Friends with Benefits Chapter 1:

"We are Partners."

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"Argh." Roared Ayano as she thrusted her Enraiha rather violently into a previously charred practice dummy.

Kazuma sarcastically clapped. He then yawned and stretched out. "That was good, but not good enough." Kazuma said with plain sarcasm as he neared the enjustushi user.

"K-Kazuma?" Ayano helplessly yelped as Kazuma grabbed her by the wrist and spun her around so that she'd be in his embrace. With her back turned to him, Ayano winced, but gave in as she noticed that Kazuma was only assisting her.

"Look princess, if you're going to try to defeat me someday as well as try to become a great Enjustushi user, then you should at least work on your aim a little." Kazuma instructed as he guided Ayano into aiming her Enraiha at a specific angle.

"Now just ease up a little, breathe, and focus. After just-"

"I know, I got it!" Ayano then shook off Kazuma, but not before murmuring a little something under her breath. She then regained her focus and shot three fire balls, two successfully made the target, but one missed and hit a nearby tree, which Kazuma fortunately put out himself.

Ayano sneered as she caught Kazuma smirking at her. "What!"

"Mmmh... nothing... so much for becoming a great Enjustushi user." Kazuma sarcastically muttered as he walked towards the main house.

"Ugh, your such an ass!" Ayano bellowed out to Kazuma, as she trudged after him towards the main house.

In the meeting room, Ayano and Kazuma were both waiting for Jugo to join them. Jugo had apparently wanted to discuss something important with the two of them, as noted by Ren, who had told them to meet Jugo in the meeting room right after they were done with Ayano's practice.

"Ahh... why does that old geezer make us wait too long, I could be doing something better with my time." Kazuma sighed out as he arched his head back and looked up at the ceiling, he then turned his head to Ayano, who was purposely avoiding his stare.

"Hoy Ayano."

"What is it?" Ayano said with an annoyed tone.

Ayano slightly turned her head to find Kazuma gazing her. Whenever Kazuma gazes at her, Ayano finds herself in a place she can't escape. Kazuma had many different ways of getting under Ayano's skin, but he did what gets to her most, just simply gazing at her.

"What is it?" Ayano said with a growl.

"Hmm... nothing, it's just I love it when you give me attitude princess." Kazuma said with a flirtatious grin. His eyes were pin-pointed on hers. His ruby red on her golden-tinted crimson, Ayano couldn't look away, she just couldn't, because his eyes were telling her otherwise.

"Baka." Ayano said with a slight pout as she turned her head away from Kazuma. Otou San! Hurry up! I can't take this anymore!


Ayano froze when she felt Kazuma breath on her neck. She couldn't mutter a word.

"What is this?" Kazuma said as he placed a bundle of Ayano's scarlet red hair to the right side of her shoulder. "Is this... a hickey?" Kazuma gasped, he then smirked when Ayano pushed him away, her face flushed with anger.

"It's a mosquito bite you idiot!" Ayano yelled, scooting away from the said idiot.

"Ahh... oh really? Heh, sorry for the false accusation because we all know miss princess here, is way too innocent to even be touched by a boy." Kazuma said as he watched Ayano's blush turn deep scarlet, she had an angry look on her face which quickly turned into a more calm, yet sullen look.

"I was kidding Ayano, no need for unwanted drama." Kazuma assured her. He knew Ayano was smart enough to know by now that he was just teasing her, but ever since that day, ever since that god damned day after the battle at Pandemonium , the day where they had officially became partners, it just somehow in some way, their relationship had changed.

"Whatever." Ayano scoffed. Ayano was trying to be calm. She didn't want to acknowledge the fact that Kazuma was just teasing her, nor did she want to argue with him about it, because she knew that she would. That's right she would have argued with him about it, tell him off right in his face, but things were different now, they were different now and she didn't want to do anything that can ruin their already confusing, delicate, yet cherished relationship forever.

After a few moments of silence, Jugo entered the room. Kazuma and Ayano watched as he sat down. Jugo then, as he had always done before, took a sip of his tea, then right after he would start babbling on about their next mission.

"Ahh... it's been awhile since we've had a mission like this. Ayano, Kazuma, both of you will definitely be working together on this one." Jugo said.

Together... The word hung in the air. That's right the two were now decided partners. No more of that body-guard protecting the princess crap. Yeah, sure they were partners, but that was because they were just you know, together, no decided relationship between the two. Now though, the two have both agreed on the idea, partners, that's who they are, what they are, but the thought of nothing more than that, what will become of that? The question had been lingering in Ayano's head for quite sometime. Sure, she loved Kazuma, but that doesn't stop her from seeing the important things in life. Right now she has to focus on her studies and in a few months she'll be 18, then a year after that, she will be deemed the new head of the Kannagi household. Ayano was smart enough to know that, but there is something else that prevents her from pursuing a greater relationship with the man who stole her heart, Kazuma and his own close knit heart. The thought of Kazuma having even the tiniest bit of feelings for Tsui ling pains her. Even if she was Kazuma's first true love, it just hurts her because Tsui ling had such an impact on Kazuma's life, it makes Ayano wonder if she can ever amount to what Tsui ling has done.

Kazuma ignoring some of Jugo's thoughts on the mission, glanced at Ayano. Her stare was down-cast at her lap, there was a slight frown on her face. He hated seeing her like that. What was she even thinking at a time like this. Sure he wasn't paying attention to what the old geezer was saying, but Ayano, she should a least pay some minor attention to what her old man is saying, she might do something reckless. Heck Ayano was always reckless. Even when she was younger. Kazuma could still remember the time he caught Ayano practicing out in the back of the main house, her aim was even more off target than what it is now, but it was so cute that she tried. Cute, wouldn't be the first word to describe Ayano, but that's who she was, cute. Especially when she tries her hardest, another word to describe Ayano, when the going gets tough, she perseveres. And that was what Kazuma liked about her, she never gives up, even if she's running on sheer will-power, she would never give up. And that made Ayano shine. Hey, maybe he did have some feelings for the young teen, maybe she had grown-up to become so beautiful, maybe she could be what's best for him, or maybe she deserved better, but whatever the answer is, he just didn't want to see her with that sullen look on her face. And all he wanted to do at the moment, was make all her pain go away.

Ayano noticed Kazuma's gaze and turned away, a blush appeared on her face, she then smiled a small smile because he looked worried about her and that's all she could want for at the moment, to know that he at least cares.

"Ayano, Kazuma, you will be leaving tonight right? Ren will accompany you as well for back up if deemed necessary."

All thoughts were put aside at the moment. "Huh?" Kazuma and Ayano both asked in unison.

Jugo sighed. "Must I repeat what I have just said?"

Ayano and Kazuma looked at each other, even Kazuma looked pretty embarrassed. He's usually not like this, Ayano thought. A slightly worried look plastered her face. The two nodded and Jugo took another sip of tea. This was definitely going to be one long afternoon.

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