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My eyes fluttered open for a split second; not accounting for the forest canopy above me as my mind slowly attached itself to my body, trying to figure out what had woken me from my slumber. I rolled over in my bed, tucking my hands underneath my pillow and drifted back into my dream world.

Just as I was getting to the good part- what my dreams consist of will never be your business, so don't bother asking- a loud boom interrupted me and ripped me into the waking world.

I squirmed. When had my bed ever been so uncomfortable? My eyes opened as another explosion sounded, and I immediately felt something was off. Where did my bed go? In fact, where was my room? I sat up on the ground, running my fingers through the dirt to make sure that it was real. What the h- another loud explosion sounded and I growled. Couldn't a girl finish a thought around here?

"Hey!" I yelled, rising to my feet, "keep the noise down!" Though I figured that whoever was firing cannons or whatever wouldn't be able to hear me, I didn't really care. They woke me up and someone was going to die. A real slow, painful death.

For some reason, whenever someone woke me up too early, my mind goes into this weird slug mode that makes me feel like a zombie, and furthermore- it doesn't like to do more than one thing at a time. So my brain decided the next emotion on its list was confusion.

I took in my surroundings- confirming that I, in fact, was no longer in my home. Great. Someone had a real twisted sense of humor.

"Ok, guys. This isn't funny." I called, not all that surprised when no one answered. Still, it never hurt anyone to double check. "Guys?"

God must think he's real funny sometimes, because at that moment, he sent a group of uniforms dating back to the American Revolution.

I mentally kicked myself, not for being stupid, but because these weren't exactly the kind of people I wanted to see right now. And the last thing I needed was war re-enactors.

"Alright, history buffs. What kind of sick joke are you playing here?" I asked.

They looked at each other, then, finally one spoke. "Miss… I think you've gotten yourself lost." Somehow, I don't think he was using the right smile. It creeped me out, and, for some reason, made me think of one of those sick pervs in the Law and Order re-runs. The three or four men with him snickered, making me like the situation less.

"Ok… I'm gonna go now." I said, turning my back on them to leave.

The man grabbed me from behind and spun me around to face him so fast that it made my head spin. "Oh, but the woods are dangerous. Why don't you let us help you?" And the next thing I know- he was trying to kiss me. And let me tell you… his breath was nasty.

Growling, I struggled to get free, holding my breath so I didn't lose whatever contents were in my stomach. "Last time I checked, you don't help a girl with your balls!" I hissed, kicking him in the place I knew would make him double over in pain, and made a break for it….

… smacking my face into the ground as my foot caught on a tree root.

Seriously? Was it too much to ask for one thing to go right today?

No, I guess not. I bet whoever was up in the clouds is a like 'hmm, I wonder how much Alex likes falling on her face while she's running from evil pig men?' For the record, I don't like it. At all.

Needless to say, I scrambled to my feet- my vocabulary reduced to a plethora of 'crap' and 'I'm gonna die'. The man who I kicked grabbed me again, this time careful to stay away from my feet. For an eighteen year old kid, I liked to think I could put up a fight.

I smirked, thinking if Ezio or Altaïr were here, these guys would be dead. But alas, they were simply video game characters and no amount of fangirling would bring them here… besides. They were both old, creepy men. Anyway… the last thing I would want is a younger version of Ezio hitting on me when we needed to escape.

Shaking myself free from my gamer-chick head, I struggled against my captor, managing to elbow him in the face. With a sigh of relief, I managed to slip free and, once again, made a quick escape. This time, I launched myself over the tree root that had so ruthlessly drove my face into the dirt.

By the time I stopped, I struggled to catch my breath, my heart in my throat. God, how did all those blonde skimpy girls from those horror movies run in forests? It was hard.

With the sudden stillness I began to feel my pulse slowly turn to normal and my breathing slow… that is, until I heard a twig snap from somewhere behind me. "Oh shit." I grumbled. Back to running again.

Only… I didn't get all that far before whatever it was that had made its presence known to me landed right in front of me.

"Holy mother of God and all that is holy! What the f-"unfortunately, I was unable to stop in time and ran into the hooded figure with enough force to completely knock the breath out of my lungs, I backed away, on the defense. I think I've had enough of things trying to kill me today.

God, I must look like hell. My red hair was all knotted with twigs, leaves, and God knows what else. My face was caked with dirt. My plain white tank top and my favorite pair of sweat pants were torn and dirty from my run for my life flee-fest, and I had a mood to match it.

The figure, on the other hand, looked… well, like an Assassin. Maybe because, hey, I don't know, he was an Assassin! Connor Kenway stared at me, I looked up at the shadow of his face, just barely seeing its features. But… there was one thing I did notice.

My blood boiled with fury. Was Connor seriously staring at my chest? God, he'd better hope it was because he wasn't used to seeing girls so bare out in public, or someone was going to die. Probably me. Hopefully not me, but probably.

"Ok, Buster, keep your dick in your pants and leave me alone. I don't know if you're just some nerd cosplaying, or if you're the real thing, but either way, Assassins don't make good traveling companions."

Yeah… he didn't look like he understood any of that, well, except maybe the dick part. Everyone knows what that is.

"C- Cosplaying?"

I looked up at him, crossing my arms over my chest. Ok, so maybe he was the real deal, but I still didn't like him. Stupid new Assassin… he's not supposed to be real!

"You're not supposed to be here."

No, really? I scoffed. "Ya don't say? Here, let me just find my passport. It must be around here somewhere…" I said sarcastically, sticking my hands in my pockets in a fake attempt of finding said passport. Though, even if I wasn't looking for anything, I did find something else. God, how did that get in my pocket?

"… and people are starting to notice…" Connor said, completely ignoring me.

Ok, what? Did he just… he was watching me run for my life, and he didn't do anything about it? Gee, thanks, man. "You're such a-" Oh God! WTF, man?

Without warning, Connor grabbed me and threw me into a bush, covering my mouth so I wouldn't scream.

That didn't stop me from biting his hand. I heard a sharp intake of breath from behind me, and bit down harder. Yeah, I know, I'm a jerk. But what would you do if some guy you just met threw you into a bush and covered your mouth? Needless to say, I wasn't about to take anymore crap.

Connor pulled his hand free of my toothy grasp. "What was that for?" He hissed.

"This coming from the ass-hole Assassin who t-"

"Shh- they can't know we're here."

"Wh-" "shhh"

Fine, then. I curled my lip. This Assassin was such a jerk-face. Just being around him made me want to… punch babies or something. Poor babies. I wanted to punch them in the face, and they didn't know why.

Stupid Connor… making me want to punch babies. This is all his fault.

I don't know how long we were in that bush, but when Connor finally let me out, I was more than happy to scramble to my feet, dusting off twigs and leaves. "Ok, next time you plan on throwing me anywhere, give a girl a head's up-"

"What's this?" Did he listen at all? God, he must have some type of Alex- oh God, what did he have? How did that get out of my pocket?

"Give me that!" I hissed, snatching the pad from his fingers and stuffing it back in my pocket where it belonged. By now, I'm sure my face was as red as my hair, because it felt like it.

And there was no doubt in my mind that Connor caught my embarrassment, but at least he had enough decency to spare me any harassment. Oh, my hero.

"I see," he said, clearly amused. Ass-hole. "Come on, we can't have you running around in that, or the British will be the least of your worries. I'm taking you to… a friend, who can help."

What? Did he not hear me say 'leave me alone because Assassins suck when it comes to traveling companionship'? And besides, what was with all that 'we' stuff?

"Aren't you coming?"

I looked up at the Assassin from where he perched on a tree, looking down at me expectantly.

"You're insane, right? I can't climb!" Not to mention, I had a big fear of falling. There was just something about the ground hurtling towards you that didn't appeal to me. "Besides, you can't be stupid enough to think that everyone can run on trees."

"Well…" he stopped, like he actually had to think about it. "Not everyone. Red-coats don't…"

I crossed my arms over my chest. I swear. This guy was so stupid.

"Come on, people don't look in trees. It'll be safer."

"So, you're a good fighter, you can just stab everyone in the face if they get too close. Either way, I'm not getting in that tree."

Connor sighed and dropped from the tree. I could just feel him glowering at me from under his hood.


"Hey, Kenny- Ken… Rata… Rato..hay-ken"

I was really beginning to regret telling her my name. "It's Ratohnhaké:ton."

"Yeah, that, anyway-"

I grumbled. Never in my life had I met a girl who could speak so much. How in the world could there be so much to talk about? Or was she really talking about anything at all? From my end, it just sounded like rambling.

"Are you listening at all?"

"Honestly… no. I stopped listening when the topic turned to how foul men are."

From the corner of my eye, I could see that the girl's mouth had fallen open. "But that was hours ago!"

I didn't reply, deciding to make keeping us out of trouble my number one priority. With her… I'm sure it would become a full time job. It would be at least a day before we reached Boston- thank God we weren't farther out- and the less trouble she got in, the better.

It would have been easier if we were in the trees.


I stifled a moan. Couldn't she keep quiet for more than a minute?

"What?" I asked, the bored frustration evident in my voice.

"My foot stings… a lot. I think I might have stepped on something."

My first instinct told me that she was faking it. We'd been walking for some time, I wouldn't be surprised if she was tired. But I also told myself that she didn't look like the type of person who asked for help easily.

Against my better judgment, I turned around. "Sit down, let me look." I instructed, indicating a bolder that was not far off. The girl nodded and half limped, half hobbled to the rock.

"Do you ever get bored out here?" She asked as I examined her shoeless foot. Finding nothing, I set it down and lifted the other.

"No, escorting you has provided me with more than enough boredom to last a month." I said, running a finger across the arch of her foot- she flinched.

"Gee, thanks." She grumbled.

I gave her a fake smile. "You're welcome. Here, I need a piece of cloth." I thought faintly about the object the girl had been so embarrassed about earlier. The padding would make a good bandage, but I doubted she would allow it to be used as such.

I pulled my hand from her foot, seeing a trace of blood on my fingers. It wasn't nearly as bad as she made it out to be.

I guessed she just wasn't used to being outside, after all, her ghost-pale skin said as much.

After some time, she handed me a piece of cloth from her pants-leg, exposing more pale skin and making the leggings uneven. I wrapped it around her foot, making sure it was tight enough to stop the bleeding, and assured myself that it wouldn't get any worse. This was more for her peace of mind than anything but it wouldn't hurt to be sure.

I stood, lifting the girl over my shoulder, much to her displeasure. "Hey! Put me down, I can walk!"

"Not without some kind of foot-wear," I countered, adjusting my grip to account for her squirming. "You've proven that much already."

We walked in silence, despite her attempts to struggle free. I couldn't help but smile at her efforts, and from the determination she'd shown, I was a bit surprised when she gave up within the hour.

Her breathing steadied against my back and her legs hung loosely in front of me, exhaustion finally overcoming the girl.

I wasn't complaining. This was the quietest it's been since meeting her.


I half grumbled, half moaned as I opened my eyes, no longer feeling- thank God!- the sway of the being hung from the shoulders of a hulking Assassin.

Rubbing my eyes, I sat up and immediately wished I hadn't.

A headache pulled at my temple, my arms and shoulders were sore from being on Connor's back for God knows how long, and worst of all… the little jerk wasn't anywhere to be found, which meant I couldn't complain. At all.

Well, I guess I could, if I wanted to look like an idiot.

The gloom of the night was kind of creepy… the shadows were so dark that even the bluish light of the moon couldn't penetrate- ha ha, penetrate. Yeah, immature, I know- them. And the moon itself was ghostly, and gave a type of… supernatural feel to the place.

I heard something move behind me and my head snapped over my shoulder, giving my muscles something to complain about, but I couldn't see anything. Did they have wolves in the area? I don't know… but I could have sworn I heard a growl. "C- Connor?"

I barely even dared to break the sound barrier.

"So she wakes," I sighed in relief, letting go of a breath I didn't know I was holding. I love it when I'm right. "How's your foot feeling? Did you sleep well?"

I was just able to see Connor come up to sit beside me. He took my injured foot to examine it some more.

"The cloth's really tight, and I feel like crap." I yawned, stretching my arms over my head. Thank God for long lasting deodorant and perfume. Even then, I could smell a faint trace of B.O... I really hoped Connor's friend wasn't that far away, I really needed a shower… or bath… or whatever.

Connor set my foot back down, ignoring me, no doubt, and began messing with something in his hands. I looked over at him, his eyes- as always- blacked out and thus unreadable. And with the shadows of the night, the majority of his face remained unseen. God, I promised myself that I wouldn't get a crush on the new guy. That spot was saved for the original.

Altaïr… where art thee? Why won't you come save me?

Sighing, I looked at the thing in his hands and instantly paled. "What the hell are you doing with that?"

"I'm going to used it, for your foot." Connor said matter-of-factually, not looking up from his work as he opened the package.

No, no, no. "If you think I'm wearing that on my foot- do you even know what it's used for?"

"I have an idea," oh God. From the way he said, I just knew that he was smirking.

"You're such a-"

"Give me your foot."

"No!" I barely kept my voice from screaming level as I pulled my legs up to my chest and interlocked my arms around them. The only way he was even getting that thing near my foot was when I was dead and buried.

But, unfortunately for me, Connor had other plans. He reached over and grabbed my ankle, yanking my foot free of my clutches.

I kicked and screamed, doing everything in my power to make Connor's task more difficult, but to no avail. Within minutes, he had the pad securely wrapped around my foot, using the pants cloth to do it. Why, God? Why?

"I hate you," I hissed, pulling my foot away from him.

All I got from him was a shrug. He must get that a lot. "The feeling is truly mutual, now get some sleep. We leave first thing in the morning." Connor yawned and lay down, turning his back to me.

Again with the 'we'. As far as I was concerned, I was his prisoner. Sighed, I lay down of the cold ground- ha ha, that reminds me of that one song… I'm miles from where you are… oh God; now it's stuck in my head! – and brought my hands under my head so I would at least have some type of pillow.

I shivered. It may be hot during the day, but let me tell you, it gets cold at night. I curled up in a ball and closed my eyes, trying to get to my happy place. Think warm… like, desert warm. Hey! It kind of worked!

No… nope. Never mind.

Suddenly, I heard shuffling from Connor, and a new weight came over me. I shifted, opening my eyes to find that Connor had removed his coat, pulling it over top of me for extra warmth.

"Wha-" I started to complain, feeling a bit guilty. I didn't want Connor to suffer arctic temperatures, even if he was a jerk, but Connor put a finger over my lips, shushing me.

"Just go to sleep." He murmured, turning his back to me once again.

I sighed and brought the coat closer around me, covering my nose. It smelled kind of like the forest, and something else I can only describe as the smell of cold air when you walk into a house that has the AC blasting. Well, that and Assassin sweat. And they move- a lot.

Yawning, I let the sounds of the forest lull me to sleep.

Until, that is, my bladder decided it needed to be emptied. "Connor?"



"What?" Wow, he sounded beat.

"I've got to pee."

"… then, go."

I sat up and looked around, perhaps expecting some type of magical porti-potty to appear or something, I don't know. Finding none, I poked Connor in the shoulder. "Connor,"



"I don't know," he hissed, "pick a tree."

Pause, I shifted uncomfortably, my bladder about to burst- but there was just one problem. "Connor?"


"It's really, really dark." And I'm not saying I'm afraid of the dark. I'm just afraid of the man-eating wolves and bears that hide in the dark. And what was more humiliating than being eaten with your pants down? I still feel sorry for that one guy in Jurassic Park-the one that got caught on the toilet- then got eaten by the T-Rex. Yeah, that made me shudder just thinking about it.

With a sigh, Connor stood and pulled me to my feet, dragging me into the dark woods and stopping at a tree. "Go," he hissed, yawning.

I stood awkwardly, practically doing the potty-dance. "I can't," I muttered.

"Why not?" He asked impatiently, crossing his arms over his chest.

"You're looking."

Connor grumbled, turning around. "I can't even see anything."

An awkward silence fell between us, making me feel even more uncomfortable, but I was eventually able to 'do my business'.

Feeling much better, I allowed Connor to lead me back to our camp in silence, where I, at least- I'm not sure about Connor- was able to sleep without any further… complications.


I woke up the next morning with the birds chirping happily from the trees. I opened my eyes, feeling something firm and warm underneath me. M face grew unbearably hot as I realized just what, or more importantly, who, I had managed to use as a pillow during the night.

I looked up at Connor's face, seeing it in full for the first time. There was no doubt that he was an Indian- er, Native American, or whatever- the skin dark and his features reminded me of the Indian in the cupboard, only, he was real and not a magical toy.

And he looked so peaceful when he slept. Connor's face wasn't so void of emotion- like in all of those game trailers- I could actually see a faint trace of a smile on his lips. And while I knew his face was scar-less, seeing it for real made him seem so… different, almost alien compared to Altaïr, Ezio, and Desmond.

Connor stirred in his sleep, opening his eyes. He focused them on me in a mixture of alarm, shock and amusement.

Once again, I felt my face grow hot, only furthering Connor's amusement. I sat up sharply, clearing my throat. "S-sorry," I murmured, looking away.

Connor sat up, stretching. I couldn't help but notice the way his muscles tensed under the shirt he wore, and then relaxed as they hung loosely at his sides. "What was that about you hating me? You sure show it in strange ways."

I scowled in response, and balled up the coat that still splayed out over my legs throwing it at him. "It was an accident," I mumbled, "I used to do that with my dad when I was little and I had nightmares. I guess it's just… a habit."

Connor gave me a funny look, but didn't say anything as he shrugged on his coat. After time had allowed the awkwardness to stew, he cleared his throat. "Do you- where are your parents?"

Oh shit! I didn't think about that. Then again how could I when I had spent the better part of yesterday either kicking and screaming, or sleeping. Come on, Alex, think! "Um- they're… dead?" I said, not meaning for it to come out like it did. Where was all that confidence I had whenever I improvised in Drama Club? "They died in a house fire, two years ago," I explained, standing. "I was with an aunt at the time."

Again, Connor looked at me in a way that made me wonder if he was actually buying this. "Where have you been staying for the past two years, then?"

"Around…" God, why did he have to start asking questions? And why couldn't they be stuff like 'who are you?' 'how are you doing this morning?', and leave it at that?

Oh, but Alex, I mocked in my head, the gods of misfortune have it out for you. They want to watch you squirm!

I made a point to make the last word echo and grow more dramatic. And I added evil laughter. Muahahaha…

"…around where?" By now Connor had gotten up and began fixing on his gear, pinning me with that same look.

"You know…" I said, picking at my fingernails. "Places."

"What kind of places?"

"Can we not talk about this?" I was running out of evasion tactics, and getting really tired of feeling like a suspect to be interrogated. I didn't kill anyone, I swear.

"I don't even know who you are. I think we should talk about this."

"Yeah, well," I stammered, "I stink, I need to shower, or bathe, or something, I'm hungry, and I haven't had a break since those douche-bags tried to…" I trailed off, my sentence stopping abruptly. God, I hadn't realized I was that close to getting hurt- I mean, I knew I guess. But I guess it never just hit me. I cleared my throat. "So I think you can just get out of my business, and take me to this friend of yours."

Connor fell silent, looking at the ground. He pulled the hood over his head, shadowing his eyes. "I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking…" The Assassin cleared his throat, reaching in a coat pocket and producing a couple pieces of… something. "Here, it isn't much, but it'll hold you over until we get into town."

"… is it edible?" I asked, sniffing at the dried food.

"No," Connor replied dryly, taking a bite out of his own piece. "Yours is poisoned."

"Ha, ha" I hissed sarcastically, though I was glad for the change of mood. I gave my piece an experimental nibble.

Whoa, talk about salt-city. It wasn't anything like the Jack-Links beef jerky I loved to munch on, and I'm pretty sure it didn't come from a cow so, it was more like… venison jerky? I don't know, but now I was thinking of the poor deer that Connor chopped up to get this.

I took a larger bite. "Why are you helping me if you don't know who I am?" I asked, shifting the hard food in my mouth.

Connor gave me another weird look. Probably because he wasn't expecting me to talk with my mouth full, I don't know, but it seemed like a pretty good guess. "…You're a woman, for one." He said.

Was it me, or was there a hint in there? "Secondly?" I prodded, swallowing this time.

"You're not from here, and that will scare people."

Would he believe me if I told him that I was an American, born and raised in the city? Even so, I didn't sound all that different than him… wasn't it kind of obvious?

I sighed, eating the rest of my 'breakfast' in silence. And to think, two days ago I was talking to my friends about the announcement of the new Assassin's Creed. I wondered if they would believe me if I told them it wasn't just a game? Would they believe me if I said Connor was real? Yeah, it didn't sound all that sane coming from a fangirl, even if that fangirl's life had been turned upside down.

But the question was… would I ever be able to turn it right-side up?

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