A/N: Well, here are some of Alex's thoughts while Michael waits on the doorstep. Beware could be some spoilers if you haven't watched the whole series.

Alex hears a knock at the door. 'Who could it be? I'm not expecting anyone.'

He goes to the door and looks out the peep hole and sees him.

'It's Michael. How? Why is he here?' he whispers to himself.

Maybe something terrible has happened. Maybe he needs my help. I thought I wouldn't see him again. After we got our immunity from Kellerman and went our separate ways, I thought that was it. Sure we had left each other as allies, not enemies but it was still something blocking our relationship, something that was keeping us at arms length. Our past history was checkered to say the least. But our time in Sona mended some of those wounds. We worked together there, albeit reluctantly at first but none the less we forged a tentative friendship. It seemed after Sona that it was others opinions and outside forces keeping us away from each other. Linc hated me. Rightfully so, but his feelings kept me and Michael from forming the friendship that we could have had.

It was always something so intriguing about Michael. His brilliant mind captivated me, and I think my own intellect kept him on his toes, and he respected that. I seemed to figure him out even stoned out of my mind, imagine what I could do stone cold sober. He never said it, but I knew he was impressed. It was like I found a kindred spirit, but through some cruel joke of nature we were pitted against each other on opposite sides. Something was always tearing us apart. If it wasn't the company, it was Linc, or unfortunately Sarah.

Sarah. Just her presence was a force that tore at us. I think I realized that my feeling for Michael were borderline obessive during my stay at Sona. I was going through withdrawal and hurting emotionallly and physically, but through it all my saving grace was Michael. I looked to him to save me from the hell I was going through, and he did eventually. There were some bumps along the way, but he did it. I was in awe of him. I felt so honored to be a part of his plan, to be a part of anything even connected to him. When the mention of Sarah's name would come up I always felt a twinge of jealousy. Why her? Why did she get his affection? Why does he care so much about her? Why does she get that privilege? I know it was insane to think like that. Maybe it was the drugs or the withdrawal making me have these delusions of something more between me and Michael. Maybe I was crazy from the heat, but I could have sworn there was a undercurrent of emotions between he and I. Now he's at my doorstep, wanting...only God knows what. But whatever it is, I'm sure to give it to him. I can't deny him even if I wanted to.

Pulling the door open with a long sigh,

"Hello, Michael."