Chapter 3

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Benny P.O.V

I walked up the stairs and I saw her.

"Why are you just standing there?"

"Dude I'm waiting for you." I nodded.

"I thought you will be too cool to hang out with me." She nodded.

"Well I'm not; I'm not too cool for anyone. Although I'm too cool for homophobes and racist people." I nodded and walked with her.

"Tell me about you self." She smiled a little.

"Well I'm artistic and a writer." I nodded and we got on the swings.

"What do you draw?"

"I draw anime people I still trying to draw a male without a big head like a female." I smiled a little.
"I'm in a band I play as bass." She nodded.

"My seer best friend is gay so yeah." She smiled and I smiled at her back. Then later we started walking around.

"I'm getting really cold here." I said.

"Well we could go to my house if you like?" I nodded. She pointed to door.

"There's a door right over there." I hold her hand and she took me to the door. We were in her house. I was really cold still.

"Jasmine do you have some tea?"

"Yeah we have lemons and other types of tea." I nodded. She gives me some tea.

"Could you give me a blanket?" She nodded and left the room to get me a blanket. I was still waiting, so I got up and went to her room. I only saw her with no shirt but with a bra and her hair long without ponytails. She turned around.

"Dude I'm changing." I closed my eyes.

"I'm sorry I just keep my eyes close."

"Here you go." I felt something warm. I opened my eyes and I saw Jasmine still without shirt.

"Um…." She kissed me and I kissed her back. I put my arms around her waist and she put her hands on shoulders. We stopped kissing and looked at each other.

"Maybe we should both get under the covers."

"What about the tea?" I smiled at her.

"Don't worry I have you." She smiled.

The next day I went to school and I saw Jasmine at her old same sport she always be right? I saw Ethan walk up to me.

"Hey Benny any luck last night?" He asked. Brad walked up to me.

"Yeah any luck?" I sighed with a smile.

"Yes my friends I did. I kissed Jasmine." Brad and Ethan looked at me.

"Ok so she kissed me, but now Jasmine is my girlfriend now what can possible go wrong?" Ethan sighed.

"Your e…." Ethan was about to say something but then Jasmine came.

"Hey Benny here's my number if you need." She walked away.

"Wow dude you totally got her phone number that's awesome no body couldn't get it unless they friends or boyfriend with her." I nodded.

"Well I'm inviting her to perform tonight." They nodded.

"Good luck dude." Brad said.

Later at night Jasmine came to see perform.

"Hey you totally came." I smiled at her.

"Yeah I totally come." I was still smiling at her. Erica sighed.

"Sorry for the dork guy this is Ethan he turned gay." Ethan waved.

"This is Rory my boyfriend." Rory waved.

"Oh yeah and this is Sarah my best friend." Sarah rolled her eyes. You guys probably wondering why she really don't like Jasmine. Well I tell you later on.

"So I'm going over there." Jasmine nodded. We were waiting for the people to stop so we could perform. I saw Sarah talking to Jasmine. I was really shocked. I slapped Brad.

"We need to play now and loud." Brad nodded. Then it was us turn to perform. We started to play, but then someone just randomly came. I just stood there watching the person right to me. I throw the guitar and hold the person's hand and punch him. I jumped to the air and punch him. He fell on the ground and I safely fell on the found.

"Not so bad Benny." The guy cleans himself.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I'm Josh, Jasmine's 1st evil ex-boyfriend." I looked at her.

"You dated him?" She sighed. He ran up to me and trying to fight me. He punches me in face I almost fell on the ground, but some people were holding me and I got right up.

"What's up with his outfit?" Ethan asked.

"Yeah he look like a pirate." I looked at Josh.

"Are you a pirate?"

"Pirates are in this year!" Josh went back fighting me. Then I crossed his arms.

"You really dated this guy?" I asked again. She sighed.

"Yeah I did. It was 7th grade it was football season and some reason all the jocks wanted me. Josh was the only boy who I could trust with. We fight for hours. We only kiss once. Then one day I told him hit the showers. Nothing can't beat his mystical powers." Josh broke free.

"You will pay for this Jas-mine!" Then he started singing.

If want to fight me

Ha! You're not the brightest!

You won't know what hits you in the slightest

Me and my fireballs,

My demon hipster chicks

(tell him Joshy)

I'm talking the talk,

Cause I know I'm slick


Fireballs girls, take this sucker down, down,

Let's show him, what we all about…

"That doesn't even rhyme!" I throw the metal part of the drum to Josh.

'This is impossible how can this be?'

'Open your eyes maybe you see!'

I punched Josh as hard as I can. Then he turned to coins. I put the coins up. Then someone came who look familiar. And wait oh no why is she doing here?

"Hey you!" She pointed to Jasmine.

"Me what did I do?" She asked. Jasmine went up to her.

"You think that was just it ha! I'm Benny's 1st evil ex-girlfriend Lakia!" Jasmine looked at me.

"Yeah I pretty much the same old story as yours."

"What is up with pirates this year?" Ethan said. My evil ex-girlfriend ran up to Jasmine and Jasmine ran up to her. Jasmine punch her so hard she already turned to coins. I went up to her.


"Yeah I'm pretty good fighter." Jasmine and I looked at Erica.

"Erica tell your gay friends I say bye." We walked away.

"Gay friends?" Erica turned around.

"ETHAN AGAIN?" Erica saw Ethan making out with Rory.

We were at the bus taking a ride home.

"Benny you must defeat my evil exes if we going out." I nodded.

"And you have to defeat my evil exes." She nodded.

"Benny I need to tell you something."

"What is it Jasmine?"

"I'm an anime girl I live other side where it just cartoons and stuff." I nodded.

"Well that's awesome you're an anime girl and I'm real boy." She nodded.

"So does this mean that we could make out?" She smiled.

"Sure." We started making out in the bus.

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