D- dancing

For Cheeky's Weekly Drabbles: Medium — prompt: delicate, write about Luna.


She is dancing in the ruins, and he cannot help but stare. Hands above her head, she twirls in circles to a rhythm only she can hear. She looks free, innocent, and oh-so-fragile, and she poses a vivid contrast to the destruction around her.

"Hello, Charlie," she says, her voice a mere breath of air. He startles. He doesn't know her, but she appears to know him.

"Luna," she says softly, and it takes him a moment to realise this is her name. "It's beautiful, isn't it?"

She turns to him, and her blue eyes pierce his. Her hands gesture to the rubble around her.

"I'm not sure beautiful is exactly the word," Charlie says. He takes in the cut across the forehead and the blood dried there. He sees the way her entire body is quivering with tremors, the way the skin on her hands is littered with too many too-fresh scars for one so young. He looks at what the war has done to her, and he sees pain, not beauty.

"It is tragedy that shows us true beauty," she murmurs. "It is only when things break that we see what they are made of. It is only in pain that we see what humanity can do."

She steps toward him, takes his hand. The bones in her hand are so fragile, the hand so delicate Charlie feels like it will be crushed in his broad grip — but then she squeezes and there's a strength in it that he hadn't expected.

"Dance with me, Charlie Weasley," she says, and it isn't a question.

And so, in the ruins of the castle that was once his home, he dances with a tiny blonde girl with too-blue eyes and a spirit so innocent it shouldn't be possible for what she's been through.

"We are the phoenix," she says abruptly, her voice still dreamy but sudden. "We will rise again from the ashes."

"Not everything can rise again," Charlie says as he twirls her around, stepping deftly over a stray bit of wall and hoping that he doesn't trip. He thinks of Fred, of Dora, and he says, "Some things are just burnt."

"And the ashes expose how truly resilient humanity is. We will heal. And that is where the beauty is. In the scars, we see our strength."

She stares at him with her sage blue eyes and her delicate, powerful hand disappears in his and she is like nothing he's ever seen before — but there's beauty in that.

And so they dance amidst the devastation.