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kay. so. this is my story. that is half created. i say half becuz its very based on a book called She's So Dead To Us by Kieran Scott. it's a good book, if you haven't read (or even heard of) it before.

sjkgbskgb, here's the story.


disclaimer: James Patterson. Kieran Scott. nuff said.


"Sweetie, what do you think?"

What do I think? Honestly, it's crap. Shit, poo, dung, and whatever other synonym you can think of. Plus, my darling little butt is screaming at me for sitting in a car for hours. Not that that was my fault. Why would I want to be stuck in a car for what felt like an eternity, just to end up in my old neighbourhood, in which I moved away from about three years ago to get away, and get stuck with having to think of an opinion for this grey dump of a building that I will now be calling 'home' for I-don't-know-how-long.

But if I'm smart, then I won't voice my lovely honest opinion. Because, well, I don't think my mom will want to hear my honest opinion. It'll probably either get her pissed, or just depressed. And she's already tired out of her mind. I happen to have a heart, so I ended up saying something she'd love to hear.

I smiled and said, "I love it."

Mom grinned at me, lighting up her tired, baggy eyes.

"It's great, I know. But sweetie, don't worry, it's not permanent." She turned around to yell at some mover guys, before facing me again. "I'm saving up to get a cute little house in the neighbourhood. Jenny said that we should be able to move out of here soon enough."

Jenny Martinez-my old friend Ella's mom. I guess you could say that Jenny's the only real friend my mom has left from this neighbourhood. Jenny understands what happened, and doesn't blame us for it, knowing that it's my dad's fault, and not ours.

I realized my mom was still talking, but I haven't heard a single thing she said. I told her that I was going to go for a run. I ran off before she could stop me.

Where was I running to? I actually have no idea.

This place, lovely old Ash Creek, is both so familiar and so different. All my old favourite places I used to hang out in, the endless about of stores that sold pretty much everything, the park I loved running around in, and so on. It's crazy how many memories a place could have. Then again, I was raised here since I could walk. Now here I am again. And I'm going to have to face some people that I hoped I wouldn't have to ever face again.

Oh crap.

What will they do when they see me? Will they welcome me as one of them again? Or are they mad? Hell, of course they're mad. They should be. I just hope they're not mad at me. But I doubt that.

Damn you, dad. You did this to me. You did this to mom. How could you ever think that running away will ever solve anything? How could you lose our money? Not just ours, but all my friends' family's money? I bet they all hate me because of you. They probably won't ever speak to me again. They'll probably just-

And there goes my attempt at optimism. Well, I didn't really try to begin with, so, whatever.

Dropping any thoughts of my dad, I realized where I was standing.

I looked up at the gated entrance to the Light Circle-the exclusive street for the rich. A street full of big mansions, fancy cars, and people with big jobs and big amounts of money. Also known as my old street, and the street where my old friends still live in.

Without a thought, I started to run again, past all the houses. I looked to my right and saw Ella's place, and across the street is Nudge's mansion, which stood beside Angel's place. In front of her is where Dylan lives, and beside him, the Griffiths Twins-Iggy and Gazzy. Lastly, across from the twins' mansion, stood my very old home, looking the same as I could ever imagine. I ran right up the driveway and around the front yard and halted at a tree. My old special Ride tree; planted when I was only three. I couldn't resist-I hugged it. Yes, I, Max Ride, just hugged a tree. I am the official new tree hugger of the century.

"Why are you hugging a tree?"

Startled out of my pants (if only), I jumped back from the tree and looked up. A guy that looked my age, with shaggy black hair and just as dark eyes, was leaning out the window of my old bedroom.

"That's my room."

The guy raised his brow. "You sure 'bout that?"

"Eh, pretty much."

"Prove it."

The corner of my lips twitched. "Go the closet. Look in the back right corner. It should have 9.03 on the wall."

He just stared at me with a blank expression, the most blank-est expression I've ever seen. Then he turned around and walked away from the window.

After a moment, he came back and said, "You're right. Care to elaborate?"

I smirked. "That's my 100m dash record."



"Then prove this." He said with a smirk of his own. A very, very attractive smirk.

I mock shook my head. "What is with boys and trust? Can't a girl get anyone to believe her these days?"

He chuckled. "One sec." And he turned around and went off again.

And before I could decide whether or not to leave or just stand here awkwardly, the guy was running out the door toward me.

Oh jeez. Up close, he's tall; taller than me, with broad and fairly muscular shoulders. He's wearing all black for some reason; black shirt, dark denim jeans, black shoes, and the like. As much as I hate admitting anything that has to do with something a typical girl would squeal over, this guy looks good. Real good. Like so good that-


I blinked. "Wha-?"

He smirked. "I don't believe you. So race me."

I grinned a wicked grin. "You're on. But just to help ease your ego, there's no way in hell that you'll win. Got that?"

His eyes sparkled. "We'll see." He bent down to tighten his laces.

And my phone rang.

"Ya?" My politeness just doesn't get better than that. Literally.

"Max? Where are you? The movers need you to know where to put your stuff."

I glance down at the guy. Damn…

"Be there in five." The guy looked up at me, and I swear, in the few minutes in which I have met him, I can tell that he wasn't an emotional puss, but his expression right now..

"I have to go."

"Wait. You lived here. So you know the flock. Right? Angel, Nudge, Ella, Dylan, and the Incredible Idiots."

Ah. The flock. Oh how much I missed them.

Then I started laughing when I realized what he called the Griffiths Twins.

He smirked. "Suits them well, don't you think?"

I nodded, smiling. "Definately. Then again, of course, I'm the one who came up with that name. Along with the Pyro Twins, and the Dynamic Duo. But that last one is a little to 'dynamic' for them."

"You came up with them? Genius."

"Glad to know someone appreciates my amazing-ness."

He shook his head, chuckling. "There's this end-of-summer party at Sam Luke's place. You should come."

I froze. And I swear my cheeks tinted a disgustingly rose colour. Screw you cheeks. "Um, maybe." I looked at my phone. Only three minutes for me to get home. "I really have to go now."

"One race?"

"Next time."

He nodded. Is that disappointment in his eyes? "I'm holding you to that."

I smiled. "Of course you are." I turned around, and with one last glance over my shoulder, I ran.


"Ten more laps! Another ten for the last five people!"

What the hell, Coach. We're not fish. We don't have jet packs. Or energy boosters. It's only about time before someone freely drowns themselves from this.

"Just ten more. Better not be last, Fang. Unless you want ten more, of course." The boy beside me, Dylan, smirked.

"No way, man. No way in freaking hell." And with that, I swam off, Dylan behind me.

"Five more laps!"

No comment. There's honestly nothing to even say about this.

"Three more!" Coach turned to some kid placing last. ''Kick those legs, Hans! Move your arms and- Don't stop! Do you want to-"

I'm just not going to listen to that anymore.

One more lap to go, and I'm done. The wall it right there and-


I hopped out of the pool and leaned against the wall.

"That was killer." Dylan said, coming up beside me.

"No really." I shook my head, splashing water around me. Suddenly, I thought about that girl from yesterday. She wasn't that bad looking. Not overly dressed, which I'm glad for, and her smile… "Hey D, what's with the girl that used to live in my house?"

Dylan froze. "What?"

"I saw her on my yard yesterday."

Dylan's eyes grew into giant saucers. "You're kidding, right? Please tell me you're kidding. Damn, the girls are gonna freak if they hear that Max Ride is here."

Max Ride. Has a nice ring to it.

What am I thinking? Has a nice ring to it?

Somebody shoot me.

"I'm not kidding. Why?"

Dylan shook his head. "Some shit went down about three years ago. Basically, her dad just screwed all our families and our money went down the drain. Then they left town." He looked away into the distance. "She was part of the flock."

"She is?"

"Was. Past tense, dude." Dylan looked at me. "Is she hot?"

I blinked. "Uh, she's okay, I guess."

Dylan shook his head, for about the hundredth time. Then he looked me in the eyes head-on. "Don't."

I raised a brow. "Don't what?"

"She's off-limits."

I nodded slowly.

Max Ride. Her dirty blonde hair swept into a perfect ponytail. That flash of a smile that just seemed to light up everything. Those eyes that-

Snap out of it, Fang. Don't think about her. You heard Dylan.

She's off-limits.


What am I doing here? Why won't my stupid feet move? The fastest set of legs a 16-year-old could have, for once, is as still as a tree trunk. I keep telling myself it's simple. Just turn around, a three-sixty degree turn, and run for your life. Get out of here. Dead end.

But no. Of course not. I can't move. My stupid, stupid feet just won't freaking-

Wow. They move. It's a miracle. Unfortunately, they're headed the wrong way.


Toward the house. Sam Luke's house. The Sam Luke that I once dated. My first boyfriend. Who turned out to be a retard. Someone I really hoped to never come across, much less step into his house for a party that I wasn't even invited to. Great. Can't wait to see how this turns out.

One thing you should know about me: I'm not afraid. Nothing at all, really. But this, stepping into the house where my former friends will be, is a nightmare.

My hand somehow got a hold of Sam's door. And on the count of three, I will open this door.

Here goes nothing.




I'm in.

And the first thing I see is Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome with the tongue of a red-headed slut down his throat. Pleasant. He hooks up with one of the private school bitches. Just pleasant.

"Max." Someone breathed my name behind me.

I turned around to see Dylan G-D (don't ask me what those letters stand for. Nobody seems to know. Not even Dylan himself. Or his parents, or his grandparents, or his great grandparents, or his- you get the point).

I could say that I'm shocked to see him, which is both a lie and not really. Of course I expected him to be here. He's a Lighty. He lives on Light Circle. But that doesn't change the fact that Dylan's now a full-on teen guy. He actually looked good with his golden blonde hair and his muscle-y body. Last time I saw him, he was a pretty skinny kid. Not the most dazzling duckling.

But that was three years ago.

"Dylan." I practically whispered that. My voice seemed to have run away from me. Remind me to thank my voice later for that.

Dylan glanced around to see if anyone was watching, then gave me a brief hug. "Hey. How've you been? What are you doing here?"

I opened my mouth to reply, but my voice was still gone. I cleared my throat and was about to try again, when a sudden "Oh. Em. Gee." rang through the air, followed by the clacking of heels.

I spun around to see the one and only, Monique Napier, more commonly known as Nudge, standing in front of me.

I'll admit, at first glance, I couldn't believe it was Nudge. Sweet little Nudge, with her head full of cute little curls. Nudge who was always so chatty, she could literally talk your ear off. Nudge and her knack for fashion and all things girly, with her inner computer nerd self that no one but I knew about.

I looked at the Nudge now. This was not Nudge. Not the one I knew, at least.

This new Nudge was wearing scary-high heels, some small and ultra short things that I assume are supposed to be clothes, pin-straight hair, and a face caked with pounds of makeup.

Oh god, Nudge. What did you do to yourself?

"You." Nudge snarled at me. "You don't belong here, Asher." That's what people who don't live on Light Circle are called. Ashers. "Hell, you don't even belong here in Ash Creek anymore. Why are you even here, Ride? Is daddy here to take whatever else we have left?"

I was beyond shocked. I have never heard a single bad thing come out of that mouth of hers. And now…

"Well, tell him he can't. Tell your precious daddy to get the hell away from us."

"Guess what, Nudge. My 'daddy'? Yeah, well, he's gone. Nobody knows where the hell he is. So there. He won't be back. Happy?" I growled out. Hey, looks like my voice is back.

Nudge blinked. Obviously, she wasn't expecting that from me.

I took that moment to look around her. Ella Martinez, in all her glory, was standing beside Nudge, staring at me. On Nudge's other side, stood Angel Williams, looking as angelic as ever, also staring at me. Actually, everyone was staring at me, Including Mr. TDH, who stood a few steps behind Nudge.

Nudge seemed to have de-shocked herself. "Get out. Just get out. Get the freaking hell-"

Ella clamped her hand over Nudge's mouth. Nudge's eyes were blazing, the deadly glare giving me chills. Not because it's scary. Hell no. I just never thought those soft brown eyes could ever get that hard.

As Nudge continued to glare at me, Ella released her hand from covering Nudge's mouth, and walked up to me. Ella grabbed my shoulders, gently, and said, "You should leave."

I stared at Ella. I looked over her shoulder at Mr. TDH, who looked away, almost ashamed. My eyes skidded over to Angel, whose eyes looked like it was both apologetic and pleading at the same time.

I gulped. Then my anger started to build. "I-"

Cue the doors, slamming open. In came two boys, one tall and skinny, and the other slightly shorter. Both had goofy grins on their bright faces, hair soaked and messy.

After a moment, I realized that the tall and skinny kid with strawberry blonde hair is Jeff 'Iggy' Griffiths, and Zephyr 'Gazzy' Grifiths. The Pyro Twins. The Incredulous

"That was epic!" Gazzy high-fived Iggy.

"Hell to the yes! We gotta do that again! But first," Iggy said, with a wicked grin.

Gazzy grinned a grin that matched his twin's.


I mentally lmfao-ed. Boys will be boys.

Gazzy turned away from Iggy and was about to walk toward the kitchen, he froze. Iggy, who was walking behind his twin, ran into him.

"Hey, what's with the-?" And he stared.

Iggy and Gazzy broke off at the same time. I couldn't tell who said what, but all I heard was "MAXIMUM RIDE!" and "YOU'RE BACK!" and then I was crushed in a sandwich hug.

"Hey." I said, in a strained voice. Since, you know, I'm being crushed alive here. "Uh, ow?"

The Twins let go. Gazzy said, "How you been?"

I smiled a faint smile. Almost sad. But Max Ride does not show weakness. So she will not admit that the smile is pretty sad. And she noticed that she's talking about herself in third person.

"I have to go." I said, in a small voice, which makes me want to kill my vocal cords. But that's not really going to do anything.

Gazzy started stammering. Iggy moved him aside and said to me, "But you just got here."

"I know. But.." And with that, Max Ride sped out the door and down the street, once again speaking about herself in third.



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