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Just a little CarlisleXEsme one shot


Carlisle lay on the bed, watching as his wife wandered over to the antique italian dressing table, a sort of birthday present from him 30 years ago, still well cared for.

She sat before the mirrors and smiled at his refelection watching her as she started to remove the pins from her hair, undoing each pin curl then letting the softly spiraling red strands fall down her back.

He loved watching her get ready, watch the many different ways she made herself look even more beautiful, a sweep of glittering grey eyeshadow, a dab of red lipstick, all unnecessary actions but something she enjoyed doing, something she felt he deserved just as much as she enjoyed, a wife who would care for her appearance to feel good about herself and to look good for her husband, an old tradition many woman now a days didn't believe in.

Her 'old fashioned' ways were strange to most but he enjoyed them, adored her differences, her modesty and elegant beauty. He would endulge her every whim, give her anything she asked for gladly.

He opened the bedside draw and took out the navy blue wrapped box, getting up and walking up to his wife, placing a hand over her shoulder and handing her the box.

"A present I couldn't resist buying you"

"Oh Carlisle, you shouldn't buy me so much"

"But I enjoy buying you things, I want to lavish you with all I can, all you desire"

"I desire nothing more than my wonderful, incredibly handsome husband"

He kissed her neck, inhailing her delicious scent, uncovered with her usual l'air du temps perfume.

She kissed him back, his hand sliding down to hers, thier fingers lingering together as he walked slowly into the bathroom.

Esme picked up the little blue box, opening it to reveal a diamond necklace with matching earrings, tiny sapphires embedded in the weaving, swirling diamonds.

She gasped, her hand covering her mouth.

"Oh Carlisle! They're beautiful"

She knew he could hear her.

She placed the necklace around her neck, putting the earrings in and standing up to slip her satin vest and shorts off, pulling on the navy, cowl backed, sleeveless satin gown that reached mid-caf, she slipped her silver sandal heels on and admired her relfection, her grey smoked eyes and pinky red lips simple but elegant.

Carlisle's arms came around her, one hand resting over her bare back, his smart suit smelling of cologne, a human behaviour he picked up, only ever for special occasions, much to Esme's pleasure, she found his own scent much more delicious, tempting.

"Are you ready to go my darling?"

"Yes my love"

"You look amazing"

"Thank you Carlisle, I do hope it's alright for the charity event"

"It's perfect, although I must admit, I'm already jealous of the admiring glances you will be getting"

"As am I about the looks the women will be throwing in your direction, I take great pride in reminding myself that you are my husband and I am the only one who gets to truely admire, apreciate and love you"

"You are only ever the one I would want"

He kissed her cheek before taking her arm and leading her out of the room, picking up and handing her her fur coat as they left, exchanging sweet glances and innocent smiles, as they did every day.


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