These two have always kind of interested me...

Passion. Heated, unadulterated passion.

That was what Derek used to believe was between him and Kate.

Oh, she had passion. But her passion, Kate's passion, wasn't of the normal kind.

She was passionate about murder, and destroying whoever she needed to to get what she wanted.

He knew that, he knew her. He knew what set her off and what made her crazy.

They had passion in the short time they were together, and that passion fueled a hatred towards the werewolf hunter that even death, could not weaken.

Sick and twisted till the very end he declared while hovering over her fresh grave. He didn't know why he did this to himself. He finally knew the truth, didn't he? She was the cause of all of it. She was the one to burn down his house, kill his family, destroy any and all happiness he had. This was the fourth night he'd done this, visit her final resting place, stare into oblivion while millions of thoughts rushed around his mind. He knew he shouldn't be here, knew that it was dangerous for so many reasons, but something brought him back every night. Like the hold of the moon, Kate had her own influence over him, and that was a torture he was getting very tired of.

Kate Argent was the only girl Derek Hale had ever loved. Ever understood.

She was damaged and wise beyond her years and she had wanted him.

It was a tale that Derek believed would set them apart, and that it did.

Her coming back here, stirring up all those past feelings and memories only acted like a moth to his flame. He detested her, yet, still found her intriguing. He probably always would. His rough calloused hands fingered the dirt around the tombstone. He swirled his finger in it, thought against it, then did it again. Back and forth, back and forth. It was a corrupt and weary web Derek weaved.

He was the moth to her flame, Derek corrected himself.

He knew he should be getting back, that his new pack would get worried, suspicious even, but he didn't have the strength. He wanted more answers to more questions. He wanted to not feel these things for someone so undeserving, wanted to cast away any doubt he had in his hatred. Because what was he if not passionate? Derek Hale had passion, and his passion was what got him into trouble in the first place.