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*It is a quiet day in Skool. Ms. Bitters strangely didn't show up so a substitute was in today. Her name was Mrs. Happy. The students could see why that was her name for she always seemed to be on happy pills. She had a giant simile, her eyes were wide open, and she talked in the most annoying high pitch tone. The students were bored and terrified. She would randomly pick up kids and force them to simile. Dib and Zim were more concerned if they were next then with each other*


"Help me, I prayed to you god please kill me. Help me guys" said her victim. His name was Morris, a new kid and he was the second one chained to the chair. His skin was rotting away and he looked like he was being starved to death.

"You gonna simile, YOUR GOING TO SIMILE" the teachers voice became a devil like tone. Her eyes became red temporary before going back to normal. She then cranked a handle forcing the kid's mouth upward even more. He finally died sending chills through the classroom.

"Well looks like he didn't know how to simile, what about you little green one, are YOU happy like I am" she asked Zim.

Zim didn't want to be next so he threw an answer out their.

"Yes I'm happy, IM NORMAL, I am very happy to be in this Earth" Zim gave the biggest simile he had and she seemed satisfied.

"But" Zim continued, "That kid, the one with freakishly large head needs help smiling" Zim smirked hoping Dib may end up like Morris. Dib looked at the teacher with terror. He wasn't really the big simile kind of guy. He was bullied a lot and everyone throughout he was crazy so why on Earth would he simile, but in order for him to live, he had to simile. As the teacher approached he gave it his best.


"Very good Dib, now let's get another one" said Mrs. Happy. Her eyes darted to Chunk. Everyone stared at him in horror for he had a broken chin so he couldn't simile.

"Um, Mrs. Happy, I can't simile because of my chin" he uttered in fear.

"Oh, WELL THATS TO BAD" her voice became the devils tone, and she stretched out her arm grabbing Chunks head with her claw like hands and brought him under her desk and they vanished as the bell rang.

"Well that was something" Dib thought to himself

"Dib-stick!" yelled Zim. "You may have won this time, but next ill, eh, do something even more evil, and eh, YEA"

"Do you even think before you speak" asked Dib


"Titanic? That was a new insult" Dib thought. Zim marched out of the room as always and Dib followed suit.


*The Sinigami world has not changed in the least bit. It's still the dead beat world it's always been with the Shinigami lying around bored. Some have just lost it running amok. Others are just gambling like they have done for centuries.*

Ryuk is dying of boredom, longing for the relief he had with Light. It's been a few years and he's debating on whether or not to drop his own Death Note. The person after Light he was with was some spoiled rich kid who provided no entertainment and had ignored Ryuk. The kid thankfully died after tripping down the stair and breaking his neck. Ryuk wanted his boredom gone but was afraid the next person would not provide the fun he wanted. He didn't want to personally pick a person, randomly was better because it added more fun. Like a slot machine, you didn't know what you would get. Finally he made up his mind.

"Let's see which country, ah forget it" with that he threw the Death Note down. For all he knew it could land in the sea and he would be stuck their. Some fish might touch it and he would be stuck with him. It could land in a volcano never to be found. Still he looked down at the Earth wondering where it was going to land.

Back on Earth Zim is walking home thinking of how Mrs. Happy nearly killed him.

"And I thought Ms. Bitters was bad" he muttered. He was thinking of a way to get rid of Dib. His latest experiment on cyborg dogs had proven a failure after Gir had released them. So now part of the lab was on lockdown until he could get them back under his control. Dib was walking with Gaz. He was ranting on about Mrs. Happy while Gaz was playing her Gameslave, not even paying attention to him. Finally something caught his eye. A little black shining book had fallen on the ground. Zim was curious to this but saw Dib also trying to see what he was looking at. An idea popped into his head.

"Gir" he whispered on his watch. "I have a taco for you but first you have to occupy the big kids head"

Just seconds later he head someone shouting TACOS!, and then Gir whooshed by setting fire to his wig while Gir landed right on Dibs face.

"WHYS YOU'RE SO BIG!" Gir yelled. While Dib struggled with the robot, Zim rushed to where he saw the book fall. He looked down and it said 'Death Note". Zim decided it was worth a look and opened it up to see 'The human whose name is written in the note shall die'. The words rang in Zims ears as he saw Dib prying Gir off his face.

"Dib, I have finally found a way to rid of you once and for all" yelled Zim waving the Death Note in the air. Dib broken into laugher.

"A book Zim? Really a book? That is the best plan you can come up with? And people said I was crazy" Dib continued to laugh.

"Laugh all you want, but after I unlock the books secrets, I will destroy you" Zim continued his march home along with Gir.

When Zim got inside his house he continued to read of the rules listed on the Death Note.

"So all I have to do is know their face and full name and it ONLY TAKES 40 SECONDS!" Zim was happy for this until it occurred to him that he didn't even know Dibs last name. Not even the teacher read off his last name. However he could conquer this planet without using any technology and not even Dib could stop him. Still he would have to see if this book really worked. If it did he could impress his Tallests, they would surely see how great of an invader he was. He began to imagine himself standing on a pile of dead people with the Irken flag on top and him laughing at how easily he conquered the planet.

"Still I will have to see if this works" he said to himself. "Perhaps it time we put an end to Mrs. Happy" he though aloud. He proceed to his lab for now there was the cyborg dogs he has to deal with. Ryuk was watching him but determined now was not the time to show himself, not now at least, perhaps tomorrow.

Dib arrived home and rushed to his room to his computer. He was getting ready to speak to someone who worked for the worlds famous detective L.

"Am I'm speaking to Dib" asked a deep voice

"Yes it's me, so tell me, will you investigate" asked Dib

"Eh, you see Dib, we find the photos and video of your, um, alien, interesting, but I'm afraid it's not a case" the deep voice said.

"Come on, you guys solved and imprisoned the worlds biggest serial killer, Kira, I promise you if you just investigate, you'll see what I mean."

There was a slight pause and the man spoke

"Listen, we're only speaking because of who your dad is. To us your just another wanna-be. With google images, photoshop, the things people can do with computers to people, it's fake. IT'S FAKE! There are no aliens so please stop calling us. I'm afraid your number will now be blocked as well as your IP address. Thank you and goodnight."

With that Dib broke into tears. He had one slim chanced that someone would believe him. But like all Agencies he manage to get into contact with, they all concluded he was crazy and he was the laughing stock. Even the swollen eyeball doubted him and they were ignoring his calls. Dib looked at his poster saying "never give up" but he then tore it off. He was crushed. No one would believe him. His life was terrible.

"I wish someone would believe me" said Dib

He went to his computer and looked at all the footage and pictures he had gotten with Zim. They were right. With what computers could do, it was just another 'fake' piece of alien footage. He was considering deleting them but decided to instead go to bed.


At Zims house, Zim was trying to analyze the Death Note.

"COMPUTER! What do you mean you can't figure out what it's made off" he yelled

"Zim, I have tried to find what it is, but I cannot determine the material or where it came from. However I did find something related to the book, it was in Japan and-"

"SILENCE! Zim needs no lectures"

"But sir the information I have related to the Death note is-"

"Blau, Blau, Blau, ONTO THE DOGS" ordered Zim

He was monitoring the cyborg dogs. They were now sleeping but by morning they would start clawing at the door. He had the computer put food in the room for he still had a use for them. He then proceed to the Death Note.

"This better work. This better not be, eh, a joke, like these filthy humans do. GIR!" he shouted

"Yes sir!" he responded

"Get me the sedative for my newest experiment" order Zim

"Okooy dooky, HERE YOU GO" Gir then plugged the sedative into Zims shoulder

"Gir your idiot, it's not for me, it's-" Zim mumbled on a few words before collapsing on the ground. Lucky by morning it would wear off.

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