July 15, 1992


Beacon Hills police are baffled over the mysterious disappearance of nine-year-old Olivia Hale, who was last seen in her home three weeks ago. Her father, Matthew Hale, stated in an interview, "Olivia is not the type to run away. She has shown time and again that she has a good head on her shoulders and she knows better than to go into the woods alone." Police have worked industriously on the strange case but have been unable to find any clues.

The disappearance of Olivia Hale was reported at the police station on Wednesday, the 24th of June. On that evening, according to her mother, Beverly Hale, Olivia was cleaning the dishes after the family had finished supper. Beverly didn't think anything was wrong until she walked into the kitchen ten minutes after Olivia had started washing the dishes to find the kitchen empty and the water still running.

"We fear she may have been kidnapped, although that seems unlikely because our house is very secure. We take all the best precautions we can because we live in the woods," Beverly told press. Sheriff Stilinski has stated his concerns that even with the best precautions, Olivia may have been abducted.

Olivia Hale weighs 110 pounds, stands at 5'4", has dark brown hair, and hazel eyes. The Hale family has offered a substantial reward for any information leading to her return.

July 22, 1992


Olivia Hale mysteriously disappeared from her home one month ago with no clue as to what happened. Beacon Hills police have continued to investigate around the clock, trying to find something that will reveal the young girl's whereabouts. Police suspect foul play, although no ransom note or sign of kidnapping has yet been discovered. A substantial reward has been offered for any information concerning Olivia Hale's whereabouts.

July 29, 1992


Police have found and identified a meager remain of Olivia Hale in a creek that runs through the woods where the Hale home is located. "Foul play is 100% certain," Sheriff Stilinski has told press. "To only find her liver and nothing else makes the entire police force certain that foul play is involved. The investigation will continue until we bring Olivia Hale's killer to justice."

The newspaper articles were borrowed from Melissa De La Cruz's Masquerade but with the names, dates, and circumstances changed to fit this story.