday. Brighton was standing in the throne room waiting for lord Richard to come forth for a while until he appeared from the side door accompanied by a couple of guards. He approached his throne and then sat down before he looked to Brighton who addressed Lord Richard; "Hail, your lordship Richard de Faolan, the great fire falcon."

Richard; "Thank you Brighton, I trust that you have had a long journey to take getting here. So may I be treat you to a drink of water since you've come for so long?"

Brighton: "Uh, yes please. it would be most grateful of you."

Richard; "Good, Servant go and fetch our guest a cup of water will you?" The servant nodded and went to grab a cup, leaving his lord and Brighton alone. "So what news do you bring from your queen."

Brighton hesitated for a moment before he spoke out nervously; "Your lordship, my queen say that she would consent to you marrying Snow White and taking her from her kingdom and lands, but unfortunately the princess Snow White has refused to accept your offer." The servant appeared with two cups of water, moving up to Richard who was looking so annoyed with Snow White's and passing a cup to him before he went and gave Brighton a cup.

"Really Brighton, then might I ask why is that? I could have offered her an army to take her kingdom back and then she'd be the Queen who will bring her people back to their former glory." asked Richard.

Brighton; "Well it seems your lordship, A letter of consent was written and yet it hasn't come to your kingdom, which would probably explain the delay for an answer, no one knows where it went. And in truth Snow White doesn't believe that you will help her and that she knows in her heart, you are not the right man for her, she told me to tell you that she would rather die."

Richard; "So let me get this right, I offer Snow White my hand in marriage with an enormous dowry in which she can use to help her people and she decides to refuse my offer to help her?"

Brighton; "I'm afraid so." Richard then turned his back in anger, standing for a moment before he tossed his cup at the wall and then turned to Brighton who finished his cup hastily. "That snibbling wench, send a message to you queen that she will be expecting a war to come onto her kingdom if she does not convince Snow white to consider my hand in marriage. I will have her whether she or your queen would like it or not, so make no mistake about that. is that Under stood?" said Richard.

"Yes sir, I will deliver this message as you will." said Brighton, before leaving the throne room heading to the front doors.

When Brighton was gone from the throne room, Richard stood near the throne for a moment before he then headed off to his war room to do some reading and studying for a while and then think on his newly forges strategies in his planned attack on Snow White's kingdom, hoping to raise a great army within a year to claim it by force and eliminate her and her people.

It was during a few weeks within two months, that he received word by carrier pigeion sent to him by a few of his scouts who were stationed in the outskirts of Snow white's kingdom, that Snow white is starting a rebellion against the queen with the help of Seven dwarve thieves. On hearing that Snow white has become a fighter his views have now changed as he now saw her as a grave threat to his reign.

He ordered for his armies to send out emissaries to all allies under his influence and have them gather their armies to launch an attack on Snow white's kingdom. Another year had passed and it was not long as he had almost finished raising enough soldiers and gathered enough armies to launch an assault on Snow White's kingdom and Prince Alcott's kingdom as well if necessary. It was by a couple of months during that time of the last year that word that the Queen was now defeated and the king had returned to the throne.

A year later

On the day of the army's departure which was a month after Snow white's wedding, he had his tailors dress him up in dark grey armour with a monstrous like helmet, he had his sword belt strapped and he placed his gloves on before he took up his shield and then headed out for his horse. He mounted up on his horse the moment he approached it, climbing up the saddle before he turned his horse to look on the vast armies, afterwards he turned back and gave the order for the great army to march out with him. Thousands of warriors and soldiers began to march in full order as Richard led them out in single file, heading out of the kingdom and through the outlands of his kingdom.

Will Snow White and her husband Prince Alcott be ablt to defend their kingdom against the reign of Richard de Faolan? Or will the world that they knew as happy and loving, full of life come to an end? all that is in another chapter or another story.

So keep an eye out for my next chapter and Hope you enjoyed my small story.