"So did you hear about Wonder Woman farting endlessly on this show last night?" Aquaman asked Green Lantern.

Green Lantern nodded his head slowly, folding his arms together. "Yeah, it was pretty hilarious. Never pegged her to have so much gas in her."

"Speaking of gas," Space Ghost interrupted as he was buck naked for some reason, standing in front of the Justice League members. "...the bit I'm about to show you is quite the gas!"

Aquaman and Green Lantern just stared at him silently as Space Ghost sighed, running the old projector, which was just about to explode from old age.

Space Ghost tapped his blue card on his desk several times as he sighed. "Well, it's mighty boring here. Maybe I'll do something fun." He turned to the Zoroark. "What do you think?"

The Zoroark was sipping some coffee, ignoring Space Ghost as it had its eyes closed.

Space Ghost blinked as he turned his head around, facing the camera. "Ladies and gentlemen of television land, it has come to my attention that things are a bit boring here." He glanced back at the Zoroark, then faced the camera again. "Damn it, Moltar, where the hell are you?"

After the video played, the projector exploded, causing all the ceiling tiles to fall down, knocking everyone. Space Ghost emerged from the pile of ceiling tiles as he glanced around, blinking as he noticed parts of the bodies of Aquaman and Green Lantern sticking out.

"Man, did my penis always smell like fish?" Space Ghost remarked as he pulled up his white pants, squinting his eyes. "Well, I need to do more laundry."