Yet another Crack!

Well after eating a cheese string and drinking chocolate milk, we were discussing the need to poop and how in the middle of gay-glory no one seems to have to poop...and well...this was born.
Seems that Sasuke is always the main character in are stories...


.:~SASUKE HAS TO POOP~:. -(pretty and shit)

Naruto and Sasuke were snogging passionately while rolling around the apartment covered in chocolate sauce and whip cream.

"Hey Sasuke," Naruto whispered passionately into his ear; nibbling on his ear lobe while tweaking his nipple.
"Mmmhmhmh?" muttered a totally out of character Sasuke.

"Lets *bleep* right now. I wanna put my *bleep* up your *bleep*. Basically i wanna *bleep* you soooooo *bleeeeeeeeeeeep*". Naruto smirked (SO MUCH OOC!), knowing it was FINALLY his turn to top!

But alas...LAWL NOPE!

"Bu-but Naruto - Naru-chan wait!," Sasuke lightly pushed the horny chod off him, "I-I-I-I-I- HAVE TO POOP!"

Naru gasped out in shock! This had never happened before (seriously, like..never.) !(1)

"W-w," the bishie stuttered,"Sasuke. I don't know what to do..."

He looked over, "I don't think I want you anymore"

Sasuke pushed Naruto fully off of him, grabbed his penis(2) and yelled, "I NEED TO POOP," and ran to the bathroom.

All he could hear was loud explosives and bricks hitting water (3).

Naruto then pasted out (cuz we all know it's unmanly to 'faint') from the sudden discovered kink.

(1) Have you EVER read a story where they had to poop? i mean what if? It could happen!

(2) mystery penis~ ooooooohhhhhhh

(3) shit bricks!