Hey everyone. I'm not very good at writing, so..yeah. Sorry. More info about this story, Katniss and Haymitch are victors of district 2 instead of 12. Katniss used to live in district 12, but moved to district 2 when she was young to train for the games,so that one day, she'll win and be able to care for her family. Haymitch is victor of the second Quarter Quell, and Katniss is victor of the 73rd annual Hunger Games. Brutus and Enobaria are still victors from district 2, but don't mentor, since they decided that Katniss and Haymitch would be better. Haymitch is actually smart. The only living victor from 12 is Peeta Mellark, who won the 74th annual Hunger Games. Just to clear everything up. Enough blabbering, Enjoy.


I sigh and get dressed for today. It's the time of the year where twenty-three innocent children will die, and one child will no longer be innocent. I threw on what Cinna had laid out for me the night before, a sleeveless black lace dress, black military lace up combat boots, spike studdded mish mash bangles, and black miso feather spike drop earrings. I guess Cinna wanted me to look dark and scary. It'll work, it matches my mood.

I wake Prim up, and leave her in the hands of my mother and father to get her ready for the reaping, everyone's supposed to be present, eligible or not. I'm supposed to be there a bit early, since I'm a victor. As I go up the stage and take my seat, I notice that Haymitch, victor of the second Quartel Quell, is already there and taking a long swig out of his bottle of whiskey. I sigh. Things never change. This year, it's the third Quarter Quell. The twist this year is that two males from each district are to be reaped,and one girl. I'm brought out of my thoughts when Effie, our escort, speaks.

"Welcome,welcome. It's time to choose our courageous young men for this year's Quell." she squeals as she walks over to the huge glass bowl. She swishes her pale blue hand around, and pulls out a slip. Before she can read it, a deep voice calls out,

"I volunteer!" he says as he emerges from the crowd. He looks to be eighteen, the same age as I, with blonde hair that's spiked up, ice blue eyes, and great build. We might just have a new mentor replacing Haymitch for next year, and I don't know yet if that's a good thing or bad thing, I barely know the guy.

He slowly walks up to the stage, his icy gaze locked on me.

"What's your name?" Effie asks.

"Cato Stone,"

She nods, and takes out another slip.

"Mark Johnson,"

"I volunteer!" screams a voice.

"What's your name?"

"Gale Hawthorne," he says proudly.

She picks another slip, and reads off it.

"Jane Coleman!"

"There you have it, folks! Applause for your tributes, Cato Stone,Jane Coleman, and Gale Hawthorne!"

They all applaud loudly, and some of them even whistle and whoop. How can they cheer for something so horrible?

The tributes are then lead to the Justice building, where they say goodbye, while Haymitch and I head towards the train station. We wait there for ten minutes, and then when I feel a tap on my shoulder, I look up and see that it's Cato.

"Train," is all he says.

I walk ahead of him and walk into the train. I head to my room and into the attatched bathroom to take off the dress and let my hair flow freely. I change into a tank top and black denim shorts, and replace my boots with flip flops. There, now I'm comfortable.

When I open the bathroom door and find Cato sitting on my bed, I don't yelp or jump. Career instincts. I walk up to him and plop down on my bed next to him.

"What brings you here, Muscles?" I ask, tilting my head slightly to the left, genuinely curious. He slowly turns his body towards me, and stares right into my eyes. He's actually attractive, not that I'd admit that to anyone.

"Thought I'd get a full tour of the train," he says, putting on a blank face.

"Whatever, just come outside for dinner in five minutes," I say, and walk off towards the dining area, taking my iPhone along with me, just in case my family is in an emergency and I'm not there, they all know how protective I can be. The capitol gave it to my whole family after my games two years ago. I grab a bowl and fill it with lamb stew, my favorite. They serve it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner now, after I stated that I loved it in my interview with Caesar Flickerman. I sit down across from Haymitch, who only has a bottle of wine.

Five minutes later, Cato,Jane,and Gale appear. Cato loads his plate with some ridiculous healthy food, and Gale also gets lamb just gets some weird purple melon. Cato takes a seat next to me and Gale takes a seat across the table next to Haymitch, as does Jane.

We eat in silence. I break the tension once everyone's finished.

"Let's go look at the competition,"

"Competition? No need. They're probably not even worthy enough to be called competition. I'll garuntee you that I'll crush them all," Cato says, flexing his muscles.

I scoff. "Drop the act, ego maniac. You'll never know, for example, there was a gigantic guy from district eleven in my games. He was almost as big as you," I say.

That shut him righgt up. I lead him and Gale over to the television screen and sofas, while Haymitch is passed out on the table. This is going to be a long week.

I'm in between the two massive tributes now, and I turn on the television. District one pops into view, and we watch intently. The female is a blonde bimbo named Sparkle,Shimmer, Glimmer, something like that. The male is a tall, lanky brunette who's named Marvel. District two, Cato and Gale. District three, two very small and fragile looking tributes named Chloe and Derek. No volunteers. District four, a guy almost as big as Cato,named Kai and a girl about the same size and build as me, named Ali. District five through eleven, I tuned out. They're probably nothing out of the ordinary though. District twelve. Where my family and I used to live, but moved here so I can go into the academy and train for the games so that my family wouldn't starve anymore. A guy about 5'6 with shaggy blonde hair and sky blue eyes. I think his name is Ryan Mellark. A girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes, Sky Jean. That snobby girl who used to make fun of me everyday at school for being seam. This'll teach her. Both of the tributes are obviously merchants this year. Odd, atleast one seam person is reaped each year, since they have so many extra slips.

I start to feel sleepy, so without much thought, I fell alseep on someone's shoulder.


I yawn and stretch. Not much competition, except for the district four guy. Katniss was right. Not that I'd tell her that. Just as I'm thinking of this, I feel her head on my shoulder. What the -? Whatever. I stare at her face. She looks less..lethal in her sleep. No scowls or anything. She actually looks kind of cut-, No. Careers aren't supposed to feel, Cato. And especially for someone like Katniss. Sure, her body is curvy and the shape of an hour glass and all, but ignore it. You prefer blondes. You prefer blondes, I tell myself.

Blondes are the hottest, my first choice in a girl.

Little did I know, how wrong I was.

So...Should I continue..?