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The nightmares have already started, the pain has begun and will never stop. I know this. Haymitch knows this. He won the 50th Hunger Games, the Quarter Quell, yet, 24 years later, he still walks about District 12 utterly and completely drunk to numb the pain, the nightmares, the horror.

Two nights ago, once I'd awoke in my living chambers, he came barging in. Not drunk in the slightest." Still. He grabbed me by the collar of my white button down shirt that Portia had just given me to wear with a pair of long black dress trousers, rather like a suit, and he dragged me to the bathroom.

"What on earth do you think you-", I started.

"Shut up boy and listen to me!", he sneered. Alarmed, I clenched my fists, and with wide eyes took a step away from him and leaned again the cool white tiled bathroom of the Capitol Hotel.
"Look, relax Peeta!" he must have seen my tense stature. "I had to find a quick way of getting you alone without prying eyes.."

"Prying eyes? What do you mean exactly?"

"Your room boy, and every other room apart from the bathrooms are bugged. Snow wasn't happy with that trick of yours with those berries. He's keeping 24/7 surveillance on you. And anyway, that's the least of your worries now.."
He shifts awkwardly from one foot to the other, wondering how to phase what he's next going to say, what's going to change Peeta life forever.

"They want more of you boy. The Capitol, they love you. Intrigued almost by you almost. And of course, Snow has to keep his people happy. He wants you to be another Finnick Odair."

I blood drains out of my face and I suddenly go cold.
"Odair ? As in, District 4? You mean the prostitute who won not long ago? Haymitch, no! Please just.. no! I can't do that. I can't be Snows' toy!"

"I know, my boy. That's why the team, the gamemakers and myself had that big meeting last night. Damage control. We've come up with a strategy".

By team, he means Cinna, Portia, Octavia and Johanna. Cinna and Portia dressed me for every occasion, and I honestly thought, for Capitol residents, they were some of the nicest people I had ever met. Naturally, they still weren't, what I would call "normal" with their golden eyeliner and striking skin patterns and tattoos and with Portia's magenta skin, but, they still felt like my parents whilst I lived in the Capitol.

Johanna was.. well to be honest I don't really know what Johanna was to me. She wasn't a servant or personal assistant! I think she's more here with Haymitch, with them both being past victors, she helped get me ready for the games. At first, I was petrified by her, but I've grown to love her as a sister, and her advice was vital in the games. After all, I was by no means the strongest or most vicious character. That was Cato… with his sickly green eyes that so often appear in my nightmares, screaming and stabbing into me, twisting his knife, before killing me slowly. Yes, I thought. If it wasn't for Johanna, I would probably be dead.

"Right Peeta. He want to parade you around and sell you every night. So we prevent this by getting you in a relationship. A solid one, that captures the hearts of every Capitol citizen in Panem. Then Snow can't possibly sell you off to anyone, because the Capitol will, of course, love both you and your new girl! Easy!"

Haymitch seems too eager. There must be some fault with this. If this is so easy, why is Odair still running around with a different woman on his arm every night then?

"No offence Haymitch, but this doesn't seem right. There is no way that Snow or the gamemakers would agree to this so easily…"

"Ah, boy. Okay, yes there is a catch. You see, the Capitol wants to see you, hear you. Know literally everything about you, especially if they can't have you yourself! So, the only way I could change his mind about selling you was for them to film you-"

"Film me..."

"—as it's a gameshow Peeta. Like the games over again"

….."What? No. They can't!" I feel sick. Physically, mentally, emotionally and utterly sick. I thought this was my escape, winning the games and going home to my parents and brothers..

"Yes Peeta. Another games. Just girls from 12 to 18. A game show of some sort. I don't know the whole details yet. it's going to be the Quarter Quell for the 75th Hunger Games. All female tributes"

I look down, trying to hide my disgust. "Was this the only way Haymitch? Really? Wouldn't I just have been better off being Snows' toy?" I look up at him, scanning and searching his face and eyes. Either prospect is horrific.

He grasps me by both shoulders, shaking me a little. "Listen boy. This is the best chance to keep you, your family, friends and everybody you love safe. We don't know the details for the Quell yet. It might not be that bad. But you just see the look on Finnick Odair's face and ask him the same question. I may not be perfect Peeta, but I'm your mentor. It's my duty to keep you alive, safe and get you home, and I plan to do that. Johanna agrees with me. This is the best, and the only way"

A stray tear escapes me eye and I look up to meet his. "I trust you. I just want the pain to go away. We're all just pieces in their stupid games! When will it stop Haymitch?"

"I honestly don't know my boy, but soon, one day. "

My head is spinning. If only I hadn't taken out those nightlock berries!

/*Flashback*/ (note all flashbacks are in italics)
At the end, it was just myself and Leila from District 4. She was only 12, and terribly frightened. I knew I couldn't kill her. She was like the little sister I had never had, with her luscious blonde curly hair and big brown eyes. I didn't have the heart to kill her. I handed her my knife, and told her to just do it quickly. Kill me.
She looked up at me, sobbing and threw the knife into the lake.
I knew for this to be over, I would have to do it myself. Kill myself.

I felt deep into my pockets and backpack, looking for anything to cause harm and death to myself.
Leila sat sobbing, screaming at me how unfair this was. "I want to go home!", she cried.

And then I felt them. About the size of a small chestnut, but purple and clearly quite deadly.

So we took them, together. And we lived.

Of course, I knew that we would both live. Of course we would. Never would Snow let his game have no winners. The Capitol would have been in outrage!

Haymitch turned to me, and slowly grinned, whilst walking towards the door, "Let's just get you home, my boy. We'll deal with all this at a later date. Let's just get you home to your family" And he walked out.

Finally, I was getting to go home. Home to District 12.

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