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Rachael awoke with a start, with wavering eyes she glanced at the alarm clock 6:45.

"Shit" she muttered, quickly rolling out of bed heading into her closet where she chose a white sun dress and a pair of heels.

She grimaced at the site of them, they reminded her too much of her modeling days. After styling her hair she switched off the bathroom lights and headed out into the hallway of the flat trying not to make too much noise that would disturb her guests. Her best friend Tessa and her young son William were staying with them while their flat was being renovated. She hastily made a right and slowly peeked into her daughter's room. She stifled a laugh at the site she saw. Atop the bed was her 5 year old daughter Lillian cocooned in her blanket with only her face peeking out. Rachael stepped closer to the bed studying her daughters face and feeling a slight pull at her heart, she looked exactly like him. The droopy eyes and the petite little nose- she was a dead giveaway for him. After watching the little sleep for a moment longer she pushed the memories away and bent down to kiss her daughters forehead. The little girl's eyes fluttered as she pulled herself away from slumber.

Rachael's P.O.V

I watched as my little daughter opened her eyes.

"Hi mummy"

I couldn't help but laugh, the little girl had taken up an English accent, a far contrast from my own American drawl. It's not as if Lillian had known otherwise considering we had been living here in England for almost two years.

"Morning Lil, we have to hurry up and get ready, were running a bit late and we have to get you over to Nan's before I go to work."

The little girl smiled again hopping out of bed towards her bathroom. I opened Lily's armoire picking out an outfit for her, a dark blue polka doted baby doll dress was the outfit of choice; I set it down on her bed leaving the room to go start making breakfast.

Lillian's P.O.V

Eyes fluttering open she saw her mum.

"Hi mummy" She said with a grin.

"Morning Lil, we have to hurry up and get ready, we're running a bit late and we have to get you over to Nan's before I go to work."

Lillian nodded and smiled, she loved Nan. Nan always gave her cookies with promises that she wouldn't tell her mum. Lil hopped out of bed and headed towards her bathroom. She pulled up a stool to the sink and stepped on top of it to reach the counter. She washed her face and brushed her teeth. She combed her silky dark-brown hair with little effort considering it was already straight and looked tangle free. She pulled a ribbon out of her drawer and tied it in her hair the same way mummy had taught her. After finishing and looking herself over in the mirror she was satisfied with the effort. Lillian hopped down from the stool and headed back into her bedroom where Rachael had already set out an outfit for her. She pulled the dress over her head making sure not to mess up the ribbon. The little girl smoothed down the dark blue dress and proceeded to the kitchen. She climbed into the wooden chair and situated herself. She looked around and noticed that Phillip wasn't there. Lillian grinned and thought what a great day it was going to be without him. Phillip was mum's 'friend' and Lil didn't like him very much, not that she was going to tell mum. Whenever Phillip was around Lillian made herself scarce. It wasn't that she hated Phillip; it was just that he made her feel uncomfortable. Phillip tried to play with her, and was friendly to her but there was just something about him that she didn't like.

Rachael's POV

I finished browning the toast and set it on the table. Buttering a slice I handed it to Lil. Lil made a face at it looking straight at me.

"Lillian you have to at least have a bite of breakfast." I told the strong willed five year old.

"But mum, I don't like it very much." I knew the fact quite well that Lillian detested breakfast but stood firm in my decision.

"Lil at least 2 bites and then you can be done."

The little girl looked at the toast and glanced back at me with her sad looking puppy dog eyes. I nodded to her and she took a bite with a second one to back it up. She quickly swallowed giving me thumbs up, I couldn't help but be absolutely charmed with her, she had a way with people.

"Good, ready to go to Nan's?"

Lillian hopped down from the table pulling me along with her. After locking up the flat we hurried to the elevator pushing the button until the doors slid open. Stepping inside I glanced at my wrist watch, we had more than enough time to make it to Nan's.


The pair had successfully made it to Nan's house and the little girl knocked on the door. A moment or so later a kindly old woman opened the door and enveloped Lillian into a hug. Nan beamed up at Rachael and shooed the little girl inside.

"Come 'ead, love come inside." said Nan in her Liverpool accent. Rachael loved the sound of Nan's voice. It was comforting to hear the Liverpool accent coming from someone who lived in such a posh place. They were in a well-to-do area of London called St. John's Wood. Rachael glanced down at her watch and figured she had a few moments to spare. She accepted the offer and stepped into the woman's house heading towards the kitchen.

Nan's P.O.V.

She heard tapping and instantly knew her favorite little girl, Lillian, had come to visit. She had been taking care of Lillian since her and her mother had moved to England. She remembered the day she had met the pair. Nan was sitting on a bench in Regents Park enjoying the sunshine. A little girl had waddled up to her and just stood there looking at her with a smirk on her face and those unmistakably adorable droopy eyes, the strange part of this encounter was that the toddler was all alone. Nan smiled back at the little girl asking her where her mummy was. The little girl wasn't old enough to talk yet and continued smiling. Not a minute later came a young women calling out "Lillian, Lillian!" the little girl turned around looking at her frantic mother. The women rushed up to her and snatched her up in a hug. "Don't ever run away from me again!" said the mother in an American accent. After a moment she looked at the old women who sat on the bench beside her. The old women looked back at her with a warm smile "Don't worry the little lass has been keeping me company." The woman looked relieved and introduced herself. "Rachael Belter" she had said. Nan introduced herself likewise immediately recognizing her. She was the girl who was on the cover of every fashion magazine imaginable at one time or another. "You're not from 'round 'ere are you lovey?" the young woman shook her head telling Nan her story. Apparently she had just moved to England with the money her parents had left her when they passed. Nan noted how young the woman seemed. When questioned, the girl looked a bit down. "My parents were in an accident and I had to get away from the madness so I packed up the baby and myself and moved on over here." Rachael didn't feel at all uncomfortable telling the old woman her story. Nan had a motherly way about her; Rachael felt much at ease around the woman. Nan nodded, "You certainly picked a nice place to move" the girl nodded. Nan then offered to show Rachael around, not soon after they had become a part of her life almost daily. Lillian was dropped off most mornings as her mother headed off to work. The old woman enjoyed having the company especially since her husband had died and her children had grown up and moved away. Lillian kept Nan stepping and she loved every minute of it. Nan shook the thought out of her head and opened the door. Lillian jumped into her arms and she squeezed her back.

"Come 'ead, love come inside."Nan offered to Rachael. She noted a slight hesitation but Rachael came in making her way to the kitchen.

Rachael's POV

After having a quick cup of tea I bid goodbye to Nan, caught my little girl for a kiss, then promptly left to head to the office. Currently I was working as a part time secretary, not that I actually needed the job or the money in any way. In fact the inheritance from my parents along with savings from my modeling career supplied me with more than enough to live comfortably without ever needing to work again. But more than anything I loved being busy and having an actual purpose, even if that purpose was being a secretary.

I made my way into a high-rise office building climbing up to the 4th floor. I greeted coworkers along the walk to my boss's office. Today was the day I was being reassigned to a company in dire need of a new secretary after theirs had suddenly retired. The boss saw me coming and without a word he signaled to a piece of paper with an address written down on it as he continued speaking on the phone. I glanced down at the address immediately feeling my stomach drop. '3 Abbey Road, St. John's Wood' flashed in front of my eyes. I knew exactly who I was going to be working for, The Beatles. Memories filled my head making me feel ill. Without a word I waved to the boss managing a weak smile. I maintained composure long enough to reach my desk which was still in the process of being packed up. Needing space and a place to clear my head I rushed into the bathroom and entered a stall. I stood there feeling silly, but stayed letting the memories creep back in.

The year was 1962 and 18 year old Rachael Belter was a huge name on the modeling scene. Her agent, Brielle Walters, had discovered her at a charity event two years prior that Rachael's parents were hosting. The 16 year old was delighted when Brielle had made the offer to have her featured in Vogue magazine. Rachael's parents wholeheartedly agreed and allowed their daughter to do whatever she felt was a wise decision. She was signed in June of 1960 and loved every minute of being a model. The outfits, the jewelry and especially the people she got to meet were a dream come true for her. After her first shoot, her career sky rocketed and she became extremely well known. Some time near February of 1962 her agent decided that she should start to be promoted overseas. Rachael quickly agreed to the idea and they headed out to London. It only took until March until she became an absolute hit with the crowd there too. That was until she met the Beatles. It October 4th 1962, and the Beatles were shooting an appearance on the BBC's 'The Talent Spot'. Rachael walked into the studio and was immediately ushered into a back dressing room where she came face to face with the band. At the time they had just become very popular in England and were scheduled to start their British tour. As she walked in through the doors her agent introduced her to the boys and told her to stay put for a minute because she had papers to retrieve. Rachael was terribly shy at first until John broke the ice.

"'Ey lads we've seen this bird before!" Each of them studied her for a minute and a look of realization crossed their faces.

"You're the girl in all the fashion magazines aren't ya?" Paul blurted out.

"You read them?" Rachael giggled, each of the boys busted out laughing aside from a blushing Paul. John reached out and clapped Paul on the back,

"That's our Paulie!" he said. Paul pushed John's hand away and laughed a little,

"I don't read 'em, but the pictures come in handy you see" Paul said cheekily as he winked at her. The boys elbowed each other and howled with laughter. I laughed along with them and locked eyes with Paul he smiled back and the group of us continued talking. After some time their manager walked in and told them they were going to be here a while on a count of the studio was backed up. None of the boys seemed to mind a bit she noticed. They all continued talking and soon after Brielle came back, "It appears that we are traveling to Germany to do a shoot my dear", Brielle informed the young star. The guys apparently had taken a liking to Rachael because Paul blurted out,

"We're going to Germany the 18th, why doesn't she travel with us?" the rest of the lot agreed and Brielle consented. It looked as though I was traveling to Germany with the Beatles.

The 18th finally rolled around and I met the boys at the airport. When they made it to the plane I chose a spot and was followed immediately by Paul. I smiled as he sat down and we began to talk. John apparently saw the exchange and exclaimed loud enough for everyone to hear,

"He fancies you like mad", George, their new drummer Ringo, and their manager snickered. I blushed and looked over at Paul who was shooting daggers from his eyes at John. Boy, if looks could kill! John put up a hilarious smile and winked at him. After the pair finally cooled down we began talking right through the flight. After landing in Germany a car came to pick me up. With promises to come see them at the Star Club I left. I managed to see them at the club quite often in fact, seeing the group almost every day made Paul and I inseparable. I watched as they performed song after song for the enthusiastic crowd, it was apparent at the time that they were one of the best bands she had ever seen. I don't want to seem biased but truly they were a spectacular sight to see, the music was spot on and their energy was contagious.

Most of the days in Germany I spent with Paul, we truly became attached at the hip. Even during their performances in the club he would sit me in an area with my friends so that he could see from the stage and keep an eye on me. He was a bit overbearing and protective at times but he made it up for this with his charming disposition and adorable looks. I believe during this time I got to know Paul better than I had known anyone else before, even my own family. He told me about his childhood and family. He even told me about his mother, Mary, and how she had had breast cancer eventually dying from it. To this day those stories he told me stuck with me, but more than anything there was almost always a constant reminder of Paul around, his daughter.

During my time in Germany Paul and I were intimate from day one. It was probably poor planning on my part by not using any form of protection, but we were young and in love, nothing else seemed to matter. After the first two weeks in Germany I had a feeling something wasn't right. I was way past late and I felt sick. I made an appointment with the doctor where they had confirmed my suspicions. I was pregnant with Paul's child. Surprisingly enough I wasn't in the least bit worried about having a baby. It gave me an excuse to break my modeling career that had become tiresome. A person could only take so much of the media hounding and the never ending publicity until they become completely fed up. The only thing I was a bit hesitant about was telling Paul… so I didn't. I fled Germany without a goodbye to any of the Beatles. They were on the brink of international fame and a baby would only be a distraction. Brielle was disappointed when she found out but she managed to keep it extremely discreet and told no one of my situation. The only other person who knew was my friend Tessa who I had known since I was born, she was the first and only person (besides Brielle) who knew my secret.

Lillian Mary Belter was born June 18th of 1963 weighing 5 lb. and 6 oz. Tessa was alongside me the entire time. She was also preparing for the birth of her son William. As soon as she was cleaned up the nurse presented me with Lillian. I peeked down at my newborn daughter studying her pink, wrinkled up face. She looked exactly like him. My throat closed as the nurse handed Tessa forums that she would help me fill out to get the baby's information. We both decided that we would put Paul down as the birthfather but give the baby my last name. It was official, I had a daughter. Tessa, William, Lillian, and I were sort of a family in a way. I was auntie to William and Tessa was auntie to Lillian. William's father had left when he found out that Tessa was pregnant, not that she minded though. He was from a high powered family and a baby would only tarnish his image. He was much too self-involved to be raising a child. Although he did send child support he was in no way apart of Tessa's and more importantly William's life.

Tessa and I worked together to bring the babies up. At a point we even shared a flat that was until I met Phillip. Phillip and I met at a friend's party where we talked for a while, eventually becoming very close. He didn't mind the fact that I had a daughter, and I didn't mind the fact that he was a bit stuffy. At the time I wasn't looking for something long term but he insisted we move in together. After much persuasion I relented and we found a flat. Our relationship never really went far. Today we resembled something of an old married couple. Most of the time he was off at work leaving Lillian and I to do or own thing, and he to do his. Lillian never referred to him as 'daddy', not that she was expected to and I think that put Phillip off a bit. When he tried to play with Lillian she would have no part in it. He simply was not good with children and that even put me off a bit. I've thought about ending the relationship multiple times but I really didn't see the point, it wasn't if he was around all that often.