The Sea and the Sky

Chapter 1

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I was flying through the sky, the wind teasing my hair into knots. I sighed as I felt my worries slowly disappearing. Up here I could forget about the School, the Erasers, and the responsibility. Suddenly, worry gripped my mind thinking about Erasers coming to our house while I was gone. "I should get back to the Flock." I thought to myself. Swooping and spiraling, I slowly made my way back to the E-house. I slid through the open door, skidding to a halt.

That's when I noticed something strange. The entire house was silent. And by silent, I mean that there was absolutely NO noise. I ran to the living room thinking, "Oh no, what if Erasers came and took them?" When I got into the room, I saw the rest of the Flock. They were sitting on the couch not saying a word. When they heard me come in, they all turned around and glared, except Nudge, who looked like she had been crying. I looked at Fang, confused. "What's going on?" I asked, my voice shaking a little.

Angel looked at me with hate. "Did you really think we would never find out?" "Huh?" I questioned, displaying my brilliance. "You've been giving our location away to the School this whole time. For money. How could you be so heartless?" Fang spat. "What are you talking about?" I asked, tears starting to form in my eyes. "Don't you get it?" Iggy said, his blind eyes narrowed in my direction."We found out you are a traitor." He answered. "You have to leave. Now." Gazzy said, his eyes looking at everything but my face.

I looked at the Flock with shock. I had raised them, thought of them like a mother. And now they thought I was a traitor. Nudge looked at me, tears streaming down her face. "How could you." She whispered, her voice breaking. That was the last straw. I could feel something inside of me snap. I glared at my- I mean the Flock. "I didn't do anything. But if you want me gone, I'll make sure you never see me again." I said, my voice wavering at the end of the sentence. I ran to the window and jumped out, pumping my winds to get as high into the air as possible.

I could feel myself going faster and faster, and soon my super-sonic flying kicked in. Tears streamed from my eyes as I thought of the terrible betrayal of the Flock. I don't know for how long I flied, but I could feel myself starting to fall asleep. "I don't even care anymore." I thought, ignoring my desperate need to stop and refuel. I just flew on and on, not looking where I was going. Darkness started to crowd in my vision, but I ignored it, pushing on. Finally, my wings folded from exhaustion, and I plummeted toward the ground. I blacked out to the sound of wind rushing through my feathers.

Percy POV

My life had been pretty peaceful after the last War with Gaia. Most monsters were too scared to mess with us, and Gaia was again locked in sleep. The two camps, Greek and Roman, had decided to combine into one. Everyone looked up to me now, especially the new campers. Jason and I were helping Chiron and Lupa teach the camp, because with all the new campers they could hardly keep up with the training. I even had a new brother.

Turns out that Poseidon had another demigod son named Jake Rolland, and he had kept him safe and sound in Atlantis. I didn't really mind so much, because all of my friends, including Thalia and Nico, and been around more often. I was having the time of my life, even if dad didn't talk to me as much. The only thing that was strange was the fact that Annabeth was growing away from me. I assumed it was her work at Olympus, but I wasn't so sure.

I was taking a walk down the beach at night to clear my head, when I saw my brother with some blonde. "Good for him." I thought, smiling to myself. "I wonder who she is." The girl giggled. "Now Jake, I don't want Percy to know about this." I froze. I knew that voice. "But aren't the two of you broken up, Annabeth?" Jake asked. My breath stopped, and my heart froze in my chest. "Yeah." Annabeth said, and I could feel the waves reacting to my shock and anger. She glanced towards the ocean, confused. "But I don't want him to be sad that I found someone else so fast."

Jake smiled. "Alright." My rage grew, and I stormed over to where the two were sitting. "Percy!" Annabeth said, her voice shaking with nerves. "How long have you been standing there?" Jake looked at me with concern. "Long enough to realize that you didn't even bother to tell me that you were cheating on me with my brother." Jake gasped and turned his head to glare at Annabeth. I could see tears starting to form in her eyes.

"Why, Annabeth?" I almost yelled at her. "I didn't want to hurt your feelings." She said in a small voice. "So you lied and cheated on me and my brother?" I asked, disbelief present in my voice. Annabeth began to sob quietly. "If you had just broken up with me, we could still be friends. But you decided to throw my feelings out the window. I will never trust you again." I said, starting to walk away. Jake scoffed at Annabeth and strode off towards Camp. Annabeth grabbed my arm. "Wait, Percy." She sobbed, desperately. "It's over, Annabeth." I said, walking into the forest. I could hear her crying behind me, and as soon as I got out of earshot, I broke down too.

Suddenly, the loud crack of breaking branches reverberated through the forest. My head snapped up, and I stared at the forest in front of me with disbelief. Lying on the ground was a beautiful girl. She was a little dirty, and looked like she had been crying, but even in darkness I could see the glow of her blonde hair. Her face looked calm and peaceful in sleep, but I doubted it would be like that when she woke up. The most startling thing of all though, was the beautiful brown wings that were spread out behind her.

I ran over to her, fishing some ambrosia out of my pocket. I put some in her mouth, and even in sleep she ate hungrily. I thought I would have to carry her to the Big House, but her eyes flew open. As soon as she saw me she started scooting away, but I raised my hands and said "I'm not going to hurt you." She looked at me closer. "Do I know you?" she whispered. I looked at her. I had this nagging feeling that I knew here from somewhere, but I couldn't place it. "I don't think so." I said, a little confused. "I'm Max." She said, looking at me warmly. I was shocked at her expression, but part of me felt, well, something I had only felt with Annabeth. "I'm Percy Jackson." I said, smiling at Max. She looked around, confused. "Where am I?" she asked me. I looked at her, not even thinking about all that Annabeth had done. "Do you believe in the Greek Gods?" I asked.

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