"Avira, You mean the world to me and I will make you smile like the sun."-Mephiles the Dark

(Staring in Chapter 11: The Pure Moon, Pure of Heart, Dark of Moon)

(Mephiles POV)

Behind me the sceptre explodes. I didn't notice until i see shards repelling off a forceflield and i don't know who is doing this. How am in the forceflield if i am not cheering like them? The goddess outside is shielding us in her powers and she gets hit with flying shards of a sceptre. They just pass through her, since she is dead and has been for thousands and thousands of years (Especially in future times, like now). Avira had sealed herself away, by herself and i can see her fighting to seal away herself. Somehow, i can sense her disorientation and the pain to push her powers to the best of their abilities. By the end of it, the falling of the shards stop and we are released. I feel time slow as Avira releases herself and falls. I don't know what is going on with me and my mind when seeing this, but i think she has the answer. My reaction to this is unthoughtful of; i catch her as she falls. I can't sense her presence, or her powers. All i am holding is a lifeless girl that had given her all to try and save me from myself. I gently put her down and go over to that damn goddess of our faith and i am giving her one. My rage is coming out; wait... how is this possible? How could i be mad about this? Sweet Mother of Fera! She did try to same me.

"What the hell, goddess?! What did you do to her?" I yell loudly as it echoes around the large room.

Connor, Save her...

"Mephiles, calm down. This maybe just a..." Katherine-Maria starts

"Shut up, you stupid fucking Robotnik!" I yell back at her

"Mephiles, you shut up! Why are you yelling at her? She did nothing to you!" my stupid cousin, Silver interjects

Connor, Save her...

"The sceptre had imploded. I'm afraid that Avira is fading. Since her connection with the sceptre, it thought it was Sifora and it tried to place its power into her heart. Alas, it only caused her to use her powers to fight it back. ...and this caused the shattering." Cathryn 1 redundantly explains.

"I'll try and heal..." Katherine-Maria starts

"It is too dangerous, youngling." Cathryn 1 interrupts

"What do we do, smart woman of the "all- ...powerful" light and spirits?" I ask in sarcastic anger.

"Mephiles the Dark, since she is fading fast..." she tries to stop there

Connor... Mephiles the Dark, either side. Save her!

"Go on." I encourage

"Since she is the person you care about... You will have to combat this by controlling your darkness and kissing her..." she finishes

"What?" We all yell back at her

"it is the only way. The sceptre can be repaired by Sifora at another date, but I'm afraid that you have to do this. When she released and shot you twice, she had transferred some of her power to you. The Purity and Darkness had caused a clash in you, not on the forces. You both need to be alive to control the forces as i cannot. The Dark Prince ruling beside me was destroyed by that... grr."

"Well, it isn't my father. He doesn't know what Ferian Religion is. Don't look at me." Katherine replies

Mephiles the Dark, listen to me, for the love of Fera, Save her!

"Do i have to?" I ask.

"Mephiles, in your future, you and Avira will be together. This just starts the beginning of that time, because of a spark inside you. Avira needs someone now more than ever. Will you let your future run its course or will you let her die?" She asks

"No..." I reply.

What does "no" mean, Mephiles?

I kiss her. It is very hard keeping all the things back. I Know that bloody Robotnik child is probably rambling on and on, but listen to me. My struggle is to save the goddess, my sides are fighting each other and i just pull myself off Avira. Cathryn 1 sends Sonic and Sally back through a portal while she speaks to Katherine. Silver and Blaze are sitting with me as I hold Avira in my arms.

She is Yours, don't blow it.

Her eyes glowing gold colour and i find it, still, very weird that her eyes are gapped unlike mine. I know she was mad that i asked, but i might make it up to her. Silver will make me be good because he might still want to kill me. I don't know whose rampant thoughts are rushing through my head or if Silver is using a mind reading ability on me or if that is Avira. Oh my goddess, I think I'm getting a conscience! Avira what have you done? Sure I've done bad things and killed Sonic, once, but why have you given me a conscience?

"You think she's ever going to wake up?" Blaze asks Silver

"She better. We lose the goddess while Mephiles is like this..." Silver says then makes the "finger across throat" action

"I heard that! I'm right here peons!" I yell

"Sorry." Silver responds

"Mephiles...?" Avira whispers softly.

"Welcome back, goddess. Have fun on your trip?" I sarcastically remark.

"You are a real asshole sometimes, Connor Crest, Prince of Darkness." She replies

"Avira. You woke up, that is good. C1 just told us we have to deliver the broken sceptre to Sifora. I think that you are so busted." Katherine-Maria says walking over.

"So are you if you go home. Your father has one explosive temper..." Blaze says

"So he's just... um... a bit evil and pent on world domination sort of thing, but at least he cares about me." Katherine-Maria sadly admits

"Take the sceptre. I'm going to the Spirit World." Cathryn 1 orders before she leaves.

"I'll send you home, Katherine. Stay safe and please don't turn evil." Avira says

"I know i won't. I am a pacifist." Katherine-Maria replies before being warped out.

"Good for her." I sarcastically say

So in the end, we have to clean it all up. We return to Midora and guess what; Sifora doesn't try to kill me. Must be my lucky day or something. Cathryn 1 should really find Nathaniel sooner or later, because Silver needs a father, trust me i can tell. He actually does stuff that is just not manly. He plays musical instruments that aren't cool, he doesn't use his powers as often and he doesn't drive his car fast or even a cool one for that manner. It is something that Blaze's self-reliant, freedom fighting, ass kicking, overprotective, scholarly father drives. An electric powered Mercedes Benz. That's right; We use electricity to power our cars. Take that, Earth and Mobius! Those are his flaws while his good things are still good. He rides hover board, skates, and surfs and levitates stuff like Avira, Sifora and I can do. He's still my younger cousin, no matter what happens.

Later on, I'm pegging rocks at a wall from Avira's bedroom veranda. Sifora is making me sleep in Avira's room since Silver refused and the palace is still being renovated. Avira comes in from her bathroom wearing all four of her quill pigtails in curlers while she gets a hairbrush to try and separate the mob at the back. She is wearing a purple bathrobe and no slippers when she joins me as i peg rocks.

"You know, you are very brave to try and save me. I never knew that you had to kiss me just to prove how much you somehow, in a goddess' luck, care." She says with a flat tone of voice.

"We have to save people and each other. That is what Cathryn the Second yelled when she stood atop of the ruin temple in Sanya Forest.

"The moon is looking like your symbol tonight. What are you thinking of?" She says trying to make the conversation more interesting.

"I can't believe i kissed you..." I say under my breath.

"Wait here." she tells me.

Listen, take her by the hand and kiss her you idiot! It is fate's decision to make her try and save you anyway.

Avira comes out wearing her new purple dress with Pink hemming at the bottom and a Pink belt. She also is wearing her hair normally while she calmly sits next to me. I sit down and take her hands.

"Avira. You are just what the goddess told me to save. I never will know what love is until you tell me why you are out here, with a pretty dress on." I ask of her

"Because you are the moon to my sun. I know all about Cathryn 1 and her plans for us. She wants the forces fixed, but the only way is to fix you. I never have fallen for anyone and now... It's you who had caught me in your trap. The voice in your head is your mind's inner self. I will work to find the real you." She answers.

I hold her by the cheek and she turns toward me. Her hands in my lap as she closes her eyes. We kiss again, but this is more special. I hold her hand as we know why we have found this love. The goddess was right, it was a spark.

(Avira POV)

I hold Mephiles hand, as we passionately pash on my veranda. The moon is in that perfect spot and stars appear. I think that this is helping cure Mephiles, love. He places his hand on my shoulder and then water come flying at me from a spray bottle and Sifora is spritzing us with it. Silver told me not to get caught kissing in her house, but i didn't believe him. I'd not doubt Silver, but he is like a year younger than me and busy serenading Blaze with his guitar and singing voice.

"Avira. You could do better than him! He is my nephew and the Dark Prince!" She yells at me.

"What the hell, woman?" Mephiles yells

"No kissing in my house, especially you too. He is the most imperfect person you could ever imagine and you pick him?" She yells in question

"Sifora, there was a spark! Look at the sky. The stars have returned and the moon has started changing from always a full moon to this. Do you realise this?" I ask.

"I don't want to see that ever again and no second, third and absolutely no fourth." Sifora orders as she leaves.

"I'm going to bed, you coming inside?" I ask

"maybe in a minute." Mephiles answers

Win his heart, Avira. You have won his heart. Continue this as my life counts on saving this world one step at a time.