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Chapter 3

Ravenna straightened her dress for the sixteenth time. She was nervous, standing in front of the golden mirror, with the same knife she had brought last time. Putting the knife in one of the many pockets in her black silk dress, she took one last breath before addressing the mirror in front of her.

"I'm ready." She said, her face straight, but her eyes still betraying the nervousness that lay beneath. Right after she said the words, the golden mirror began melting, the liquid slowly crawling closer to the queen. Ravenna still hadn't gotten used to it, but she resisted the urge to move, instead, she closed her eyes.

The golden liquid had reached her feet now, slowly beginning to rise and circle around her. Having calmed down a bit, Ravenna opened her eyes again, only to find a smooth golden cylinder around her, slowly beginning to turn.

After a while of watching the gold turn, it slowly began to shrink again, and before she knew it, it was gone. Not a single drop of gold to be found anymore. Her environment however, had changed to the one place she actually wished to be.

Her eyes searched the room before they finally rested on something in the center of the room. Or someone. Her hand crept to the knife in her pocket, just resting it there, to make sure the knife was there. The certainty of the knife still being there however, didn't make her feel any better. Quite the opposite actually. Her heart started beating like it was trying to bump its way out of her chest.

She quickly removed her hand from the dagger and put in on her chest, in the hope that would make her heart calm a little, but it didn't. I don't have much time, She realised all of a sudden. Dropping her hand she slowly began walking towards the person in the middle of the room, wearing a white dress, which only seemed to make her skin look more white than it already was.

Without knowing why, one of her hands reached out for a strand of the black hair, brushing it back. She suddenly remembered the warm skin of her chest, when she tried to cut her heart out last time. She couldn't help it, she had to feel it again. She put her hand on the same spot, that was now as cold as Snow. Quite ironic, wasn't it. But she didn't laugh, not even a smile mastered its way to her face.

The queen could feel the uncertainty coming back. The same uncertainty that was the cause for her previous failure. Why was this uncertainty even present? There was nothing in this world she wanted more than to remain young. She had killed a thousand girls before, surely she could kill one more. After this she wouldn't have to kill anymore, she'd stay young forever.

After taking several deep breaths, she reached for the knife in her pocket again. The feeling of the cold hilt in her hand, gave her goose bumps.

She climbed on the table, on thigh on each side of Snow. This was for sure one of the weirdest things she'd ever done before, which meant quite a lot. She put the knife against Snow's chest, ready to cut it out. Why was this even taking so long? She should just cut out the heart and be gone. She would have won then. She nodded to herself. I have to do this, for my sake. She bent down, kissing Snow's cold, still pink lips. Breaking the contact, but staying close, she closed her eyes.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, surprising herself. She hadn't said that in ages , literally in her case. She slowly pushed the sharp point of the knife into the soft flesh. "Aw…" At hearing the sound, her eyes opened immediately, only to find another pair of eyes already staring right back at her. They sat there, Ravenna still with the knife partly pushed into Snow's chest, for god knows how long.

The queen ,too much in shock to actually do anything, just stared into the green/blue eyes, filled with confusion. Snow was the first one to speak. "Are you going to kill me?" The queen's mouth suddenly became incredibly dry. I am! She wanted to scream, but she couldn't get it over her lips. Instead she fired a question back. "Why did you accept my apple? You knew I wasn't William."

Snow went to sit up, the evil queen still on her lap. They both heard a 'clang' when the knife hit the ground. The sound made Ravenna's head come back to reality, looking away from the other pair of eyes to look at the fallen knife.

It was just lying on the ground, but somehow she couldn't look away. Thoughts of its purpose flooding her mind, until she felt a still partly cold hand cupping her cheek and adding a little pressure to make her look back at Snow, who had somehow succeeded in being even closer to her face than she was before.

Ravenna vaguely remembered she had asked a question, but had still not received an answer. She opened her mouth to ask it again, but a pair of lips, pressing against hers, silenced all noise coming out.

Ravenna's hands made their way to Snow's head, entangling her fingers with the black curly hair, the kiss becoming more needy.

Until the doors opened.

They quickly broke apart, hands against Snow's chest pushing her back. "It's that witch! Get her!" a voice exclaimed. Other voices quickly filled the hall, footsteps everywhere.

Ravenna looked at Snow with big eyes, filled with doubt and regret. She quickly murmured some words, and for a moment again, only black feathers could be seen.

Snow's hand reached out, hoping to grab some part of the beautiful queen, but the only thing she caught, was a feather, black as the night.

The next second, she was surrounded by several men and women, all concerned, yet surprised she was actually breathing. Snow turned on the table, so that she could put her feet on the ground, while still sitting. Something hard under her foot, made her look down. A small piece of metal, point covered by some blood, could be seen coming from under her foot.

She quickly looked up again. It didn't look as anybody had noticed her distraction or the blade, so she slowly moved her foot back, shoving the blade under the clothed table.