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Dog Days of Post-Paradise

Chapter 5: Journal Entry 18; "Meeting People"

Journal Entry 18: July 9th, 2015.

Status: Enraged and frustrated….

My mom is a bitch.

It was all I had time to write before there was a magnum pointed at my head. I swerved to avoid the bullet, it going right past my head, my eyes following it. Before my mom could blink the door was closed behind me, my pen back in my pouch, journal back in my pack back, and her magnum in my hand as she lay on the floor; surprised. Uh? I seem faster now; it must have been another side effect of the new virus pumping through my veins. 'Cool.'

"Stop!" Elnore yelled, her hands up as I aimed the gun at her head. She's sneering at me, angry she couldn't stop me, couldn't control me. She sat up and the barrel of the gun in my hands follows her head slowly as she moves. "You wouldn't kill your own mother, would you?" She asked all innocently now, batting doe eyes at me.

I snarled, lip curled up, as I glared at her and cocked the gun. "Yeah, I would." I growled, closing the distance between us, now the cold metal of the gun was touching her temple, her hiding the fear inside of her with minor rage. I knew the eyes of a liar and her's were full of lies, so dark and twisted. "How long have you been Umbrella?" I asked, itching to pull the trigger, but there were just some things I needed to know, to have closure.

"Since I was twenty, right after graduating college." She admits, her voice staying strong as she had her hands raised in surrender. But I knew better, there was a small dagger sheathed on her inner thigh; she was just waiting to pull it. Unfortunately for her I'd already disarmed her, the dagger under my belt loop.

"You bitch." I growled, pulling the hammer back on the gun, squeezing the trigger lightly. All those years, it had all been a lie, I knew it! She was never our mother; she was just some scientist whore that made my dad cry! I felt a mixture of disappointment and anger curl in my belly.

"Wait! Wait! WAIT!" She started shouting frantically. I stopped, a smile on my face. All you have to do to get info out of people like her is to make them piss their pants a little, and what do scum bags value most? Their own selfish greedy lives. I stopped pulling the hammer of the gun back and waited as her breaths came out in pants. "I'll tell you where your father is."

Those words stopped me dead, superior grin gone from my face. 'Dad? She could tell me where my dad is! After all of this time I could finally find him! Finally!' I imagined seeing him again, making him smile again, hearing his laughter again, and with him would be Lily; the little sister that was almost like a daughter to me. "Where?" I demanded.

"Let me up and put away the gun and I'll tell you." She requested, her words slow, as if she was talking to an animal. At this rate I was a wild beast, her in my way, and what do beasts do to things in their way? Rip them to shreds. I do though; I let her up, being against my better judgment. I keep the gun though, as she gets up and dusts off her expensive stripped one piece suit. "Well," She reaches for the dagger and finds it's not there, her eyes widen and I dangle it in her face. She swallows and goes on as if she didn't just realize her Plan B was stolen from her before she could even notice. "Yes, well, ummm; your father's in a BSAA refugee camp north from here." She finally explained, still standing as she eyed the gun in my hand warily.

"Good, what else?" I ask, my voice dead serious and scary. My face blank, sunglasses hiding my eyes as she watched me closely.

"What else is there?" She was hiding something; I could hear it in her voice. My guess, or hypothesis, from how she had been acting so far, was that she didn't do business with the public, was some hot shot manager scientist that hid behind closed doors. She let others do the dirty work while she got off scot free.

I glare darkly at her and lowered the sunglasses on my nose, I got the wanted reaction, terror written on her face. I smirked again; sometimes it was too easy to scare the uninfected. I push my sunglasses back up my nose again and let my poker face resurface. "You had me locked in a lab, experimented on by your psychotic ex-hubby, and ordered me dead." I hissed every last word, rage dripping from my mouth behind my blank face. I was mad, no, furious. How long was I locked up? A month? And she knew the whole time. "You damn well better have more," I point the gun directly at her again. "Or I'm gonna blow you're fucking whore head off."

Elnore panics, there's something behind her eyes, but she really doesn't want to give it up. From how I can see the wheels turning in her head I can see her thinking of a cover. She wants to give me a different story, something that will distract me. It won't work, it might have two years ago, but two years ago I hadn't survived the hardest cruelest wasteland life had to offer. I had majorly changed from who I used to be, so much so asking what my name was had completely slipped my mind.

"You were an experiment from the beginning." While I had expected a cover story of some kind, her throwing that my way was not what I expected at all. I give her a 'WHAT' look, my face all scrunched up. I felt emotional pain from that, knowing my life was some twisted lie, but I also feel a bit betrayed. It just seemed so much like a lie, what she says, but I know it isn't, deep down. That didn't mean I didn't want it to be a lie. Elnore doesn't look at all dismayed, her arms crossed, she's simply stating facts.

"Your father's blood line was known to have the perfect genes for testing viral infections; I was hired to bare offspring with him, mixing my interesting recombinant DNA with his adapting genes. You were the main part of that project, your sister unexpected therefore not a variable. The project took a dive in funds right after you turned five though, so I had to wait until you were older, when we got the funding back, to try and bring you back to the lab." The way the woman states all of this, it's so cold hearted, I wonder if she even realizes what she's telling her daughter. I wonder if she realized that she just yanked the rug of reality right out from under my feet.

I feel myself trembling, a mixture of feelings flowing throughout my system. I look at the floor, expensive hard wood covering, and glare at it. I know if I look up, look at her, and take in all of what she's saying I might cry. It's all too much, my entire world, or the world of my past, was just crushed. The gun lays limp in my hand, a fist forming in my other. I didn't know how to feel about all of this.

"You'd turn your own daughter into a test subject?" I ask, still not looking up, my teeth grinding against each other. My voice was deep, dark, frustrated, the fist at my side tightening. I didn't know how to feel about all of this. She was on thin ice, poking my inner beast with a stick.

"Yes, you were never really my daughter." A stab to my heart, I bled. "But your outburst in the court house surprised me, so I decided I'd just have to take you at the perfect moment. However that never arose, the world going to shit and everything." The dagger in my heart was twisted; she said these things so nonchalant, as if it was nothing.

But it was a big fucking deal to me! Had the world still been in one piece right now I'd still be a monster, stuck in a cage, poked at, cut open, analyzed, by my own fucking mother! I felt angry hot tears slide down my cheeks, my vision blurry. I felt so betrayed, so stomped on, crushed, as if I was nothing but a bug.

I raised the gun to her again, she saw my tears, how the gun trembled in my grip, and grinned the most wicked grin I'd ever seen. She thought she'd won, that I was too emotionally unstable to pull the trigger. Bull shit! If anything it was getting harder not to kill her; with my own hands!

"Did you infect me with the Wesker virus!" I demanded an answer, getting closer to her as she took steps back. My tremble began to calm, but my rage fueled me forwards, the gun straight in my hands. I was yelling now, loud enough for there to be an echo in the large extravagant house.

She quickly got a confused expression on her face, and then as soon as it came it went, replaced with an evil smirk. She shook her head and said nothing, so determined to not tell me something. But it wasn't gonna be that easy. I had her cornered now, against the banister of a staircase. "Tell me!" I yelled, my voice cracked but was still very loud and enraged sounding, echoing throughout the house. Her thin ice was about to break. "Fine." I said calmly, taking a deep breath.

I stepped back, poker face again. This confused her, Elnore thinking I was giving up, she stepped forward. The ice shattered. Before she could blink both her knee caps had been blown off with magnum rounds, stripping her entire knees of flesh, her legs connected by strings of muscle. Blood went everywhere, even all over me, as she was lying on the floor, screaming, tears in her eyes. She tried to grasp at her knees but barely moving pained her, and by how much she was screaming, she was in a lot of pain.

As she wallowed in her agony, tears coming to her eyes, I stepped around her, kneeled beside her head and gripped the roots of her blonde hair. I pulled her head up to look directly at me, her light almond gold eyes staring up at me, she screamed more as I pulled, and as she screamed I put the barrel of the magnum in her mouth, silencing her. I looked down at her and the sunglasses slid down my nose.

I glared at her with my yellow eyes, and she had the look of a deer caught in the headlights. This woman was a calculating bitch, analyzing her opponents, knowing their weakness, using mind games on them. She calculated me to be kind, caring, and sensitive. She calculated me to be the kind of girl to have a soft spot for her mom, so that I couldn't possibly shoot her. She calculated that I was too weak to pull the trigger.

She calculated dead wrong.

I pulled the hammer back one last time as she looked at me with terrified golden eyes. "You thought I couldn't shoot you, didn't you?" I asked calmly, not expecting an answer as I kept my face blank. "You have no idea how many people I've killed; taking your life would not only be easy for me but a pleasure. Ridding this world of one more piece of rot. I'm just cleaning up." I say simply, turning the tides. Now I had the upper hand physically, while she had had the upper hand mentally.

I jerk a little harder on the roots of her hair; the scream she emits is muffled by the hot metal down her throat. "Now this time you're gonna answer like a good girl, or I'm just gonna blow your head off anyway." I state, my voice completely calm, the wash and confusion of emotions gone as I vent them through causing this woman pain.

I take the gun away from her mouth and she has to pant a few minutes before she can talk through clenched teeth and pain. "I know who killed you." She explains, no more mind games up her sleeve.

"Who?" I ask, dangling the gun over her forehead, making sure no more lies drip out of her venomous mouth.

"He," She had to take a breath. She let her body down from where she had been propped up on her elbows and breathed; I let her hair go as she does. She closed her eyes and left them closed as she spoke. "I had worked with him only once before, he was a bit of an enigma. He walked and talked as if he owned every single Umbrella lab out there. He wore white suits and sunglasses all the time, but he was the best I'd ever seen. He sent reports into our lab about you, how you were bonding with multiple viruses at once. He sent those reports to us from a hospital in DC, and from what I heard you were shot and left for dead by the last BSAA agents heading south from there. What I couldn't understand is why he let you go after finishing with his experiments." She said each word carefully, trying to catch herself in every lie. It was so hard for her to tell the truth.

"His name damn it!" I yelled, losing both my composure and patience. It seemed like she was trying to trick me into something, not talking fast enough, trying to keep me here. Either that or her brain was scrambled from all the pain she was going through.

"Alex Smith! I swear that's all I know!" She opened her eyes, voice pleading. She actually propped herself up again to beg eye to eye with me, gripping my cloak tightly. "Now, please! Let me live!" She begged, tears in her eyes, acting sweet, innocent, afraid, like a child.

I sneered and stood, slapping her off of me. How disgusting, sick rot begging to stay on the apple. That reminded me of David and fueled my hate even more. I watched her closely as I put the magnum back in my belt loop. I walked away from her, tears in her eyes as she kept begging. I completely ignored her. I walked down one of the hallways in her huge house, following my nose. It didn't take long to find her office room slash lab. I could smell the virus, the chemicals, and even the printer ink.

I walked up to her desk; there was a laptop and printouts about me and Darwin. I took some of the chemicals from her lab and spilt them all over the room, destroying the computer and files. Then, for simple pleasure on my part, I took out the zippo lighter I had had for a while now from my pocket, rolled the flint strike under my thumb, and dropped it as it lit. The room went up in a poof of flames before even I could blink. I smiled, the feel of all that darkness burning, it felt good. But the one thing that came to mind first was that Darwin was safe, the files on his DNA gone.

I watched everything burn for a moment longer before going back to my mom, her still lying there in pain, bleeding out. She looked up at me, that begging expression still on her face. I rolled my eyes and aimed the gun at her head again. She was tearing up; hoping to hit a soft spot in me, but my heart was turned to stone a long time ago.

"I'll be nice enough to give you a choice." I state, smiling and feeling like laughing about what I was about to say. She perked up, hope in her eyes. I couldn't wait to see that flame of hope flicker out completely. "Either die now or burn to death in a matter of minutes, your choice." The hope fell from her face, replaced by that look of pure doom and devastation. More tears came. She started begging more and crying like a child about to be spanked, I sneered, and stomped on one of her destroyed knees. She screamed. "Choose now, or I'll choose for you!" I yell in her face, spitting at her.

"You wouldn't do this! You were such a sweet girl! You wouldn't kill your only mother!" She tried one last mind game on me, trying to tap into something that didn't exist in me anymore. She screamed, cried, yelled; everything to try and get me to stop, but none of it worked.

"To me I've never had a mother, and even if I had, that sweet girl I used to be died when some sicko pumped me full of a virus and turned me into a monster." I state, dead pan, as I level the gun to Elnore's head. Her breathing heavy now, about to faint in fright, never having had someone but me point a gun at her head before today. "Say hello to your hubby for me, no, tell him: 'Fuck you, I told you I'd rip her to shreds'." And with that there was a giant bleeding hole in the middle of Elnore's head, her body roasting long after she's dead, as her huge mansion goes up in flames.

By then I was on my way, heading north, heading toward Dad.


The BSAA refugee camp was farther north than I thought, miles away from Hope City. I was tired though, the hot hateful rays of the sun bearing down on me as I actually walked down an old black top road. My hood was up, my tail out again, a newly acquired magnum stashed under my belt loop.

It was mid-day, the sun completely over cast, and no clouds in sight. Just desert sand, gray skies, dead cars, and old tar made roads as far as I could see. Originally a day like this would be Hell for me, but just two days earlier I had escaped from a real hell hole, so today was moderately peaceful for me. I was more than thankful to have my freedom back; being a Wanderer was the best to me, even on days like this.

I looked back up at the sun, my eyes hurting even with my sunglasses on. I pulled the hood over my head further, and tried to wipe off some of the sweat on my brow. My feet hurt, my muscles ached, my stomach growled, and I had a migraine. I needed to rest, not having truly slept or eaten for several months. Mostly though, I needed water, and my canteen and bottle were empty.

To tell the truth, I was about ready to collapse before I saw an old, intact, restaurant building. If I remembered correctly, it was once a large Wendy's. The large and tall sign with the red head on it still slightly standing. I smiled, actually craving a chocolate malt and chilly cheese fries suddenly. It was a few more yards away, but I just barely made it, opening the double glass doors of Wendy's.

I sighed, the temperature of inside the building considerably cooler than it was outside. I started to relax, letting the coolness wash over me, the dripping of old pipes echoing throughout the place. But as soon as I sniffed the air I tensed. I could smell the virus, a very powerful infected. My body went ridged, and as soon as my hand was about to land on my pistol, a noise drifted up to me.


I looked down and there, right in front of me, was a fuzzy orange kitten. I smiled, kneeling down to her, a fuzzy feeling in me surfacing. I got on my knees and started petting the kitten, and instantly she purred, her cute little yellow brown eyes sparkling and happy. I just couldn't stop smiling as I watched her, her cute little tail, adorable little nose. It'd been a long while since I felt this kind of feeling inside my stomach, only the memories of my sister when she was a baby making me feel like this.

"Lena." A cracked and dry voice, most likely that way from lack of use, drifted from around the corner of one of the walls. Footsteps echoed, and then a young figure wearing a tarp around her shoulders emerged, her eyes glowing green. I looked up, a hand still petting the kitten, to analyze the girl in front of me. She was what I smelled, another infected.

We just watched each other, gazes not drifting away, eyes locked. The kitten meowed again, loudly, trying to get my attention and affection. I smiled and looked down at her, petting her fuzzy warm and smooth orange fur. This infected, Elite or Chosen, was the caretaker of such a young and helpless animal. If that was true, surely she was not a monster like the others?

"You know I had a kitten like her once, but she was a he, and I named him Leonardo. I even made him wear a red beret like the Leo in Assassin's Creed two. I really liked Leo, always wanted to meet the real Leonardo da Vinci, of course I have no time machine." I state, just trying to break the ice, test the waters, and see if she'll still attack even if I'm a friendly.

The girl just watches, analyzes, moving slowly, never saying a thing. But her movements provide words, her shoulders relax, her stance less tense, but she still seemed ready if things got hairy. Hey, in this world, that's as good as things get. I could sense everything she could possibly say, so I knew we were good.

The girl goes and sits down against a wall in the same vicinity as me and the kitten. I pet her one last time before getting up and dropping some of my things on some carpet that had seen better days. Leaving my back pack, I mark the space as mine, and I sit Indian style, stripping other things from my body so that I could stretch out and lay down. It still felt strange, lying down on my tail, but it was easy to adjust and get used to.

I lay down, my gun holster, knife, magnum, cloak, sunglasses, and pen pouch laid out all around me. I turn my head to watch the kitten, it begins to play with loose threads coming out of the carpet and I smile. I then turn my eyes to the other infected, she's watching the kitten carefully, protectively, but still seems to smile at her playfulness. I feel lonely lying by myself, so I walk over to the kitten and sit down beside her, it does not go unnoticed that the other infected watches me closely.

"So," I start, my hands playing with the kitten. "You said her name was Lena?" I try to get the infected to speak, so I could start a conversation, but all she does is nod. I feel like pouting, the quiet and tenseness in the room driving me nuts. "What's your name then? People call me Angel if you're interested." I say, looking over at her. I see the scars, not the physical, but the mental and emotional ones left on her by the world, through her eyes. She just glances at me, not saying a word, as if she was expecting me to be telepathic. I sighed.

I stood up again, and the girl, wrapped up in a brown tan tarp, auburn hair sticking out, watches me as I walk past her. I look for the leaking pipes in the building; I nearly trip over the girl's stuff as I look. She has a blue hiking back pack, a sword, a gun, a shotgun, and her own bottle lying out. I analyze her weapons, still coated in blood, warm, fresh, and I feel for her. The slightly dried blood all over me protests against such sympathy, I didn't kill to survive; I killed for the pleasure of watching my own mother die by my hands. Guilt wraps around my heart like a snake and I nearly choke.

Only the thought of the fact I saved Darwin too, was the only thing keeping that guilt from swallowing me up. Even stone feels the after effects of rage, no matter how well placed it was. I shake off the feeling to find the dripping pipe. I find it in the back, behind the register counter, in the kitchen. The pipes dripping with condensation and it's created a puddle of what looks like clear water below it.

I take the canteen from my pocket and fill it up, taking a few swings in between, and re-filling it along the way. The water was cold and clean, or as clean as floor water gets, but there were no complaints from me, I was super thirsty. As long as it wasn't contaminated I was good.

I fill my canteen up and walk back up to the front of Wendy's, where Lena the kitten is asleep on Unknown infected's lap. It was cute, the orange fur ball being so closed to such a closed off girl. I sit by her, and watch the kitten's chest rise and fall. The girl is unfazed by my closeness, and I sit shoulder to shoulder with her. "It's amazing, that something so small could be so strong to survive in a world like this." When I say this I think of both the young girl and the kitten, and I just wonder at them.

The girl hums in agreement and I look eye to eye with her again. "Could you at least tell me what they call you? I promise not to tell anyone else, it's just so lonely, to feel and sense someone so close, but to know they're so far away." I say this sincerely, looking at her, and she looks taken aback, as if she thought no one would ever feel the same way as she did. She nodded though, looking away again.

"They call me Outsider." Her cracked voice replied and I smiled, like me she had no name, just adopted any one that called to her. We were kindred spirits, stuck in such a cruel world, where the sky was grey.


Outsider didn't talk at all after that, but I spoke for the two of us, telling her about my dad and sister, how I was going to go kill Wesker and avenge the people's whose lives he destroyed. The girl gave me a look, one that spoke a thousand words, as I spoke of my mission. I think she supported it, as after that night, the both of us sleeping in the run down Wendy's, the next day when we departed she gave me a thumbs up and disappeared south, down that desert road.

I felt good, refreshed, after finding out that infected like Outsider existed. So I put my hood back up, sunglasses on my nose, as I followed that road north, heading to find my dad. My mission had just become one person more important. Now I traveled down this desert road for not only myself but for Darwin and Outsider too. So that one day we might all be free again.


The tar road didn't last much longer north. It seemed to just fade away the farther I went, until there was no more of it in sight, the same for the cars too. I wondered what could have been powerful enough to wipe the black off of the black top road. Really, something told me I didn't want to know.

I actually had to travel through the night this time, day quickly waning away like shore line on the ocean. Soon the moon was up, full, guiding, the North Star with it. My tail twitched, seeming happy to be able to move around again.

Dune after dune I climbed over, even far into the night I didn't stop, I was too anxious to see him. So anxious I didn't think of a cover story for my eyes or tail. I just kept going, like a robot with energizer batteries.

But finally, as the moon herself started to descend again, I hiked up one last dune and got stuck at the top, marveling at what was at the bottom. There was the BSAA refugee camp, and it was huge! Lights were on, a hundred generators going powering a thousand tents that were here and there on the tall fenced off camp grounds. Men and women in uniforms patrolled the grounds even at this hour, huge guns in their arms. An automated machine gun, or actually two, were set up at the front gates. The fence was wired, electric currents going through it, and a machine that I recognized as an infected sensor was set up there too, at the front gates.

I sat down on the dune, putting my tail up again, sand getting in my pants as I put my hands to my head, distressed. How was I supposed to get past all of that security to see Dad? I'd be gunned down within a second of stepping in. This wasn't like all of those run down towns with bars in churches, this was a BSAA run camp, and the BSAA were totally anti-infected. Bigots. But I couldn't blame them, the rest of my kind were pretty much jerk asses.

But I couldn't sit here and wallow in hopelessness; I had to get a plan, think of something! I had to see them again, see Lily and Dad! This is why I'd come all this way, to see them again! I wasn't giving up now, not after all I'd gone through!

I racked my brain for an idea, analyzed the camp ground for hours, but couldn't see any chink in the BSAA's figural armor. I feel like shouting, blowing off some steam by killing an Ender, but I knew better than that. I roll my shoulders in frustration, begging for anything to come and give me inspiration.

The ground began to quake abruptly then, and all of a sudden I wonder if the world was actually listening to my thoughts. The sand trembled underneath me, and I knew I had to move, or else I'd get stuck in quick sand. I jump, rolling as I hit the side of the dune, and end up at the bottom, on the ground again. I shake off the sand quickly and then look up, to see a giant shadow looming over me. My eyes widen, breath quicken, heart stopping, and frozen solid, as I see a humongous Death Eater; worm Ender, above me.

This worm Ender, whose mouth was wide open, ready to eat me, was ten times the size of an elephant. It could have swallowed an elephant whole, matter-of-fact, and it was bearing down on me at an incredible rate. I rolled, as hard as it was, away from the worm's descending mouth. It faded into the sand, disappearing. I took in as much air as I could, getting up quickly, running away as fast as I could. But I could feel it, sense the viral infection in its blood, as it slithered beneath the sand, following me.

"DAMN IT!" I shout, it echoes, me suddenly noticing that I was in a cavern, high walls of rock all around us, except for where I had come from, where there was a wall of sand dunes. So, essentially, there was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. This made me even more frustrated, and I started running backwards so I could frantically shoot at the moving sand behind me.

"WHY!" Shoot. "DO I!" Shoot. "HAVE!" Shoot. "SUCH BAD!" Shoot. "FUCKING LUCK!" Click. Click. Click. Click. "DAMN IT ALL TO FUCKING HELL!" My gun had jammed, at such a time; it had jammed on me, leaving me to fight a Death Eater Ender with only my knife. An Ender, may I remind you, that was a thousand times my own size. Infected with super powers or not that was just impossible.

So I holstered the gun and just started running, running to the closest place my brain registered as safety. I ran, without thinking, to the gates of the BSAA camp. I started yelling too, at the top of my lungs, as I raced against the Ender to the camp. But my luck picked up a bit that day, as the people manning the huge machine guns at the gates pointed them at the worm. It screamed and screeched, high pitched enough to almost make my ears bleed, as the guns filled it full of lead. Then, out of nowhere, a slightly chubby old guy with red graying hair came out to me, magnum shooting at the worm, as he ushered me inside the gates.

And you know what? The viral infection sensors weren't even turned on! Seriously, what are the odds?

"You okay?" The old guy asked as the both of us, now behind the gates, took in gulps of breath, tired from running away from that stupid worm. His eyes looked concerned; trying to make sure I hadn't been hurt.

I nodded, still breathing deep as I held up a thumb. "It didn't get me, thanks to you guys. Thank you, seriously." I looked at him, seriously thankful that that worm hadn't gotten to eat me. I brushed myself off as I straightened up, my lungs not burning so bad anymore.

"I'm glad and you're welcome, it's what we do kid." The man states proudly, seeming to be happy I was okay. His breathing is still heavy and he's having a hard time straitening up, so I guessed he was pretty old, yet still in the game. Pretty impressive. He puts his hand out then, a friendly greeting on his tongue. "I'm Barry, glad to see you're still breathing kid."

I shake his hand, nodding and smiling at him. "Angel, and that's only because of you, Barry." I reply, looking around as I shake his hand. The camp is just as impressive on the inside as it was on the outside, but now I can see all of the scary uniformed soldiers up close. I can only hope I survive long enough to see my dad, before these guys catch wind of what I am. It's a terrifying feeling, being in the camp of those that want to rip you to pieces.

"Well Angel, you come here for safety or family. 'Cause obliviously you were contemplating something while sitting up on that dune for so long." Barry says, a huge smile on his face, voice so nice and caring yet strong and protective. My gut told me that at some point he was a dad too. I give him a flabbergasted look, thinking that no one had seen me up there. He chuckles deeply, his laugh full of mirth. "I've had two girls myself, then three grandkids, I can read you like book kid."

I feel a little insulted but this man reminds me too much of my dad for me to get upset, so I nod, shrugging, letting my expressions admit I could get nothing past him. I grin and rub the back of my neck embarrassedly. "Yeah, you got me; I was told my dad was here." I explain.

"Right." Barry nods, thumb stroking his peppered beard. "What's his name?" He asks, looking me square in the eyes, well, through my sunglasses anyway.

"Dean, Dean Allen." I tell him and the man's eyes instantly light up, a smile full of that same mirth on his face.

"You're Dean's girl! That's incredible! He never stops talking about you, you know! He's been worried sick about you and you're sister!" Barry states, half happily, half frustrated, the type of frustration a father would get when one of their children stays out late without calling. But he lets it go and just grins, waving me to follow him. "Come on! I know exactly where Dean is, he'd hate me for talking his daughter's ear off before he even knew she was here, frankly he'd right out kill me." He laughs at the statement, continuing to ramble, as I just raise a brow at him.

To tell the truth I'm only half taking in anything Barry ever says, I can only think of seeing my dad again, my heart dancing, singing, in excitement. We walk for a while and he leads me to a tent near the back of the third row of other tents. I stop at the entrance of one and he tells me to go in, which I do, slowly opening the flap on the tent. My heart beat races, adrenaline pumping in my system, and I feel like jumping out of my skin I'm so ecstatic to see him again.

There, at the back, is a tall black haired man, folding clothes silently. He's turned away from me though, sitting on a wooden chair as he folds and puts pants in a dresser. He sighs and calls over his shoulder; "What do you want Barry? I thought Claire put you on watch for the day?" He says exasperated, but with a bit of playfulness in his tone. I know that voice, oh so well, and my heart swells, I feel tears of joy prick at my eyes.

I clench my hands together, resisting the urge to run up and hug his neck like I always used to do. "It's not Barry." I say lightly, trying to make sure my voice doesn't crack. Dad's shoulders tense, he's frozen as my voice registers in his ears, and slowly, as if time was slowing down right then and there, Dad turns his head.

As soon as he sees me, the chair is pushed over, creating a loud noise as Dad's on his feet and running over to me. The next thing I know I'm in his arms, all out crying like a little girl, as he hugs me so tight. His face is in my neck, and for the second time in my life I feel his tears roll down my skin. He only hugs tighter as the seconds pass, the both of us sobbing into each other, back together after so long. I was finally home, where I belonged, in my father's arms. I felt so happy, I just couldn't stop crying.

"I'm," My dad swallows thickly, still in mid-sob. "So h-happy t-to see you a-a-alive!" He tries to talk as he's crying, and I cry harder as he says this, my nightmare not coming true. I felt like my heart was about to burst with happiness and pure joy.

I had been in a coma for two years, and then traveled through the cruelest wasteland world for two more, nearly getting killed by Elite, humans, and Enders. I got stopped at every town, so much hate and despair there, hunted like an animal by my own kind. I got trapped, nearly killed, around every corner as I tried to survive through the desert. I got my chest caved in by a blonde girl, got nicknamed Angel by humanity, Devil by the Elite, and captured by an insane scientist and tortured by him too. He gave me a tail and I find out the woman who made my dad cry so long ago was responsible for it all and that my entire life was a lie.

I went through every second of that to be where I was right now, and it almost seemed as if the sky was blue again.


We didn't part for a long time, the world seeming so perfect as we were there, molded together. But when we do my dad keeps his hands on my shoulders, reluctant to let me out of his grasp, worried I'd vanish into thin air like an illusion, it was vice versa with that one.

"I'm so happy to see you! Where have you been?" He asks, concerned, his blue eyes stormy like I remember them being. I open my mouth to answer but he covers my lips with his finger before I can. "No, better yet, I don't want to know. All that matters is that you're here now." He hugs me again, eyes bright, smile glued to his face, but the hug is quick and then he grabs my wrist, tugging me somewhere. "But we better get you an ID card, if Claire finds out an unknown was in the camp for this long, she'd have a fit." He says, trying to tug me out of the tent.

But my heart stops and my dad can't budge me. I look away, ashamed, as he looks at me, confused and concerned. "I can't." I state quietly, shyly, scared that as soon as my dad knows that the gentle touches will turn into disgusted pushes.

"Why?" He asks in a whisper, no more than an inch away from me, his hands rubbing up and down my arms soothingly. He touches my chin, trying to get me to look at him, but I refuse, my eyes blood shot, becoming watery again. "You can tell me, I promise."

I look at him then, sniffling, and cross my arms. "Don't freak out, okay?" He nods, but I'm still scared, as my hand goes to my sunglasses. I am beyond reluctant, and I only touch the rim of the sunglasses for a while, not wanting to pull them off. Suddenly, another hand is pulling them away, and I give my dad a surprised look as he pulls my sunglasses off himself. My heart freezes as I watch his reaction, at first he is surprised, but not scared, and soon he's putting the sunglasses in his pocket and smiling at me, his hand rubbing my cheek soothingly as a scared look is still on my face.

"It's okay." He says so gently, his thumb rubbing circles on my face. "You're still my daughter, no matter what color your eyes are." My dad explains, his eyes sky blue and so bright now, no fear or shock on his face anymore, just acceptance.

Tears return to my eyes, and without rational thought, I fling myself at my father and bury my face in his chest, sobbing and crying again. While I cry my father pats my back and rubs down my spine, gently telling me everything was going to be okay.

The world was officially perfect again.


I found myself sitting in an overly large tent, with a waiting room, which is where I was. My dad had taken my sunglasses and refused to give them back, the looks the soldiers had given me were terrifying, and I ended up hiding inside my dad's grasp, trembling in fear. I felt so vulnerable without my sunglasses, like I was two again and surrounded by bullies that could see how weak and frail I was, easy to pick on. But the whole time my dad had shielded me, sure that he could talk the supervisor of this camp into letting me stay. I just hadn't dropped the bomb about me leaving soon.

As much as I loved being with my dad I still had a mission, I couldn't stay forever, maybe just a few nights, if any at all. Dad had just barely let me drop my stuff before dragging me to the tent they called HQ. I felt more comfortable being able to roll my shoulders without back pack straps on them. I figured I'd tell my dad about the tail later.

I could hear yelling now, most likely about me, and I got worried about my dad, especially when I heard something get thrown across the room and get shattered. Before thinking I acted, standing and running into the office area of the tent, which was only sectioned off by a tarp. I ran in and saw five different people circled around a table, a broken vase with roses shattered at my dad's feet. I felt angry someone would throw something like that at him, so I narrowed my eyes, and like a mirror, everyone in the room glaring at me did the same.

"So this is her?" A woman with deep red hair and blue eyes asked, pointing an accusing finger at me. She looked furious and I guessed she was Claire and that she had one Hell of a grudge against infected.

"Yeah," I cockily put my hands on my hips, sneering at her. "I'm 'her', name's Angel by the way, Red Head." I notice both the flash of confusion on my dad's face and the look of growing concern. I dismiss it, people I could handle, waiting I couldn't. "If you don't want me here you could just have the balls to tell me!" I shout, crossing my arms as the air gets tense.

Suddenly the blond man beside Claire points at me too, a look of remembrance on his face. "I remember you." He states, and I raise a brow at him, he did look familiar. "Helena and I helped you and your sister back in DC four years ago." The blond explains, and a quick second long flash back of memory helps me remember his name and what he's talking about.

"Leon Scott Kennedy? The only guy in the world that introduces himself with his full name?" I ask, smiling at the memory, yet felt sad about it. That day had been the darkest day of human history, yet a blond dude showed up out of nowhere with his hot sidekick and saved the day. Well, he kinda saved the day.

"Yeah," He nods, grinning, hair swaying. "Damn, I thought you were dead." He admits, and really I had been, I think I was dead for those two years that I have absolutely no account of. If I was right the virus had been what breathed life back into my body. It was an Earth shattering thought, to be saved by the thing that destroyed so much.

"Yeah, me too." I nod and the room goes silent, a pregnant pause, as I feel ashamed to be what I am. The venom of the Earth, hiding in the shadows trying to cure everyone's snake bites with my own poison.

"Look," Claire begins to talk, breaking the silence, her teeth grinding. "We don't accept infected here, so you need to go back where ever you came from and stay there." She says cruelly, crossing her arms, her word law, the law made. I understood such thinking but that didn't mean I didn't feel stung when she said it.

I glare at her. "What did the infected ever do to you lady, shesh." I grimace, folding my arms as I pout. I was acting childish, but maybe that was because I was surrounded by people that were actually twice my age for once.

Claire fumes, furious. The look on her face, fire in her icy eyes, scares everyone in the room. But I stare down creatures with blood colored eyes for a living, her fury was nothing, she was constrained by morals, while the things I had fought were not. "They took my brother!" She shouts, clearly her wounds of lose still raw and hurting. I felt her pain, so exact and the same, and I didn't look away, but I calmed myself, with pure understanding and sympathy.

I look sympathetically at her, my eyes looking far deeper into her's now. "Yeah well, they took me away from my entire family." I counter, our gazes locked in a stare down. "Tell me about your brother and I'll leave." The request shocks everyone, even Claire looks taken aback, but thinks it over. Reluctantly she nods, agreeing. "Got a picture?" I ask innocently, and I have no idea why I'm doing this but I do it anyway. It just so happens that, like me, Claire keeps a picture of her brother close to her, folded in her pocket. She pulls it out and shows it to me. "So, what was Chris like?"


Claire had lightened up while talking about her brother, and we ended up finishing our conversation over hot chocolate and cookies, in her tent. It was hours before she was finished and when she was I told her about my journey, my goal, and her sight of me changed, her gaze holding admiration now instead of disgust. When we were done she said I could stay for the night but I had to be gone by morning, I nodded to Claire as I left her tent. I actually ended up keeping her picture of Chris, tucking it away in my pocket. After hearing about how he had rivaled against Wesker for so long I thought his memory might give me some strength.

My dad was looking through my journal by the time I had gotten back. The tent was dark, night time falling again, the stars out and shining, and my dad was hunched over my journal, a small lantern like light hanging from the top of the inside of the tent, giving him light to read. His expression was so intense as he read, and from how thick the right side of the journal was I guessed he was almost done. I had a very strong urge to run up and rip the journal from his hands, not let him see what I've become, but it was too late now.

I just stood there, silent, frozen, as Dad closed the journal and stood. For a while he just stood there, next to the bed he had been sitting on, not saying anything, just staring at the ground. Then his stormy eyes were back, gazing deeply at me, and soon he was hugging me tightly again, a mantra of sorry spurting out of his sobbing throat. He held my head in his hands, pushing my face into his shoulder as he expected me to cry, but I didn't, I just felt a cold throbbing sensation inside of me.

"I can't believe….you've been through so much, I'm so sorry. I thought you had just changed your name, but you actually don't remember what your name really is. I-" My dad is emotional, trying to apologize for something that isn't his fault. Just like Mom he thinks I'm still me, not a monster created from a virus, which just happens to have the memories and body of who I used to be. So I cut him off and push him away.

"Don't." I say sternly, shaking my head. I try to sound as serious as possible without sounding upset, because I wasn't, none of this was his fault, and I didn't blame him for it. "Don't say my name." I tell him, face set in a blank expression. "I'm not her anymore." I look down, away, ashamed to not be the girl who used to star gaze with her dad and make breakfast for her little sister. "But you don't have to be sorry," I explain sincerely, holding his hands tightly as he listened intently. "None of this is your fault, and I'm still alive." I smile then and a ghost of a smile shows up on my dad's face. "So it's all good." I shrug.

My dad shakes his head, eyes still stormy. "No, it's not." He takes in a deep breath and sighs. "But I guess it can be for a while." That's when I really smile and start dragging my dad out of the tent this time. He lets me but with confusion on his face. I turn him to look at the stars, and I do the same as I hold his hand tightly. "The North Star." He says, his old eyes, greying beard, yet still dark hair, looking up at the sky, sight trained on the brightest star in the sky.

"Yeah," I nod and then I begin to tell my dad everything like I had Claire. Sure he had read snippets of it out of my journal, but I was a much better story teller through words not writings. I told him of my long journey, of everything I had gone through, myself. But unlike the journal I told him the good bits too; Darwin, Desmond, Outsider, and Kitten Lena.

The people I had meant in my travels, the incredible people with huge hearts, and courage to stand up against what they believed to be a God. I even told him about my mission against Wesker, and through our entire one sided conversation the two of us watched the stars, holding tightly onto each other in this ravenous ocean of a world, so that we wouldn't accidentally drift apart. We had been separated for far too long.

"So," I take a deep breath, catching the sight of a shooting star in the deep dark twinkling night. "That's about it." I admit and my dad kinda grins at that, thinking silently, 'that all?' sarcastically. It was a lot to take in, especially for him. "But hey," I turn to him, not letting go of his hand. "Where's Lily?"

I don't miss the sudden look of sorrow and depression in Dad's eyes as I mention Lily. He looks away, about ready to cry again, shattering at the mention of my little sister, and I feel like crumbling, just thinking that she might be dead. Dad takes a couple of deep breaths before he can look back at me, he's trying to be strong for me again, a fake smile on his face as his grip tightens on my hand again, and he just looks at me for a moment.

"Lily is-"


And suddenly I was drifting in the dark depths of the ocean again.

My eyes widen dramatically, blood all over my face, heart hammering faster than ever before, I feel like I'm about to have a heart attack as I breathe in very quick shallow breaths. Tears, streaming tears, instantly are dripping down my chin, seconds after the gun shot has gone off. All I can think to do is scream.

"DAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDD! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O!" There is a hole in his head, right between where stormy eyes used to be, and his body crumbles to the ground and I go with it, hysterical. "NOOOOOO! NO! NO!NO!NO!NO!" I shake my head frantically, tears going everywhere, as I grip my dad's hand tightly, the grip he had returned gone, dead, and cold. His eyes are still open, still looking at me, but all the color is gone. I grip his hand harder than I should and I think had he still been alive he would have complained about a broken palm. "PLEASE! NO!" My head is on his chest, other hand shaking his shattered body. My knees hurt from the rocks tearing into the skin on my shins, but I don't even feel it, my head on my dad's chest, trying to hear a heartbeat.

"WHY! WHY! DAMN IT! I JUST GOT YOU BACK! DON'T YOU DARE FUCKING DIE ON ME!" I'm yelling, screaming, shouting, from where my head is buried and I don't stop. The tears never stop, the hurt never stops, the ache never stops, and the sky is grey again. The world back in Post-Paradise. I only get a moment of crying, of mourning my dad before a gun is touching my temple, the same gun that killed my father, and I look up.

A young guy, late twenties maybe, is grinning down at me, his whole aura feeling wicked and disgusting like black ooze. His teeth show through the grin, like that of a hungry predator. He's wearing sunglasses and I can smell virus on him like he just went dumpster diving. A pristine white suit adorns his body, dirty blond hair neatly cut at the top of his head. He's tall, good strong muscle on him, black leather shoes with matching gloves. He reminds me too much of Lockheart.

I jump back quickly, using my new speed, but reluctant to leave my dad's side, I try and get the gun from his hands but he's just as fast, if not faster, and turns the tides, grabbing my wrist and throwing me over his shoulder. I land, back down, on the ground, but through pure adrenaline and painful painful emotions I'm up in the time someone could bat an eyelash. I try attacking him again, but his movements are precise, measured, well trained, he has me in a head lock I can't get out of in a matter of thirty seconds. He has the upper hand, precise thought out and reflexive movements always winning over just plain all-out rage. I fumed in his grasp, struggling as hard as I could, but he wouldn't budge, he was like stone.

"Why?" I whispered behind gritted teeth, pure rage so blinding coming from me, tears still running down my cheeks. The man does something surprising though. He adjusts the head lock to where it seems like he's hugging me, his lips just barely touching my ear as he pets my head gently and shushs me. Just like what Lockheart did back at the lab, the movements work to calm me down; even though it is against my will I feel the virus in me purring, like a cat getting petted by its master. I try to fight the effects but I am no match against the thing keeping me alive.

"Because he was the last thing in your way, making you weak, human." He explains in such a soft voice it lulls me, my head falling back on his shoulder, another movement I myself did not make. I was beginning to freak out, I had no control, it seemed like this guy knew exactly what to do to pull my strings.

"Bastard!" I yell whispered, my heart beat evening out, breaths slow, eye lids getting heavy. I want to yell in his face, scream at him to stop, but I can't, my body feels drained all of a sudden. "Who," I try and blink the weariness out of my eyes. "Who are you?" I'm looking at his sunglasses now, and I can just barely make out the red and gold cat eyes behind them.

"My alias is Alex Smith." He grinned seeing the look on my face of realization. This was the man that shot me four years ago, the man who turned me into a monster and experimented on me for two years while I was in a coma. This was the very man my mom had been talking about. "But you can call me Alex Wesker." The superior smile stays on his face as my breaths quicken again.

This man wasn't an Elite, he wasn't a Freak, or an Ender. He wasn't even a Chosen; he was a fucking Wesker Child! I was so screwed!

"Time to sleep now, Angel." Alex says calmly, gently, into my ear and my eyelids get to heavy to keep open. I find myself encompassed by darkness, but even in that darkness I find no peace. I have nightmares of my dad dying right in front of me every second while I slept.

Not only that I knew when I woke up I'd have to deal with a Wesker Child.



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