I have always thought of myself as a tree. Strong and tall, wise and impenetrable so I thought until that uninspected lightning storm. Quick and relentless striking, me splitting it in to two turning me, hallow cold, dead.

Then you (the silver lining in all of my dark clouds) you saw the beauty in this destroyed sole, the good in my frozen heart and you set an inferno ablaze behind in my cold eyes.

You have done what was said to be impossible; bring life in to my emotionless world. You have never shied away from me or been discussed with the "blood" on my hands you have only given me the unthinkable; love. You've shown me compassion, vulnerability, trust and devotion. And for that this dead tree will all ways be you salvation, you nourishment, your shelter and something to call you own .As you will always be my silver lining.

So this is my first fanfiction story be kind and R&R