AN: Hiya guys! This'll be my first Kuroko no Basket multi-chapter fic, so I hope you guys like it. I'm writing it as a request from Mistress of the Words. I'll warn that there will be some violence and overly-protective GoM but that's all good and dandy anyways. Not sure what my publishing schedule will be for this. It may be every 2 to every 3 weeks, I'll try to get them out there as soon as possible ;3. I'm planning for around 6 chapters or so. Also, this is a "what if" situation fic where Kise loses in the match against Haizaki instead of wins. It's also a "what if" on why Haizaki was kicked off of the team, just thought I'd let ya'll know. So yeah, enjoy!

The stadium was silent exempt from the worried whispers of shocked onlookers. No one could believe their eyes. Kaijou had been defeated, practically humiliated, by Fukuda Sougou High. But the upset wasn't merely from the devastating loss or even the violent game that had just occurred. It was Kise Ryouta. He'd collapsed on the court as Fukuda Sougou celebrated. Kasamatsu ran up to him, noticing the panicked look on the blonde's face.

"Kise?" he asked, kneeling down and helping Kise into a sitting position. Kise was panting, sweat dripping from his face, the final five minutes of the match had been brutal on him. He'd tried his absolute best, even going as far as to break through the wall that had previously inhibited him. He had played his absolute strongest and copied all of the talents of the Generation of Miracles flawlessly. But it hadn't been enough and the blow was shattering. Kise closed his eyes, his breathing sharp and raspy and his entire body trembling in over-use. "Kise, are you all right?" Kasamatsu was really starting to worry, he'd never seen Kise so exhausted from a match. Kise glanced at Kasamatsu and shook his head. The entire time his hand was gripping his right knee.

"We lost," breathed Kise, there were painful tears in his eyes. He gritted his teeth and slammed his fist into the ground. Kasamatsu lowered his eyes and helped Kise stand. As soon as Kise put all of his weight on his legs though, he cried out in pain and crumpled.

"Kise!" cried Kasamatsu. "Kise, what happened?" demanded the point guard. Kise shook his head. "Dont tell me, that time?" Kasamatsu's features darkened as he recalled Haizaki's uncalled foul. Apparently it had taken more of a toll than he'd previously thought. Kise's knee had been hurting since before the match. But there was no way a little pain would have stopped him from playing, especially if Haizaki was playing. But it was too much. He raised his arms, silently asking to be helped up. Kasamatsu instantly obliged and supported Kise to keep him from falling. The blonde leaned heavily on his friend, staring at the floor in humiliated defeat.

"Looks like you still can't beat me, Ryouta," sneered a voice from behind them. Kise ground his teeth together and turned back to glare at Haizaki. "And now since you were so easy to defeat, I'll go after the other Generation of Miracles! I'll knock you all off of your pedestals. The Generation of Miracles will all lose, starting with Tetsuya," Haizaki leered at Kise as the blonde's eyes widened in shock.

"Don't you dare hurt Kurokocchi again, Haizaki!" he shouted angrily, stepping towards Haizaki as if to punch the violent player in his smug mouth. But before he could reach the distance, his leg gave out and he fell to the ground again. Haizaki guffawed and shook his head disapprovingly, his eyes narrowed in humor.

"Look at you, Ryouta. You're so pathetic. You haven't changed since back then!" he laughed. Kasamatsu helped Kise up again and watched in stupefied awe as the two of them fought.

"You know what'll happen if you so much as get within ten feet of Kurokocchi! Akashi won't hold back and neither will I! We'll protect Kurokocchi from you!" retorted Kise, wincing in pain.

"I'd like to see 'em try," challenged Haizaki, raising his hand in a wave goodbye before walking off.

"Bastard," rasped Kise.

"I can't believe that Kaijou lost," breathed Kagami, his expression hot-blooded and seeking revenge. Kuroko was staring off into space and hadn't heard what his teammate had said. Kagami raised an eyebrow and hit Kuroko in his shoulder to wake him from his stupor. "Pay attention, Kuroko," he grumbled. Kuroko nodded, looking worriedly down at the court.

"I hope Kise-kun is okay…" mumbled the teal-haired boy. Kagami's expression turned earnest and he followed Kuroko's gaze.

"He suddenly collapsed at the end of the match, do you think he's hurt?" mumbled Kagami. Kuroko suddenly stood up, his expression intensely serious as he rushed from his seat and ran over to the front of the row, looking down at the court. Kagami caught up to him, his expression confused.

"Yes. I think he's hurt," said Kuroko, looking unnerved. Without a word he ran down the steps and sprinted towards the doors leading to the court.

"Kuroko! Wait!" shouted Kagami, surprised at Kuroko's boldness. The double doors swung shut behind Kuroko and when Kagami burst through he was shocked with the sight he was met with. In the middle of the entrance hallway to the court was Kise supported by Kasamatsu, hopping on one foot so he didn't put any pressure at all on his right leg. Leaning against the wall on one side was Murasakibara, a cracker in his mouth as he looked at Kise and Kasamatsu's progress. Opposite him was Midorima, his expression grim.

"Ah, Kurokocchi and Kagamicchi? What are you doing here?" mumbled Kise. He looked around and noticed the others. "Ah! Murasakibaracchi, Midorimacchi and even Akashicchi?" little tears appeared in Kise's eyes when he realized they had all come. Kagami had to search to find Akashi who was hiding inconspicuously in the corner. Bastard, didn't even see him. Who is he trying to be, Kuroko? thought Kagami in irritation. The door opened and Aomine poked his head out, looking reluctant to going any further. "Aominecchi!"

"Ah… Yo…" muttered Aomine after being noticed, stepping through the door. There was no turning back after Kise noticed him.

"Kise-kun, are you all right?" asked Kuroko, looking genuinely worried. Kise smiled happily at Kuroko being worried for him. But his smile faded and he looked woefully at the ground.

"Well my pride's a little damaged along with my knee. But nothing I can't fix," he grinned but everyone could tell it was fake. Kise suddenly remembered Haizaki's threat. "AH!" Kasamatsu jumped at Kise's sudden outburst and glared at his teammate in irritation. "Kurokocchi," Kise looked serious and everyone's eyes were suddenly on the normally-invisible man. "Haizaki said that he's going to go after the rest of us, starting with you," everyone was silent and Kuroko's eyes widened only slightly.

"If that bastard touches Tetsu, I'll make him pay," growled Aomine, gripping his hands into fists. Kise nodded at him and grimaced.

"Kurochin, be careful, okay?" cautioned Murasakibara, smiling lazily at Kuroko. Kuroko's normally expressionless face was set into a dark grimace.

"Knowing Haizaki, he'll use some poor tactic. He knows he can't beat Kuroko's misdirection so he's going to try and make his chances more towards his favor," muttered Midorima, clutching a toy dog in his hand.

"We aren't going to let Tetsuya get hurt again," Akashi smiled darkly, walking up and putting his arm around Kuroko's shoulder, a determined look in his heterochromic eyes and a knowing smirk turning his lips. Kagami furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. What are they talking about? What do they mean again?

"There's no need for you to worry," assured Kuroko. Akashi frowned at Kuroko disapprovingly, turning his face so he could look straight at the expressionless man.

"Tetsuy-" Akashi cut himself off and looked furiously behind Kuroko. The others turned and saw Haizaki, a towel around his neck as he grinned leeringly at them.

"Well well, it looks like all of the 'Generation of Miracles' have gathered. How sweet," his eyes flickered to each of them, finally resting on Kuroko. "You… You've always pissed me off," he walked up to Kuroko but found that his advance was blocked by Aomine and Kagami. The two power players momentarily glared at each other for acting similarly but then trained their glares to Haizaki. Kuroko looked at Haizaki warily but didn't break their eye contact.

"You're not getting anywhere near Tetsu," explained Aomine coldly. Haizaki took a mocking step back, putting his hands up in joking defense.

"How harsh, Daiki," he chuckled. Aomine grit his teeth and stepped a little further in front of Kuroko. Haizaki grinned again and smiled over at Akashi. "There's nothing you can do about this, Seijuurou. It's not like you can expel me from the team again, right?" chuckled Haizaki. Akashi narrowed his eyes but his expression remained calm. He turned his head so he was facing Haizaki and lifted his chin disapprovingly, eyes suddenly narrowed to dangerous slits.

"I can still kill you," he said coldly. The dark atmosphere that settled around Akashi's threat strengthened his seriousness. Haizaki took a tiny step backwards in genuine fear and turned his gaze back to Kuroko.

"Until next time then, Tetsuya," he laughed lightly and pushed past them. Akashi sent Haizaki a sharp glare, his grip on Kuroko's shoulder unconsciously tightening.

"There won't be a next time," he breathed darkly, leaving the others quickly, a threatening look taking over his features.

"Ah… What's Akashi doing?" muttered Kagami.

"Don't worry about him, Kagami-kun. Akashi wouldn't do anything foolish," assured Kuroko, watching the swinging doors until they stopped moving entirely.

Kise and Kasamatsu wobbled past them and Kise put a hand on Kuroko's shoulder. "Don't get yourself hurt, Kurokocchi. I need you to defend my honor and keep Haizaki from making fools out of us. My revenge on you two will have to wait. Because now, more pressing matters are unfolding," he glanced momentarily at Kagami and patted Kuroko's shoulder comfortingly before hobbling off.

"Don't worry, Kise-kun. We will definitely win. No one can use those kind of tactics to win indefinitely. We'll defeat Haizaki fairly. And we'll show everyone what it means to be the number one team in Japan," promised Kuroko. Kise smiled as the doors shut behind him.

"Thank you, Kurokocchi."

Kagami turned to Kuroko, his expression confused and annoyed. "They all keep saying 'again, again, again. Don't hurt Kuroko again.' What are they saying, Kuroko?" he demanded. Kuroko stared at his teammate, void of expression. Behind them, Midorima and Murasakibara were leaving the scene which left only Kuroko, Kagami and Aomine. Kuroko's eyes shifted to his former teammate and Aomine averted his eyes.

"You can tell him, Tetsu. I don't think it matters if he knows," he muttered, sensing Kuroko's indecision.

"Akashi-kun said to keep it between us though," retorted Kuroko.

"That was two years ago. Akashi was just trying to help you," grumbled Aomine. "Regardless, you may think that no one has to worry, but you don't remember it like we do, Tetsu," he paused, glancing at Kagami then meeting Kuroko's prying gaze again. "Keep yourself safe," he then turned and exited without another word.

"What is it that happened two years ago?" implored Kagami. "Were you hurt?" Kuroko looked straight at the doors and his eyes narrowed slightly.

"Maybe later, Kagami-kun," he murmured, walking forward. "But if we don't hurry, we'll be left behind," he added. And so the Seirin duo exited the building, the double doors swinging behind them.