A/N: **Spoiler Alert** Do not read the end note if you have not seen the ending of the series. Just a little character study work on Michael. AU

He doesn't know why he came. Hell, thats not true, he knows why. He had to see him. He's been on his mind ever since him and Sarah parted a couple of months ago. But to just show up un-announced, it's not like him and Alex had that sort of friendship. Hell, its not even a friendship. Still after all this time he can not define what it is between him and Alex. He's not an enemy, at least not any more. He's not quite a friend, yet he's more than a friend. He and Sucre, well yeah, that's a friend. But him and Alex, it's something more. It's more complex, messy, involved and powerful. It's so overpowering that he had to see him. Not by choice, not by whim, but by necessity.

Somehow along the way Alex has become a part of him. Being away from him all these months has been difficult. He didn't realize how much he had wormed his way into his life. It's not everyday you meet someone who really gets you. I mean really gets you. Someone who can practically read your mind, someone who knows what makes you tick. Sarah was a kind and caring woman, but she didn't get it, at least not all of it. Alex, well he got it, all of it. He has to have someone like that be a part of his life. But, he just doesn't know in what capacity. What is Alex to him? Is he the brother he wish he had, that understood him? Or is he the father figure he so desperately lacked? Or is he something entirely different? Something so scary and unthinkable that he can't bring himself to actually form that idea. He would rather bury that feeling. But it is quite telling that he decided to come to Alex after he broke up with Sarah. Why was that a requirement before visiting him? He doesn't want to think about that. The only thing he is focusing on right now is getting the guts to knock on that door.

'Come on, you can do this', he says to himself. And with a deep breathe, he knocks.

End Note: *spoiler* This is written in an alternate universe where Sarah doesn't get pregnant and Michael doesn't die. I always hated that ending. I may continue this by writing a sequel of Alex's thought. Maybe...