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-Chapter 1-

Edward's POV

I was laying down on the couch in the living room, propped in front of the big 51" flatscreen my parents had bought when we first moved into town a couple of years ago. It was one of my lazy days and I didn't really feel like doing much so I just stayed on the couch and started channel-surfing. A normal eighteen year old's pass time.

Alice, my seventeen year old sister, came in the living room and joined me on the couch. She was wearing a white skirt with a minty green colored top. She jumped in the vacant spot next to me and made herself comfortable. Her legs propped on top of the coffee table and her hands relaxed behind her head.

"What are ya watching, bro?" She asked me casually. I shot her a tired look as I held up the remote in front of her face and kept on flicking the channels.

"What does it look like?" I proposed sarcastically. Alice hated it when I was being a smart-ass with her.

She gave me an annoyed look and snatched the remote.

"Hey! I wasn't done," I complained, stretching my arm in effort of stealing back the remote.

"You weren't watching anything." She muttered, changing the channel to her favorite show. America's next Top Model. The channel where Alice usually gets her fashion ideas from. She is inspired by Tyra Banks. She would be Alice's image of the perfect model. Alice really wanted to be exactly like her.

I felt bad for my sister, though. She really wants to be a model, to show off and tell the world that she's just as pretty as any one else. She struggles with her self image but she overcomes a lot of obstacles. For example, she ignores all those stupid comments that the jealous cheerleaders at our high school tells her. They tell Alice that she's too short to ever be a model and that she doesn't even have 'the look'. But as optimistic as Alice was, she replied with what I thought was the best comeback. She said, "People come in all shapes in sizes and they are all beautiful. You make people feel bad because they don't look like you. No one needs to look like you! There are tall, short, big, thin, gay and straight people out in this world. And they all deserve a chance at feeling beautiful." The entire cafeteria that day cheered for my wise sister and the cheerleaders walked away, hiding their red-faces full of shame from everyone's view.

"Why don't you call Bella or something?" Alice suggested, her eyes glued to the television.

"Yeup," I replied, getting up and going to my room.

Bella Swan is my best friend. We never really did anything without telling each other. Scratch that, we never really did anything without each other! She was my other half. She is the apple of my eye. She is everything I could ever want in a girl. And I love her. I love her so much that it hurts that I can never have the courage to tell her. I'm too afraid of what she will say. So I never really told her. She just thinks I only love her as a best friend and nothing more.

Maybe one day I will have the courage of telling her.

I made my way to my bedroom and lunged for my cell phone that was on my pillow. I quickly opened it and realized I had one missed call and a new voice message. As quickly as I can, I went into my voice inbox and realized that the missed call and message was from Bella. My heart leaped and I listened to what she had to say.

"Edward? Please answer your phone! Edward, please. Call me when you can. Just, please!" Then the message ended. Her voice sounded really frantic and she sounded out of breath, like she was running when she made the call. I was just hoping she would be all right.

I dialed her number and waiting impatiently as I heard the dial. After a few rings, it went right to voicemail. Shit. I hope she's all right.

I went downstairs and back to where Alice was.

"Is she not picking up?" Alice asked, noticing my presence in the room.

"No," I frowned, juggling the phone in my right hand.

"Is something wrong, Edward?" Alice asked, her voice full of concern.

"She left me a voicemail sometime last night and I forgot to check it before I went to bed. Here, listen," I held up the phone to my sister's ear as I watched her expression change into worry.

"Edward, did you know she went to Jessica's birthday party last night?" Alice asked, looking directly into my green eyes.

"I didn't even know Jessica was having a party," I admitted, I wasn't one to not know about these kind of things. It's just... a lot has been on my mind lately.

"Well she told me she would be there and that I could go if I wanted to. But I decided to stay here and finish reading Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict. You know, the book I started last week?" I nodded my head. "She said she would find a safe way home and not to worry. So I didn't. I thought you would know!" Alice's voice started to get really pitchy and I knew she was on the verge of tears.

"Calm down, Ali. She should be fine. Let's just go check up with her dad and see if he knows anything." I told her. She got up from the couch and grabbed her leather jacket and I grabbed my keys from the glass bowl in front of the door and headed out the door. Alice wanted to take me Volvo and I let her drive. Usually I wouldn't let anyone touch my baby but I didn't mind this one time.

In less than ten minutes, we were at my best friend's house and knocking on the door. After knocking twice, the door swung open to a tired-looking Charlie. He was in his uniform and probably headed out the door to go to work.

"Oh Alice, Edward," He said, surprised. "Didn't think you'd be here 'till the afternoon,"

"Sorry, My Swan," Alice and I apologized in unison.

"Please, call me Charlie! You've known me for ten years," He chuckled, running a lazy hand through his hair. "How may I help ya?"

"Um, we were wonderin' where Bella was," Alice replied a little shyly.

"She ain't with ya?" Charlie frowned, his eyes widening a little.

"No." Alice shook her head.

"Is she alright?" Charlie started to sound really worried.

"That's what we came here to find out, Charlie," I interjected.

"Well, I don't know. She said she'd be back but she never came. I was thinkin' she was with ya. She went to that party with her little friend, Jessica, is her name? Yeup." Charlie shook his head.

"Charlie, we don't know where she is. She called Edward last night but that was about it," Alice shrugged.

"O' really?" Charlie averted his eyes towards me.

"Yes. She sounded like she was panicking, though." I looked down.

"May hear?" He outstretched his hand for my phone and I reluctantly handed it to him. I watched is expressions change exactly like it did with Alice.

"Oh my god," Charlie exclaimed.

"Maybe I should call Jessica," I said, taking back my cell phone.

"Do it!" Alice urged.

And did that obediently.

"Hey Jess," I greeted her while holding up one finger to silence my babbly sister.

"Hey, Edward! I'm sorry you didn't show up last night, are you okay?" She asked.

"Yeah, fine. Um, I actually wanted to know if you knew what happened to Bella last night, when she left?" I said.

"She said she was only stopping by for a few minutes and then she told me she was headed over to your house, I don't know, and then she went to the back by the pool. Afterwards she left and I thought she just went to get a ride... why? Is something wrong? Oh my god, is she okay?" Jessica shouted through the phone.

"Jessica, we don't know if she's okay. She never showed up. I didn't even know she was going to your party!" I stressed. I could hear the pounding in my head get louder and louder.

"Is she missing?" Jessica asked hopelessly.


"Keep me updated. Oh my god, Bella,"

Then she hung up. I took the phone away from my ear and shoved it in my pocket, turning my full attention towards Alice and Charlie.

"What'd she say?" Alice asked me.

"She said that Bella only stopped by for a few minutes and then left. She said she was headed to our place." I shrugged.

"She never arrived," Alice said. It wasn't a question.

"Yeah. I don't think anyone else has seen her since she left last night," I looked down, shying my face away.

"Well thinking ain't gonna help. I have to get to the station and file in a missing person's report. This isn't like Bella, she would call if she was staying over at someone's house," Charlie shook his head, getting into his cruiser. "I gotta go... see ya guys later,"

"Bye Charlie!" Alice called. I waved and then he was off.

"Edward, do you think she'll be alright?" Alice stared into my eyes sadly.

"I hope so, Ali, I hope so,"

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