I was thoroughly satisfied with the way the evening had turned out. I had received some excellent video for my alone time later, and it seemed as though everyone had enjoyed themselves. In fact, it appeared that five of my crewmates were currently in sex-induced comas. What surprised me, however, was what happened next.

Luffy, who moments ago had collapsed on top of Zoro, sat up and wiped his forehead. "Whew," he said. "That was good. Not enough, though."

I blinked in surprise. Such stamina. I intently made sure by den den mushi was still running.

Next, Zoro rose from the floor, sitting up on one elbow. "Yeah…" he murmured.

Sanji was the next to rise, though Nami below him seemed unable to move. "Nami-san…are you awake?"

When she merely panted with her eyes closed and didn't respond, he sighed and stood up.

"Sanji," Luffy said. "Let me borrow Nami."

"What? You've got to be kidding!"

"I want to try it with a woman. And Robin seems out of it." He indicated the beautiful archeologist, who was still faintly twitching and drooling.

"Never! Nami-san's body is a sacred temple!"

"But you just did it."

Sanji struggled to respond to that. "Well…I had permission!"

Luffy approached Nami and knelt beside her. "Nami," he said, softly. "Want to do it with me?"

Slowly, Nami's eyes opened. She gazed at Luffy for a few moments. Then, a brief nod.

"All right!" Luffy said, and immediately kissed her.

"Damn you, Luffy!" Sanji moaned, clenching his fists.

"It's fine," Luffy said, grinning back at him. "You can have Zoro."

"Excuse me?"

At that moment, the two men looked at each other. Tension hung in the air between them, but neither was sure how to react. Then it was Sanji who turned back around and said, "Luffy, you've got to be…!" However, he stopped when he saw Nami's arms circle around Luffy's neck, and their kiss deepen.

Sanji sighed. "Maybe I can just wait," he muttered to himself.

"Hm," Zoro grunted from the floor.

Sanji glanced at him. His legs were still slightly parted and semen was visible dripping from his asshole. Sanji stared for a time, and then swallowed. "Well…maybe it's worth a try."


Scene 5

Sanji and Zoro, and Zoro and Sanji

Sanji approached Zoro, who still lay propped up on one elbow on the floor.

Zoro balked as he approached. "Hey, damn cook, what are you thinking?"

Sanji shrugged. "Just going with the flow."

After saying this, he inserted a finger into Zoro's moist hole.

"Ahh!" Zoro sighed, throwing his head back. Then he growled. "So you need Nami's permission, but not mine?"

Sanji gave a sardonic smirk. "Would you give it to me if I asked?"

Zoro was silent for a moment, and then said, "Today…? Maybe."

Sanji's eyes widened. All of a sudden, he grabbed Zoro by the shoulders and kissed him hard. Zoro's eyes shot open, but he didn't resist. Or rather couldn't, since Sanji's finger inside him had stirred him up all over again, and now his self-restraint was all but gone.

Sanji's tongue played with his own, making it difficult to stay conscious with all the pleasant stimulation. He had to struggle not to beg Sanji to fuck him. As a compromise, his hands grasped Sanji's arms, digging into them passionately. Sanji seemed to hardly notice.

He inserted two fingers inside of Zoro, who was still wet from lube and Luffy's cum. The swordsman groaned against his mouth.

"Does it hurt?" Sanji asked, surprisingly concerned.

"It's a little numb," Zoro answered, surprisingly honest.

"You know you're hard again."


"Can I put it in?"

Zoro hesitated. Quietly, he said, "Not yet." Then he pulled Sanji down and kissed him. Sanji moaned, fixing his hips tight against Zoro's so their cocks rubbed together. Zoro's hips shuddered and seemingly by their own will thrust up to meet Sanji's.

Zoro's eyes flickered open. Somehow, doing this with the person he publicly abhorred was making him extremely hot. And though he did want Sanji to fuck him, even more he wanted to make Sanji moan with his cock. But he would be patient. For now, he was going to enjoy himself.

"Okay. Go ahead," Zoro said, in Sanji's ear.

The cook shuddered pleasantly. But he did not hesitate to ease himself into Zoro's moist hole.

Zoro gritted his teeth. He realized he was a bit raw from before. However, he sensed that that feeing would fade if they continued, so he merely drew Sanji into another kiss and let him continue.

Sanji's hips thrust gently against his own. Zoro started to pant, his cheeks flushing. Sanji was good. His movements were much more calculated and considerate than Luffy's. It was also clear that he had more stamina.

"Had you ever been with a man, before this?" Sanji asked him, breathlessly.

Zoro grunted in annoyance, trying to appear unaffected by the intense feeling gradually rising in his chest. "Why are you chattering at a time like this?"

Sanji thrust rather forcefully and Zoro yelped and grew quiet. "Tell me."

Zoro sighed. "Of course not. I'm straight."

"Are you sure?" Sanji inquired with a chuckle.

Zoro glared at him. "Yes I'm sure, you son of a bitch. My body's just reacting to stimulation, I'm not remotely attracted to you."

"I see. So if I did this," he licked a long trail from Zoro's collar bone to the back of his ear. Zoro trembled, trying to hold his voice in. "You're just reacting to your body's signals. Nothing to do with me, right?"

Zoro growled. He did not like being pushed around by Sanji. Yet somehow, even his annoyance was fueling his passion. "Don't push it, cook," he muttered.

Sanji just smirked. "And what about this?" He bit down on Zoro's neck and sucked hard, producing a dark red hickey. Zoro's back arched and against his will a cry rose from him. Pain provided by Sanji was very erotic to him, he realized.

"Nothing special," Zoro forced himself to reply, though he panted while saying so.

Then Sanji grinned and moved his hand down Zoro's chest. Zoro shuddered, still sensitive and excited by what Luffy had done to him. "Okay then," Sanji said. "Last question."

With that, he leaned down and kissed Zoro's chest. Zoro couldn't stop himself from moaning. He'd wanted Luffy to do that, but couldn't bring himself to ask. Apparently his chest was very sensitive. Then Sanji's lips found his nipple, and at first merely kissed and sucked it lightly. Then he began to use his tongue. Each flick felt so good, Zoro felt his consciousness slipping.

With his other hand, he teased Zoro's other nipple, twisting and flicking it. Zoro found the flicking particularly good, the brief sting of pain made the pleasure even more intense. Almost as he thought this, Sanji bit down on his nipple, pulling it out lightly with his teeth. Zoro was writhing with pleasure, unable to hide it.

"So? What's the verdict?" Sanji asked him, with his nipple still in his mouth.

Zoro shuddered, unable to reply, except to wrap his arms around Sanji's neck. "Don't stop," he murmured.

Sanji's plan had backfired. He'd riled Zoro up so much, Zoro's reactions were starting to seriously turn him on. He blushed heavily. But true to his request, he started to move his hips again, searching for an area he knew he himself enjoyed being played with. To be fair, he'd only ever had women finger him, never anything bigger than that. But he figured the principle was sound.

All of a sudden, Zoro's grip on him tightened, and he threw his head back with a cry. Sanji swallowed. He moved his hips the same way again, aiming for that spot. Again, Zoro's whole body trembled, and his sphincter tightened around him. His face contorted with pleasure and his voice became more desperate. Sanji had to hold back the urge to cum.

Now, Sanji just had to bring him home. He wanted to do more, to take his time, but he didn't have any restraint left. He just wanted to spill his seed inside of Zoro's gut.

"San…ji…" Zoro murmured, so quietly Sanji could barely hear it.

"Zoro…" he replied, and bit down hard on Zoro's collar bone.

"Aahh! Sanji…!" Zoro cried, his voice getting louder and less restrained. "Just like that…that feels so good…ahh…"

"Zoro…Zoro…!" Sanji was starting to feel strange. His body felt good of course, but when he saw Zoro's face, his chest started to ache. It also felt strangely warm. But he didn't want it to stop.

In an uncharacteristic move, and something he never imagined he'd ever do, Sanji gripped Zoro's dick.

"Ah!" Zoro cried, his fingernails digging into Sanji's back.

Sanji ached pleasantly with that feeling. He continued pumping Zoro's cock until he knew Zoro was about to cum.

"Ahh, Sanji…!" Zoro moaned. "I'm….cumming…!"

"Go ahead," Sanji replied breathlessly. "I'm cumming too. Just wait a second."

"Can't…! Aaaahhh!" Zoro screamed. "Sanji!"

Sanji's face lit up like a Christmas tree and within moments he let a tremendous amount of slick, clear cum fly inside Zoro's belly. Zoro's own cum, now spread across his chest, was similarly thin and clear-looking. Sanji gazed at it for a long time.

As they lay panting there, after their second orgasm each, their sanity should have come back to them. However…

"Zoro…" Sanji said, hesitantly. "I don't suppose you…want to go again?"

Zoro lifted his head from the floor and grinned. "You read my mind."

But when he said this, Zoro sat up and flipped Sanji over so he was on all-fours with his back facing Zoro. "Hey! What…?" he demanded.

"We're going again," Zoro said, innocently, though as he did he picked up the discarded bottle of lube and coated his hand liberally with it. Then he grinned at Sanji who was looking back at him hesitantly. "This time I want to hear your sexy voice," Zoro said. He grabbed Sanji's package and asshole and coated them both in large amounts of lube.

Sanji cried out in surprise; the sensation was very weird. He'd only just cum, so his cock was very tired and also very sensitive, so the feeling of Zoro's hands and lube was partly very hot and partly uncomfortable. And he couldn't say that he hated his ass being played with; in fact if women didn't offer he sometimes asked. But he was very concerned about what Zoro wanted to do. After all, he'd never had more than a finger up there.

Zoro's finger was gentle at first. It stretched and flexed inside him, getting him used to the strange presence. Sanji breathed heavily, lowering himself onto his elbows. His ass was high and lewd with easy access for Zoro. The swordsman seemed to appreciate this. He stroked Sanji's dick at the same time that he delved inside him, making Sanji almost melt with sensation; not intense, but very pleasant.

Zoro added a second finger. Now, he was actively searching for that special place that would make Sanji's day. Sanji bit his lip in anticipation. But before finding it, something else amazing happened. All of a sudden, his cock was surrounded in sweet warmth, and he felt himself growing hard again.

He looked down between his legs. Zoro, while keeping his fingers moving inside of Sanji, had bent down and taken Sanji's entire penis into his mouth. He was not moving much, but rather sucking on it like a lollipop. Sanji trembled and let loose a few moans as Zoro's tongue explored his cock wantonly. It felt so good.

After a time though, Zoro released Sanji's penis from his mouth, and returned to focusing on Sanji's hole. He had still not found that special spot, so he added another finger. He buried three fingers inside of Sanji all the way up to the knuckle.

Sanji was trembling, but it didn't really hurt, since Zoro had gone slowly. He still urged him to find that special point though.

Then, Sanji felt Zoro's fingers slip out of him. He turned back, wondering what was wrong, only to see the exact moment when Zoro stuck his tongue directly inside Sanji's hole.

"Ahh!" Sanji cried, his back arching against his will. No one had ever done that to him before.

Zoro's tongue was long and dexterous, hot and moist, and felt much better than his fingers. Sanji could not stop trembling; he loved this. He wasn't sure she would ever go for it, but he wanted to try asking Nami-san to do this for him in the future. Unlikely though it was.

Even without his special point being found, Sanji was getting hard again. He looked back at Zoro expectantly. Honestly, he was both terrified and intensely curious about what was going to happen next.

Zoro met his gaze and slowly removed his tongue from inside him. "You ready for me, dumbass cook?"

Sanji scoffed. "Any time, shitty marimo."

Zoro eased himself into Sanji's hole. Sanji gritted his teeth. As he thought, it did hurt at first.

"Doing all right?" Zoro asked him, with surprising gentleness.

Sanji laughed, trying to cover up his pain. "You give yourself too much credit," he mocked.

Zoro's eyebrow twitched with annoyance. "All right," he muttered. He thrust once inside Sanji.

"Ah!" Sanji cried, feeling a small amount of pleasure but mostly pain. Zoro performed the same move again, and though there was less pain this time, there was still more of it than there was pleasure. Sanji clenched his jaw and shut his eyes, trying to stave off the pain.

It was then that Zoro's arms crept around him from behind. He held Sanji around his chest, and nuzzled his neck. Sanji felt his chest ache; why did this feel so good?

"Relax," Zoro said, softly. "It gets better pretty fast."

Sanji breathed in and out, and nodded.

Zoro started to move again, and slowly, Sanji's groin began to perk up again. The idea occurred to him that he was being thoroughly dominated by someone who he was always on par with physically. It should have been humiliating, but it was stirring him up inside, and he wanted more.

Then, Zoro shifted the angle of his hips and Sanji saw stars. He cried out and collapsed on the floor, Zoro's hands on his hips being the only thing holding up his lower half. "Ohh…shit…" he muttered, getting control of himself again.

Zoro grinned. "I finally got it?" he said, in his sexy bass.

Sanji panted, feeling a little silly. But he eventually nodded.

He heard Zoro chuckle behind him. And then that feeling burst through him again with another of Zoro's thrusts. "Oh…ahhh…" Sanji moaned, his fingers flexing in vain against the smooth floor.

Zoro grabbed both his hands and pulled them back so Sanji's back was arched and Zoro supported his whole upper body even as he fucked him. Sanji could not hold back his voice any longer. He was getting stimulated in a way that was completely new to him, and it was overwhelming. And somehow, the fact that Zoro was doing this to him only increased that incredible feeling. He felt his consciousness slipping.

Zoro thrust one time particularly hard and Sanji lost it. "Aahhh! Zoro!" he cried, and his whole body tensed for a long orgasm.

In the middle of his orgasm, Zoro's control snapped as well. He pounded Sanji as hard as he could, failing to notice that Sanji had lost consciousness after cumming. Within moments, Zoro grunted and filled Sanji with sperm. He panted for a moment, and then passed out on top of him on the floor, feeling like he wouldn't need sex again for several months.

Scene 5 End.

And so ended my brief excursion with the Scent of Love. Or did it? I leave that to your imagination.