AN: I know this isn't very good. I just couldn't get it out of my head.


The Stark Expo:

"Ladies, gentlemen, and not-so-gentle men." Tony began as the applause drifted off. "I'm here today to introduce you to a technology that will revolutionize the modern medical field. I give you cryogenic freezing!"

Tony stepped back as the a steel pod rouse from the floor, and the noise in the crowd thundered with cheers.

"Now I know what you are going to say." Tony said. "Hasn't this been tried before? Won't it take decades to test?

"Now as much as I want to I can't claim this invention as mine. You see Stark Industries cryogenic project started around 30 years ago and then about twenty years back there was an accident and the lead scientist was fatally injured in a car accident. Shrapnel from the accident entered his body and inoperable. His work saved his life. Now thanks to the same technology that keeps me alive I have the pleasure of reintroducing him to the world. Please welcome back Mr Howard Stark!"

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