Chapter 3

Previously on My silver lining

The nomad jumped out of the way and towards me avoiding the mist. I quickly ducked pulling the girl with me. The man landed behind me a crouch. He paused staring at the girl .A wicked smile stretched across his face. His hands shot forwards to grab her but I quickly jumped in-between them and kicked him in the chest causing him to fly across the room crashing into they already ruined floor. Demetri quickly jumped on him tearing his arms off and holding him on his knees in front of Aro, but the nomads eyes staid trained on the girl ."You have committed a tremendous crimes and today you penalty is death, any last words?" Aro asked the nomad .Marcus turned away disgusted and grin spread across Caius's lips .But the nomad face never moved, his eyes always on the girl; dancing with mischief.

"Hello clove"

The nomad made a move to stand up only to be shoved back down by Felix .A ferocious roar ripped through my chest and throat shocking all the vampires in the room that I let my calm facade slip. I quickly push clove further away creating more room between her and the nomad. 'Clove' tock a step closer to me cling in to the back of my sweater.

"How have you been little one" The man cooed with his face set in a harsh sneer. 'Clove' stared at the nomad in confusion.

"Aw don't remember your old man?" he asked in a sneering tone with a sarcastic look on his face.

"For a dying man you would think to be quite "Caius snapped obviously annoyed that the execution has been put on hiatus."

Marcus was watching the whole exchange quite intensely thought his eyes lingered on me the longest. His eyes held a strange look. Dark secrets swirled behind thoughts red irises. The nomad's also watched me with a much less secretive look pure discussed and smugness cover his face in one large pull.

"I thought you had better taste." He mocked "Obviously not seeing you're dating this place scum." he quipped bravely. I roared deeply in my chest the vibration bouncing off –leftover –glass form the window and break them to the floor. I was distracted to think, about the actual meaning of his words, my only stable thought is to eliminate the threat and keep the small girl behind me safe.

"Hmm. What a strange turn of events that has accrued today." Aro murmur thoughtfully rubbing his fair, hairless chin. Felix removes the man's other arm and drag him out of the room and to the dungeon. He stared at me with a glare.

"It seems that this story just might have exciting turn." Marcuse said to himself.

"Alec." My eyes darted wildly around the room before setting on Aro casually pulling the girl closer to me "You may take 'Clove' now. But get her dressed, we will be having a meeting of some sorted this evening." He Declared. I had picked up Clove and was carrying her away before he had finished his sentence.

Moments later I had found myself in my room with Clove seated tightly on the lap with my checks nuzzling her head .She sat completely sill and - as usually- silent. My tongue exited slowly from my mouth and settled itself on her neck. She jumped as I made a slow rout form base to tip. But like a disturbed bubble, the ball of animalistic urges that I was trapped in was popped and I was free. I flew off the bed onto the when I realized I had been scenting her for lord knows how long.

Scenting; is when an animal (or vampire in this case) cover its mate (or vampire) in their scent to show owner ship or "making there traitor ".It is also used to keep strangers or unmated other away and prevent any forced mating.

I breathed franticly try to clear the thick fog that vacations in my mind. The scent of my skin and venom was laced thickly in the air. There was a strange electric high that ran through the room. What reason would I have to scent her? Yes my job was to keep her save but only scenting was a more of an intimate act, obviously as a guard no matter what rank, I have no reason to do that. Keeping her safe is one thing but this is crazy on a completely different level. Maybe Master Marcuse will know what is going on with me.

I was brought out of my thought by a repetitive tap in the forehead .I looked down to find clove looking at me worriedly in all her silent glory. Her left hand was rubbing her neck slowly –were my scent was the strongest- trying to cool the burning sensation that she felt form the left over venom. Her right hand had moved from my forehead to stock my cheek.

"I'm so sorry about that." I laughed tightly. She shrugged a shoulder softly.

"You must think me crazy. I honestly have no idea of what's been happening to me" she tilted her head to the side "I'll figure out that wrong some" I assured her be for tacking her hand away from my face it linger in mine for a moment before I let it go. I throw off my suit jacket and grabbed a large bag from under my bed.

"Come on we have things to do"


Clove followed silent as perusal as I walked down the hall way to my sister Jane's room. We were on a hunt for temporary sets of clothes. At the moment she was in one of my long-sleeved shirts and a large pair of tights that had been given to her form a guard, and a pair of thick wool socks.

I opened the door and walked into the room .Jane's room was large and pink with gray details. Clove follower silently, looking around in awe and shock.

"Um just sit on the bed and don't touch anything. Jane already hates people in her room, let's not make it worst with something getting broken okay?" she nodded her head and sat down in the middle of Jane's large pink and grey bed spread. I quickly went in to her walk-in closet and choses the smallest of items.

I shifted through hundreds of clothes and found a couple shirts, sweater, skirts and tights. I packed the clothes in to the bag and turned around. I was surprised to see clove standing right behind me. I flinched startled. She raised and article of clothing in my face. I was a British racing green with Dark taupe brace buttons. The dress fell just shy of her knees. A military styed swatch of buttons laid on the front and cuffs of its long sleeves.

I tock the dress for her hand and examined It. It seemed to be a few years old and still had the tag attached.

"I don't see the harm in taking this "I mumbled .Clove beamed at me showing all of her glossy white teeth and the deep dimples in her checks. I couldn't help but smile back at her happiness. That smile did something to me. Brought back that uneasy feeling in my stomach and sped a worm feeling in my chest through tout my body. I carefully folded the dress and laid it over the other clothing I had gathered a few pairs of elastic banded flat shoes and tucked them in the side of the bag an tossed it over my shoulder.

"Come on." I breathed facing the door. I felt a warm hand twist around my arm; I looked down and found Clove settling into my side with a soft smile on her lips. I gently brushed my hand across her full check, her eyes shyly fond mine through her thick lashes and she tucked further in to my side. Her body molded perfectly like she belonged there. I felt right to have her there, so who is to argue with that logic.

We walked back to my –our- room and disposed of the bag on the bed.

"Come on we have one more thing on the to do list" I said as Clove made her way to the closet. She looked back at me confused

"It time to hunt."

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